buying: Should Kids Come Along to Look at Houses? - 10/16/13 08:52 AM
One of the most common questions from buyers is if their kids can come along when looking at homes. There are many other Buyers who just bring them without any planning. Donna does an excellent job in answering the question and providing some nice tips. 
I get asked a lot if it's ok if kids can come along on showings. What am I going to say, no?  However, I do let the buyers know what the process is going to be like and how it's so much harder with kids.
First, kids, no matter what age, usually only last for about … (0 comments)

buying: Dear Home Buyer, here's why we ask if you're preapproved for loan - 07/16/13 09:58 PM
With an increase in Home Buyers in the manchester NH area, the one common question they ask, Is why I always asl of the have been Pre-approved for a mortgage. It is one of the first steps in looking for a home and one a buyer can not afford to skip. This morning I found this fantistic post whoch explains it very well. 
Have you ever encountered prospective buyers who demand that you show them houses first and if they see something they like, then and only then will they apply for a loan? And did these buyers become angry even hostile … (0 comments)

buying: What is the number 1 thing BUYERS can do to get to the Closing Table? - 01/29/13 09:31 PM
Of each step in the Buying process, which one is the most important over any other? Here in the Manchester NH area Buyers  are asking "What is the number one thing BUYERS can do to get to the Closing Table?'
The most important step could be the first step. That is getting PRE-QUALIFIED.
The second step is making sure you hire a "Good" BUYER BROKER who will assit you through each step of the Buying process.
Please review my Tips and Advice in helping you to get your Dream Home.

1. GET PRE-QUALIFIED: Before even looking at a home you should get … (18 comments)

buying: The TOP 5 ways to know if RIGHT NOW is the time to purchase a home? - 10/06/12 11:48 PM
Buyers are truly puzzled on whether now is the time time to Buy or if they should still wait. A caller on Saturday looking at houses for sale here in Manchester NH was inquiring on several types of Listings including Short Sale listings, Foreclosures, Bank Owned homes and re-sales. They just did not know where to start and really had no direction. They told me they were working with MANY different agents to get the best of their opinions.Immediately the problem was clear, they are going in 10 different directions without any clear and concise plan how to move forward. Calling many different Realtor's … (5 comments)

buying: What do you do when a Buyer DEMANDS to Buy a HOME with bad credit? - 09/05/12 09:48 PM
There was an interesting question asked today I wanted to share with you. "How can you purchase a home without a hassle if you have BAD CREDIT?" Well with new guidelines for obtaining a mortgage, The mortgage process is more complex than ever, however the banks ARE loaning money. In addition interest rates are at "all time lows".
To answer this question simply I would state that with "Bad Credit" you will indeed need to put down a higher amount as a down payment to compensate for that low credit score.Most first time buyers may not have a larg donw payment … (10 comments)

buying: Should the Buyer's friend put in a lower offer to make theirs better? - 08/26/12 10:16 PM
I had an interesting thing happen while selling a home here in the Manchester NH area and thought it was one of those one in a million chances until another agent mentioned it happened to him. The buyer made an offer on a property, It was much lower than asking price but not low enough to be considered a "Lowball offer". In this case the buyer than had a friend make a lower offer on the property which he said would make his offer look better. I told him if he wanted to make an offer it had to be made … (18 comments)

buying: YOU show them the house & I'll write the offer. Would you agree to it? - 08/22/12 10:12 PM
The BEST part about having a job SELLING REAL ESTATE in the Manchester NH is that everyday is exciting. So when a buyer calls and states they would like to see a home, I ask the standard question if they are working with a agent and they reply "well kind of, my friend is an agent and she said "Go look at homes and when you find one I will write the offer for you."I asked if she was their buyer broker and if so they would need her to call to set up the appointment. The buyer replied "Oh … (43 comments)

buying: WOULD YOU WORK FOR A BUYER that was NOT Buying for 18 Months? - 08/20/12 12:42 AM
If a Buyer is not ready to purchase right now, but say in 18 months. Would you assist them now to start the Buying process? The scenario plays out like this, a buyer from another state is looking to move to Manchester NH for our great employment opportunities. The key is they can not move for 18 months because of a current work contract that expires then. They want to start exploring the area by looking at listings in neighborhood to narrow down what they like, what they don't and where they should look when they are ready to buy.

buying: STOP Scaring away the Buyers!!! - 08/18/12 12:31 AM
Should a Buyer be Pre-Quailified BEFORE showing them any homes? This debate is not new and no 2 agents may ever agree. With a couple of featured blogs this week coming out against asking buyers this question it is ignited a new discussion. I have to admit that John did open my eyes to a new view on this matter. For the record I will not show buyers who are not pre-quailified. But I will ask a series of questions before I ask the "big one".
The debate is whether asking a buyer if they are pre-quailified "right off the bat", risks scaring them away?

