realtor accounting: 3 Signs You're On Track in Your Real Estate Business - 02/10/23 07:37 PM
Being a successful real estate agent can be a challenging feat, but with the right approach and mindset, you can achieve great results. 
Here are 3 key indicators that you're on track in your real estate business:1. Consistent Lead GenerationConsistent lead generation indicates that your marketing efforts are working, and your business is growing. 
2. Strong Client RelationshipsOne of the most important indicators of success as an agent is having strong relationships with your clients.
A strong client relationship is built on trust, communication, and providing excellent customer service.
If you're consistently receiving positive feedback from clients and building long-lasting relationships, it's a … (3 comments)

realtor accounting: Friday Fun with Blaze.. or is it? - 02/10/23 05:59 AM
Blaze the agent was always on the go,
With clients to meet and listings to show.
He worked day and night, no time for a rest,
Hoping to make the sale, be the very best.
But all that hard work took its toll on his mind,
Mistakes were made, productivity declined.
Tired and worn out, he couldn't keep pace,
His family and clients felt the space.
Blaze's once bright smile now a weary frown,
His work was suffering, tumbling to the ground.
He knew that this was no way to live,
No joy, no laughter, just work to give.
So Blaze decided it was time to slow,
Take a break and let the joys … (11 comments)

realtor accounting: The Dangers of Toxic Productivity - 02/08/23 03:11 PM
The constant pressure to be more productive can lead to negative consequences, known as toxic productivity.
What is Toxic Productivity?According to Psychology Today: "toxic productivity is an obsessive need to always be productive, regardless of the cost to your health, relationships, and life."
This can manifest itself in several ways, such as overworking, neglecting self-care, and sacrificing personal relationships for the sake of productivity.
The Dangers of Toxic ProductivityThe dangers of toxic productivity are numerous and can have a significant impact on an individual's well-being. Some of the most common dangers include:
Burnout: Overworking and neglecting self-care can lead to burnout, which is a … (15 comments)

realtor accounting: Moving From Frustration to Lasting Success - 02/08/23 01:36 PM
Many agents struggle to maintain a consistent level of success. The good news is that, with the right approach and mindset, it is possible to turn frustration into lasting success.
Here are a few key ideas that can help:1. Develop a Strong Work Ethic
Agents who are willing to put in the extra time and effort required to succeed tend to be the most successful. This can include working longer hours, networking with potential clients, and continuously learning about the industry and market trends.
2. Build a Strong Network
Building strong relationships with other agents, mortgage brokers, inspectors, and other industry professionals can help you … (6 comments)

realtor accounting: The Importance of Celebrating Life's Little Victories - 02/08/23 12:02 PM
According to Psychology Today: "the celebration of achievement and the positive emotion you feel is what tells your brain: "This is why it was worth it to put in all that hard work."
The idea is to intentionally set smaller, achievable goals and celebrate when you achieve each one.This is the way to gradually build self-esteem and hopefulness. Smaller victories have the potential to generate ongoing momentum and build belief and confidence in your ability to achieve larger goals.
Here are some simple ideas on how to celebrate the smaller wins:
Write it down: Keep track of your small wins and make it … (3 comments)

realtor accounting: Friday Fun with Bart.. on a holiday. - 02/06/23 09:21 AM
Bart the agent, planned a getaway,
But didn't tell a soul, to no one did say.
He acted like he was in town so near,
But in reality, he was far from here.
His clients called, but he just pretended,
He was still in reach, as his time extended.
But little did he know, they had a clue,
They saw his posts, a tropical view.
Worried and confused, they didn't know,
How long he'd be gone, or what to do.
No information, just frustration grew,
At Bart's lack of communication, it was true.
Bart soon realized, it's best to share,
Before he goes, to show that he cares.
He told his clients, when he'd return,
And … (2 comments)

