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       The new age of home loan approvals has certainly made its presence felt in the world of real estate in 2009.  Over the last few months, a file of mine, illustrated one of the roadblocks that have become customary in today’s mortgage world.  A customer I began working with about four months...
         How often in life is something given away for free.  Yes, many advertisements offer items for free, but when one reads the fine print or does further investigation, they quickly realize that nothing is truly being given away.  Instead, the word free is just being used to offer incentives...
       As we sit here in mid- July, most if not all Americans are still waiting for the federal government's stimulus package to actually help achieve the goals it set forward at the beginning of the calendar year.  There are multiple reasons why many Americans are still unable to benefit from th...
       Many potential first time home buyers find themselves in similar situations as we enter July 2009.  They want to take advantage of the $8000 tax credit for first-time home buyers, purchase while the prices are declining, and know they can afford the payment of the new home. Only one thing ...
  Many Americans find themselves in a similar position today.  They have a mortgage payment that is either too high because of a loss in gross income or because their mortgage adjusted and thus their rate has increased. While some of these people have been able to refinance or purchase because th...
  While there are many potential borrowers that think they are serving their interests best by calling places and asking for a rate or using a big name financial institution instead of a quality service mortgage lender perhaps there are better ideas out there.  After reading through hundreds upon...
    So, we pretty much know that the federal government is not going to allow the use of the $8000 tax credit at closing for the down payment and has yet to approve the use of the tax credit even for closing costs.  With this in mind, I thought I would give a brief review of ways to obtain the fu...
  Nothing is more frustrating as a mortgage loan consultant than competing with someone who is obviously being dishonest with their potential borrowers.  I cannot imagine sleeping at night, if I knew that I was lying through my teeth when speaking to customers.  Today, I was reminded of this when...
  The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) was created during the Great Depression with the goal of improving housing standards and conditions, providing financing through insurance of home loans, and stabilizing the housing market.  Despite the structural and technological changes the United States h...
    As we enter the summer, many questions still remain regarding the $8000 tax credit for first time home buyers. While many queries have been left unanswered, there are a few things that have been made a bit more clear. 1. If there is going to be the ability to use the $8000 tax credit at the c...

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