avoid: Are commissions the same from one state to another? - 04/03/14 10:04 PM
One of the most controversial subjects is Real Estate commissions. You will see them discussed in every online forum which usually causes more confusion than offers answers. For any Home Seller they should know commissions differ from state to state, town to town and company to company. The KEY is to know what you get for what you pay. Sure you can hire a discount broker but you must realize you will get discount services. You can hire the most expensive company with the big national name and flashy TV commercials but that does not guarantee you will get the best … (34 comments)

avoid: How do you place a Home under Contract quickly? - 03/31/14 10:09 PM
In a short 8 days this home at 14 Blueberry Lane in NASHUA 03062 was placed UNDER CONTRACT.  If you have a home to sell now is the time to list it. Scott Godzyk with the Godzyk real Estate Services was asked "How did this home go under contract so quickly?" by multiple agents and buyers who did not get a chance to see it before it was placed under contract, The key for a Buyer is to act quickly once a new home comes on the market. In local media the listing Agent Scott Godzyk reported that his marketing program … (8 comments)

avoid: Do you think BPO's and REO is easy? Well I have a story for you - 03/21/14 10:47 PM
Does anyone know how Bank Owned home sales really work? Unless you are a BPO or REO agent you may not. You may also not know how scary it can be. In most cases banks will order a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) when a home goes over 60 days late, when foreclosure is started or just before the foreclosure auction itself. The most common BPO is the "Drive by". You simply drive by the home, you take a picture of the front, the address and the street. There is no going on the property and you have no contact with the … (29 comments)

avoid: Sell through a Short Sale OR enjoy the last 2 months in home in peace? - 03/17/14 10:30 PM
Is it really worth the time and energy to complete a Short Sale wondered a Home Owner. Many Sellers are pondering this question. One Home Seller asked if they should just enjoy the 2 months in their home,skip the short sale process and just let the bank take back the home? The problem is, will there really be any peace not knowing where you will move when the bank does take it? When that knock on the door will come that you have to leave? What will they do were their belongings?
One fact they have not considered is … (13 comments)

avoid: Is it Time to throw the SHORT SALE in the TOILET - 03/05/14 10:04 PM
Have you seen homes on the market for 6 months, a year how about 2 years? Chances are they may be listed as short sales.  Here in the Manchester NH area we have seen a sharp decline in Short Sales. Recently when a friend contacted me about a neighbor who had their home listed off and on for 2 years was at wits end. I went to meet with the home owner. I brought the old MLS sheets, printed the tax card and a stack of comps from within a 1 mile radius. The answer was simple but was a BOMB SHELL to … (58 comments)

avoid: Do I have to tell a Buyer if i know something is wrong with my house? - 02/09/14 10:02 PM
What do you have to disclose and what can you hide? Asked a Home Owner looking to List their Home. I was interviewing with the owner when they asked me this. The correct answer is a seller has to disclose everything they know. They did not like my answer and told me another agent from a BIG company told they did not have to say anything. lI let them know that whether selling a home in the MANCHESTER NH AREA,. or anywhere, the correct thing to do is to disclose everything on the Seller property Information report.
They … (25 comments)

avoid: HOW many Real Estate Agents does it take to Sell a Home? - 02/07/14 09:49 PM
WHY wont some Home Sell? With a shortage of home listed For Sale shouldn't every home sell the instant it hits the market? Many sellers are finding out the hard way when their home does not sell. Some Home Owners go as far to cal me and ask "How did you sell that home in mere days when mine has not sold in near a year?" This gentleman told me he had 3 listing agents from the biggest companies in the area and they could not sell it.
The most common reasons a home does not sell is … (13 comments)

avoid: Is this the END of SHORT SALES? - 02/05/14 09:59 PM
Are we seeing the end of Short Sales in Real Estate? What is the trend? The answer will certain depend on what part of the country you live in. Here in the Manchester NH area we see a sharp decline in both Short Sales and Bank Owned Homes. This does not mean though that Short Sales will disappear for ever overnight. A Short Sale is simply a tool that Home owners who owe more than their houses are worth, can use to sell their homes at today's market value despite what they owe.
I have a WARNING though to anyone who is looking … (5 comments)

avoid: HOW can I sell my home if I owe more than it is Worth? - 01/17/14 09:41 PM
What is the SECRET to getting a Home Sold if I owe more than my house is worth in today's market? Although values of increased most  MANCHESTER NH areas, but some Home owners feel left behind and do not know where to turn. A SHORT SALE remains as a viable option. The problem is most sellers do not know what a Short Sale really involves.
Not every Real Estate agent is willing or able to List, negotiate and Sell Short Sales.
As a Home Seller in this market you need every advantage you can to get your … (7 comments)

avoid: 5 TRICKS to Avoid if you SELL your home as a SHORT SALE This Halloween - 10/21/13 10:24 PM
If there was ever a part of Real Estate you can not afford to get "Tricked" on, It is a SHORT SALE. Here in The Manchester NH area as well as across the country Home Owners who make a classic mistake, can skip the "Treat" of an approval and get Rejected. Short Sales have declined, however they are a great tool for Home owners who owe more than their houses may be worth to sell their home and put their worries behind them. Here in NH Home Owners are tunring to me for help.
With Halloween right around the corner, … (10 comments)

avoid: What do you think of Websites that offer Estimates of a Homes value? - 09/13/13 10:25 PM
A tale of 2 Manchester NH area Home Owners who looked up their Homes Values online. The first states they have been given too high a value, as the online sites value their home much lower. Seller 2 states their value is much higher than what he was given as the online value is much higher than the Market analysis shows it is worth. Who can you believe?