realtor accounting: Friday Fun with Blaze.. & Importance of Budgeting - 02/06/23 09:09 AM
Blaze, the agent with a heart of gold
Had a year that was bold.
Success came his way, profits did soar,
So he decided to spend a bit more.
But then the economy took a downturn,
Sales slowed and profits did burn.
Blaze felt the pressure, it was intense,
He realized he'd been too indulgent.
From that day on, he learned his lesson,
To budget his money, and reduce his obsession.
Set a portion aside, in order to ride out the tide
To ensure stability during the slow time.
This reduced his stress, and helped him prepare,
For the future, to be more aware.
Of the ups and downs, of the market,
And always stay, within … (3 comments)

realtor accounting: Friday Fun with distracted Blaze.. or is it? - 02/06/23 08:21 AM
Blaze the agent worked from home with care,
Focused and driven, his work was his affair.
But distractions galore, friends, family, and TV,
Made his workday longer and his mind un-free.
Frustration mounted, his work was at risk,
But Blaze, being wise, found a simple fix.
He communicated his need to work without pause,
And promised to take breaks, but after work-hours.
And so it was done, his workday was bright,
No more interruptions, no more wasted time and sight.
Family and friends respected his new routine,
And Blaze found success, both work and life, a win.
So Blaze proved that working from home can be great,
With the right balance, and clear communication … (0 comments)

realtor accounting: Expectations Matter: How What We Believe Motivates Us - 01/30/23 05:48 AM
"Motivation" is a term used to describe the drive that moves us to take specific courses of action and to maintain that course over time.So what causes us to be motivated? How can we stay motivated or increase our motivation?
According to Victor Vroom (Expectation Theory creator): the strength of our motivation is determined by the our belief in these three expectations:
That our efforts will result in higher performance. That this higher performance will lead to a reward. That the reward is something we really want. So.. how does this all relate to real estate agents you may ask? Perhaps the … (6 comments)

realtor accounting: A little Friday fun... or is it? - 01/28/23 07:04 AM
Bart the agent, with listings to sell,
Had a secret he chose not to tell,
A cat in the house, furry and sly,
Bart thought it best not to mention, why?
Showing the house, clients in tow,
The cat, it seemed, had a mind of its own,
Escaping and running, causing a scene,
Making a mess, it was quite unclean.
Some folks didn't like cats, that's a fact,
Others had allergies, that's a fact,
Bart's silence, it seems, was a big mistake,
The sale of the house, now harder to make.
Bart should have disclosed, that much is true,
Instructed the sellers, to keep the cat out of view,
But alas, his mistake, now plain … (9 comments)

realtor accounting: Discovering the Reason Behind a Problem: Uncovering Your 'Why' - 01/27/23 07:30 PM
The '5 Why Method' can be a very effective problem-solving tactic to locate a problem's root cause.You can get to the root of an issue by asking "why" it is happening over and over again. Instead of just dealing with the symptoms of a problem, the goal is to find out what's causing it.
For example, an agent who is having trouble earning enough money, for instance, might ask the following five why questions: Why is my income low? - I'm not closing enough deals. Why am I not closing enough deals? - Because I'm not getting enough clients. Why am I … (15 comments)

realtor accounting: A Little Friday Fun .. or is it? - 01/27/23 09:06 AM
Bart was a real estate agent, with a heart of gold,
Helping folks find homes, new and old.
He worked with a young couple, for weeks on end,
Showing them houses, again and again.
They found their dream home, and made an offer,
Accepted at less, than what they proffer.
Ecstatic, they told everyone they knew,
But their joy was short-lived, as they soon grew blue.
When they went to get their mortgage, to their surprise,
The rates had gone up, and now it was not wise.
Devastated, embarrassed, and feeling low,
Bob was also frustrated, as he watched the sale go.
He learned as an agent, it's not just about the find,
But … (18 comments)

realtor accounting: Stop the Flood: Managing Information Overload - 01/26/23 12:58 PM
Information overload is when you get too much information to be able to deal with it well. It is a challenge that has become more common in the digital age.  According to recent research findings, eight in ten (80%) of respondents experience information overload.
So, what are the effects of too much information? According to Psycology Today...
"Information overload can lead to real feelings of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and powerless, and mental fatigue. It can also lead to cognitive issues such as difficulty making decisions or making hasty (often bad) decisions."
As we know, anxiety, fatigue and bad or hasty decisions can lead to … (8 comments)

