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So maybe you think that I'm pounding away too much at the same topic this week - "Personal Branding."  Yes, this is just a guy having some fun and pursuing an interest that he let fall by the wayside when life got in the way.  But there's a fantastic lesson in all of this - Find your niche, let e...
This weekend, I posted a quick article about how quickly and easily you can build a personal brand by choosing a niche and then telling the world in a simple blog, using a friend's quest to watch 100 bands in 100 days. Still don't believe me?  Now he's been picked up on USA Today's blog by Whiney...
I know Nick from college.  He's a guy that moved to NYC in 2002 with no job and no prospects after working as an admin at an Minnesota-based advertising powerhouse.  Found an apartment in Brooklyn before it was cool to live in Brooklyn.  Everyone figured he'd last about 6-8 months. Then worked hi...
Sitting at Zillow headquarters at the Bloodhound Blog Unchained workshop... Some good tips ffrom Brian Brady's opening presentation about the importance of Social Media Marketing.  Just a little mental tune-up.  Always good to hear someone you haven't heard present a topic you think you know well...
I came across this website over the weekend, and I strongly recommend utilizing it. But beware - you might be in for an unpleasant shock if you're site is not optimized, or you think it is, but it's really not... The tool is - found at Here's how it works: Jus...
One day into the meeting here at the Council of Residential Specialists "Sell-a-bration" in San Francisco, my observations so far from the booth: There's a bi-polar set of agents here: 1. Those ready to absorb new ideas, consider new products, look at opportunities from a cost-benefit analysis. ...

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