Home Buyers and Sellers should know that online values are not always correct. They can vary greatly from home to home within the same neighborhood even. The problem most often is the data they use … (13 comments)

avoid: The Top 10 Short Sale SECRETS revealed - 08/22/13 10:52 PM
How can Short Sales have SECRETS you ask? As Banks step up the Foreclosure process on homes in default, Short Sales are popping up again in the Manchester NH area as Home Owners try to sell homes they may owe more than the home is worth. There are many up hill battles facing a short sale before they even begin. What makes them worse is when Buyers do not understand how the short sale process works and when a Seller hires an agent who is not experienced in Listing, Negotiating and Selling Short Sales. 

A SHORT SALE can make for a GREAT … (8 comments)

avoid: Do you LIST Houses or Do you SELL THEM? - 08/11/13 11:04 PM
It is Monday morning, the phone is ringing early and the caller in a frenzied voice wants to know "If I list homes or if I SELL them?" Well Mrs. Manchester NH Home Owner I do indeed list homes with the intent to SELL EVERYONE. Before I could ask why she would ask such a question she told me. She said "She sees so many homes listed that never sell. That she does not want to list her home and have it not sell. Could I help? She gave me her address, background of why she needs to sell quickly and … (8 comments)

avoid: WHY are mistakes still being made on SHORT SALES that cause rejection? - 04/25/13 10:27 PM
How is it possible that SHORT SALES here in The Manchester NH area are still being done incorrectly. The 2 Leading issues are agents who STILL do not know how to list, negotiate or sell Short sales and Home Owners that hire them. When choosing someone to sell their home through a short sale, many home owners rush into listing with the first or biggest agent only to be disappointed.

As a Home owner you have to know you have choices.
All agents are not created equal and when it comes to SHORT SALES, You can afford to choose wrong,
The TOP … (11 comments)

avoid: If You Don't Believe Me, Take it from Bank of America - 02/15/13 09:04 PM
Short Sales are still very much part of our market. A few of the problems we face every day could easily be solved if Home Owners who face the challenge of needing to sell their home through a short sale, just choose a better agent who was local and well experienced in listing, negotiating and selling Short Sales. Many agents are not experienced and some not even familiar with how they really work but are talking listings anyway. My friend Chris Ann makes a great point that there is NO such thing as a fully approved Short Sale before a buyer … (0 comments)

avoid: What will the SECRETS to SHORT SALES be in 2013? - 01/01/13 10:20 PM
Do you know the secret to why some SHORT SALES are approved while others are not? Here in the Manchester NH area, There is a large disparity on which Short Sales will be approved and which will be rejected. The troubling fact is that the fate of near 2/3 of short sales can be predicted before even finding a buyer or even submitting it to the bank. Home Owner may only have 1 chance at approval before facing FORECLOSURE so they should be paying attention. 
The hard reality is more short sales will be rejected than approved. The hard fact … (6 comments)

avoid: Should you Apply for a mortgage before a SHORT SALE is accepted? - 10/09/12 10:15 PM

Should a Buyer APPLY for their MORTGAGE before the SHORT SALE is accepted by the Sellers Bank? Whether you are in the Manchester NH area, Southern New Hampshire or located anywhere else though out this great country of ours, the short sale process is the same and this problem could occur. The newest problem is short sales is that Banks have shortened the time it takes to process Short Sales and Buyers are not ready to close within the 30 days the sellers bank is requiring killing the sale.

Buyers need to have their due diligence conducted quicker … (5 comments)

avoid: Should a buyer use a FHA MORTGAGE when BUYING a SHORT SALE? - 10/08/12 10:53 PM
Should you use a FHA MORTGAGE when BUYING a SHORT SALE? Whether you are in the Manchester NH area, Southern New Hampshire or located anywhere else though out this great country of ours, the short sale process is the same and this problem could occur. It is not always recommended to use a FHA to buy a short sale. But wait...it can be done.... but the first thing you MUST know is the property MUST pass the FHA appraisal. To learn if it will, you should work closely with your Buyer Agent. The short list of items to look out for is that the roof … (12 comments)

avoid: Understand the FHA short sale process - 10/01/12 11:09 PM
Here in New Hampshire our economy and Real Estate market have stabilized.  The amount of homes for sale is substantially lower than even a year ago. Interest rates are still Ultra low for buyers. The one thing that remains is Short Sales. It allows a home owner who owes more than their house is worth to sell their home with bank approval of the price and terms. The most important KEYS TO SUCCESS is choosing a Full time, Full Service, Local agent who is well experienced in Listing, negotiating and Selling Short Sales. In New Hampshire, Contact me. I can assist you … (0 comments)

avoid: Spotlight on MOUNT ST. MARY'S CONDOMINIUMS located in HOOKSETT NH - 09/06/12 09:57 AM
MOUNT ST. MARY'S CONDOMINIUMS located in HOOKSETT NH is a desired community of Luxury Garden style condominums. The community is very well landscaped with a mix of open space, lawn and wooded areas.This desired neighborhood is close to rte 3 and 93, Shopping, Schools and Restaurants while being located in a neighborhood set back from the road.
The Godzyk Real Estate Servces is proud to be a Leading Real Estate Agent servicing our community. Please contact SCOTT GODZYK of the Godzyk Real Estate Services if you are Looking to Buy or Sell a Home in this wonderful Neighborhood.
MOUNT … (3 comments)

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