buying: Would you show a home to a Buyer that was NOT PRE-QUAILIFIED? - 08/08/12 11:15 PM
If you are in Real Estate then you have probabily heard this question, possibly many many times as I have had.  Will I QUAILIFY for a Mortgage?  There is nothing wrong with a Buyer asking this question before starting to look for a home. The problem is, I was just asked it yesterday when I was showing a home to a buyer and their Buyer Agent.
In case you missed the point, the Buyers agent has brought out a buyer without either checking they were pre-quailified or pre-quailifying them on their own.
BUYERS: You should get pre-qualified BEFORE going out and look … (18 comments)

buying: Are Buyer Agents hurting their buyers with advice for LOWBALL OFFERS? - 08/06/12 10:39 PM
Home Owners in Manchester NH are learning the "LOWBALL" Offer is alive and well. After a review of a few of the last offers I received, they may be alive but certainly are not well. The converation was about if all buyers are lead to believe that all homes listed are in a distressed situation, that they are in foreclosure, bank owned or short sales. The media and some Buyer Agents are teaching buyers to make what is considered "Lowball" offers. Everyone wants to get the best deal, but how you go about it is just as important. If you want to … (17 comments)

buying: Is a CONTINGENCY STILL a CONTINGENCY even if it is really SMALL? - 07/27/12 09:41 PM
BUT the contingency is a small one, WHY did my offer get rejected? Mrs. Buyer Broker A CONTINGENCY is STILL a CONTINGENCY no matter how SMALL. As a leading Listing Agent of Bank Owned Homes here in the manchester NH area this week I got 2 new Listings that generated near 30 offers between the 2.
With BANK OWNED HOMES the conditions for submitting an offer are strict. With these homes they were "cash only" purchase as they needed too much work to pass an inspection or for a buyer to be able to be guartanteed a loan to purchase … (44 comments)

buying: Do I really have to follow what it states in the purchase contract? - 07/26/12 11:09 PM
Do I really have to follow what it states in the purchase contract? asked the buyer. Maybe it was the puzzled look on my face for a Buyer to be asking me this question or It could have been the even bigger face I was probabily making because this Buyer has their own buyer broker. I am the Listing Agent and therefore represent the seller in this transaction so why are they asking me?
MR. BUYER it seems decides now that they do no want or can not follow the items in the contract in which they signed therefore agreeing … (13 comments)

buying: WHY do BANKS have such strict criteria when accepting OFFERS? - 07/25/12 10:15 PM
When it comes to submitting offers on BANK OWNED HOMES, there is certain specifciations or instructions that need to be followed. Recently Mrs. Buyer Agent wants to re-write the what the Bank will accept. If you have been following me, you know what a hard time she has given me.
MRS. BUYER AGENT called with her concerns and demands. She said she has not listed any homes for this bank yet, but has a couple of listings in process. She asked HER asset manager and she said that they do not require cashiers checks or minimum deposits. To simplify the conversation … (16 comments)

buying: Why are BANK OWNED homes being sold CASH ONLY? - 07/22/12 01:28 AM
With an increase in New Bank Owned listings the questions of "Why is this home being sold CASH ONLY" are pouring in again. Some buyers can get pretty animated regarding Listings that come on the market with this restriction. The problem starts when homes are in such bad condition, that buyers can not usualy get a mortgage to buy it.
Many homes have missing or frozen plumbing, the electric is not on and there is no functional heating or plumbing. For most mortgages the water needs to be on and the heat needs to be functioning. Banks either can not or do not … (16 comments)

buying: A Buyer borrowed a ladder, he is climbing the roof of your Listing ? - 07/20/12 10:51 PM
Excuse me Mr. Godzyk, The buyer for your Listing at xxx Local Street just asked to borrow a ladder. He walked accross the street, placed it against the garage and is climbing on the roof. The thing I love most about Real Estate is the adventure. Yes I love making people happy, seeing the smiles on a Buyer or Sellers face and closing sales but then there are calls like this...As I got in the car to head over to the home I was thinking wait, this home is not even under contract yet. As i get there the side door … (32 comments)

buying: What are the most important TEN SECONDS in Real Estate??? - 07/19/12 10:06 PM
What you may not know is that 10 seconds can make or break any Real Estate Deal. Nearly every buyer wants to drive by a home before going inside. Within 10 seconds they will decide if they want to see inside or if they will keep on driving to the next home skipping over this one.
The exterior condition of the home means much more than some home owners and listing agents realize.
It is important to maintain the exterior of the home and the yard.
1. Cut the lawn.
2. Trim bushes and shrubs.
3. Remove all debris from your yard.
4. Make sure … (49 comments)

buying: HEY AGENT-I offered a bonus to bring me a buyer but no one is coming? - 07/19/12 05:01 AM
I had an interesting question from a seller who is listed with someone else but asked me "I offered a $500 bonus to the selling agency but no one is looking at my home?" WHY NOT? The only way to answer is straight forward with the hard truth. Unfortanately a $500 bonus is not that much to truely inspire anyone to rush right over with a buyer. It is better to know that your house is priced right which is at or just below market value. Next is your listing agent splitting the commission 50/50? Then is your home being advertised and marketed? … (5 comments)

buying: Are there any GREAT DEALS Left in the Real Estate Market? - 07/16/12 11:27 PM
Are there any deals left out there when purchasing Real Estate. I hear so many agents in person and on their blogs saying there are no deals left. My first question is DID YOU LOOK? Well here in the Manchester NH area deals are available.If you are looking to buy a property simply seek out the assistance of a full time, local agent who specializes in these types of homes. It takes, time, patience and persistance.
The Real Estate market around the country is changing, it is improving and stabilizing. Here in my area the amount of homes currently on the … (10 comments)

buying: HOW did you come up with that price you offered on a SHORT SALE? - 07/09/12 11:22 PM
I do not know what is worse, a SHORT SALE in the Manchester NH area that is priced WAY below market value or the offers BUYERS want to place on these listings. It creates a "CIRCLE OF FAILURE". You must be asking yourself why am I being so tough on Short Sales this morning? Because... Home Owners may not even know their choice of a Short Sale Listing Agent may have just doomed their Short Sale becuase that agent has PRICED THE HOME TOO LOW....
Despite what people think the bank will spend some time and money to determine what the … (14 comments)

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