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I feel the same way about Zillow.  For entertainment purposes only.I Am A Local Real Estate Expert - Zillow is Not Whether you are thinking of buying a home or possibly selling your home you more than likely have stumbled upon Zillow and thought you hit the mother-load of real estate information!...
This is something that needs to be brought out of the online community and lobbied for at NAR.  If the powers-that-be do not want this enacted, they need to be voted out. We need to create some legislation that allows a buyer's agent to acquire a retainer, much like attorneys.....seriously! Many ...
Excellent post about what credit bureaus do to our credit scores!!  They do what they want---illegal! Here is the SECRET credit bureaus have buried! In 1971 the US Congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It contains 200 laws and over 400 by-laws.  Buried in all of this legal languag...
Consumers need to know what's really going on with the cozy deals made between the US government (Obama Administration) and the banks that are literally screwing millions of homeowners.  Here it is for everyone to see:Is The FDIC Killing Indymac OneWest Bank Short Sales? As some of you may alread...
I received a call yesterday from a prospect who wanted to list his condo for sale. After asking all my questions I proceeded to do the research but could not find a trace of his transaction in the MLS. I called him back to find out how he bought it in 2006. He proceeded to explain that him and hi...
  Have your listings presentations been going like mine lately?  I remember when listing appointments were the exact opposite of what they are these days.  Today I feel more like a psychologist or at the very least, a financial advisor, trying to help people out of the mess they're in with their...
ii   I called an agent's office the other day per the listing on MLS.  I asked for showing instructions and was told to call the owner of the home directly.  We set a time to see his home and I met my buyer there promptly at 10am.  The house looked well-kept, manicured, and clean with perfect pai...
  Is the word 'sexy' one of the adjectives you can use when describing a house?  Would it be fair to include in your ad the word 'sexy' when you post your listing on the web?  What makes a house or condo sexy? What makes a house NOT sexy? For me, this topic is easy!  I've been in sexy houses bef...
    A very good friend called me a couple of months ago and invited me to some kind of 'business meeting' in West Palm Beach.  I was way too busy to attend and told her so from the start.  I'm grateful to her that she kept persisting and harassing me to go. We drove up there together on a rainy,...
I have a good friend that I see on a regular basis that lives in my neighborhood.  He is currently in the process of getting rid of the current HOA board and cleaning the financial mess the HOA is in because of mismanagement and worse. Most residents living under HOAs and condo associations are ...

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