realtor accounting: Embracing Imperfection: How to Become an Imperfectionist - 01/25/23 07:33 PM
Whatever it is that you intend to do, there will always be a better way to do it.Despite your best plans and preparations, not everything will be completely in order. There will still be some things to learn and some questions left unanswered. Some errors will be made along the way.
But you still decide to move forward anyway. You decide at that point that progress is more important than perfection. This is the mindset of the "imperfectionist." 
Michael Jordan is an excellent example. In his book "One Last Shot," he describes how his intense desire to be perfect drove him to self-criticism … (5 comments)

realtor accounting: The Problem of Perfectionism - 01/25/23 01:31 PM
According to Dr. Helm, Perfectionism is defined as "attaching irrational importance to being perfect." 
Left unchecked, perfectionism will cause us all kinds of problems at work and in our personal lives. The first step away from the harms of perfectonism is awareness.
Here are some common perfectionistic traits to be aware of: Overworking: taking much longer than required to accomplish a task in order to get it precisely right.
Procrastination: putting off starting a task because you are afraid of falling short of your own lofty expectations.
Inability to Delegate: worrying too much that others will not be able to live up … (0 comments)

realtor accounting: The Power of Small Changes: Put Some Kaizen into Your Day - 01/24/23 08:42 AM
Kaizen is a Japanese term that combines two words that signify "positive transformation" or "improvement."
The main idea is that by concentrating on small, ongoing improvements, things will improve over time. 
Here are a few examples of how a Real Estate Agent could use Kaizen:Enhancing client service: An agent could regularly ask for feedback on their service and use that feedback to make small changes that would improve the overall customer experience. 
Streamlining the home-buying process: An agent could find and eliminate inefficiencies in the home-buying process, such as extra paperwork or delays in communication with lenders. 
Improving marketing strategies: An agent could use Kaizen … (20 comments)

realtor accounting: Managing Client Expectations in a Changing Market - 01/23/23 09:12 AM
Managing client expectations is always important, but it becomes especially crucial when the market is changing. Here are a few strategies for managing client expectations: Be upfront and honest: Do not be afraid to tell them about the difficulties they may encounter during the purchasing or selling process. This can aid in establishing reasonable expectations and preventing confusion down the road. Former real estate coach Kelle Sparta says that "...while you don’t want to scare people by listing everything that could go wrong, you do want to acknowledge the more probable bumps in the road. That means sometimes telling a client things … (1 comments)

realtor accounting: Managing Client Expectations in Times of Change - 01/23/23 09:12 AM
Managing client expectations is always important, but it becomes especially crucial when the market is changing. Here are a few strategies that can help: Be upfront and honest: Do not be afraid to tell them about the difficulties they may encounter during the purchasing or selling process. This can aid in establishing reasonable expectations and preventing confusion down the road.Former real estate coach Kelle Sparta says that "...while you don’t want to scare people by listing everything that could go wrong, you do want to acknowledge the more probable bumps in the road. That means sometimes telling a client things they … (0 comments)

realtor accounting: The Burnout Solution: Manage Energy, Not Time - 01/20/23 10:57 AM
Experiencing burnout is like being emotionally, physically, and mentally drained after being under stress for too long. Exhaustion, irritation, and a lack of motivation are just some of the symptoms.
The idea that we can get more done if we only better organize our schedules is a major contributor to burnout. This method, however, is wrong on its very foundation since it fails to account for the fact that our levels of energy change throughout the day, week, month, or year.
We should worry less about time management and instead concentrate on energy conservation.Here are anti-burnout measures to consider:
It is important to … (3 comments)

realtor accounting: The Easy Way to Build Habits that Stick: Habit Stacking - 01/18/23 05:14 PM
What is Habit Stacking and How Does it Work?
Habit stacking is a technique that involves "stacking" a new behavior that you're trying to adopt onto a current behavior in order to make it easier to remember and perform the new behavior. 
A real estate agent could use habit stacking to help them form new habits that can improve their business.
For example, an agent who wants to start networking more in order to grow their business could stack this habit onto an existing habit, such as checking their email in the morning.
Every time they check their email, they would also reach out … (2 comments)

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