realtor: The TOP 5 Reasons you may have Hired the WRONG Buyer broker - 11/16/14 10:28 PM
When things go right in Real Estate, not many people notice. But when things go wrong, especially for a Buyer, it could mean you may have just lost your Dream Home. As we approach Thanksgiving you will be Thankful if you did not hire the WRONG Buyer Broker to assist you in Buying a home. Some items may be funny but do happen.
1. The Buyer Agent sends you too look at homes on your own.
2. The Buyer Agent thought it would be a good idea … (43 comments)

realtor: Is it Time to throw the SHORT SALE in the TOILET - 03/05/14 10:04 PM
Have you seen homes on the market for 6 months, a year how about 2 years? Chances are they may be listed as short sales.  Here in the Manchester NH area we have seen a sharp decline in Short Sales. Recently when a friend contacted me about a neighbor who had their home listed off and on for 2 years was at wits end. I went to meet with the home owner. I brought the old MLS sheets, printed the tax card and a stack of comps from within a 1 mile radius. The answer was simple but was a BOMB SHELL to … (58 comments)

realtor: How does a Buyer know if a Home is RIGHT for them? - 01/08/14 09:31 PM
A Buyer asked "How do I know if this is " THE " House for us?" The simple answer is if you have to ask if the home is right for you, it probably is not. Most buyers fall in Love with a home "on the spot." There are steps to take to make sure the home is within their price range, that they are pre qualified and ready to buy. After those formalities, the rest is up to emotion. Most buyers either "feel it" or hate it. Some Buyer may love more than 1 home and then need to compare the 2 to see … (11 comments)

realtor: HOW does a BUYER know when to make an offer on a Home? - 01/07/14 10:00 PM
A Buyer asked me yesterday "How do I know if this is the House I should make an offer on?". The problem was i was the Listing Agent and they were sent by another agent to see my listing without any representation. They were "First Time Home Buyers" and were not sure how the buying process worked or should go. After a few short questions it was obvious this home was priced too high for this buyer when the buyers blurted out the offer said they could offer $50,000 less to make it in their price range.

With a deep … (10 comments)

realtor: DO I NEED TO hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell my Home? - 12/19/13 07:56 AM
It is no secret a Home Owner wants to sell their Manchester NH area home for the moist money possible and save as much money as they can while doing do. With a shortage of homes for Sale many think it would be easy to "Sell it themselves" as a FSBO and the home will just sell. Many Sellers who are trying to Sell their own home soon find it is not as easy as they thought.   Some learn this lesson early while others can suffer a lesson they may not have time or money to survive through.

Many Sellers try to … (5 comments)

realtor: WHAT does a Seller do if the Buyer does not close on time? - 12/17/13 09:45 PM
Many home Buyers and Sellers near the Manchester NH area who find their purchase or sale having problems turn to the experience for help. Recently a Home Seller whose agent was not any help began a long search to come across my blog. The problem is that because this home owner has their home listed, I can not offer them the advice they are looking for. i do want to share their question so others can learn from their experience. 

The sale is contingent upon the Buyer getting a mortgage, and the buyer had gone past their contingency date. What do they … (10 comments)

realtor: What will happen to ACTIVE RAIN with Trulia's acquisition? - 05/08/13 04:37 AM
 I am not sure how to react to the news Trulia will acquire Active Rain, everyone knows competition is good for the consumer. I have been with Trulia from close to their start, I was referred to Active Rain from those who thought Trulia's growth was at the expense of the agents that made it what it was. Trulia has made decisions that hurt the agents that were faithful to their site. Trulia's customer service has been awful and uncaring when I needed them with the lone exception of "Emily" who has been the "greatest' over the years. I just hope they … (10 comments)

realtor: Are you hear to see the HOME or Here to TALK on your phone? - 03/21/13 11:36 PM
Every day, everywhere you go someone is on a cell phone not following any manners or etiquette. When showing a Manchester NH area homes, I have had agents who have continuously answered their phone ignoring their buyer, but wait until you hear this.
I get there early, unlock the door, turn on the lights and wait for the buyer. She shows up, walks in the home while talking on her I Phone. She acknowledges me only with a nod. .
She proceeds to walk through the home, up teh stairs, down the stairs, to the basement, out to the back yard and back … (7 comments)

realtor: It's APPLE PICKING time again and you do not have to wait until fall. - 09/13/12 11:15 PM
When spring arrived nearly a month early this year here in New Hampshire, it had one affect that I actually like. The Apples are ready for picking now.... Usually what seems like a forever wait until October is over.
So Tuesday as it was Primary Voting day here in NH, the schools were closed and what a better time to head my favorite orchard for "Pick your own".
I loaded up my Daughter and headed to Macs Apples in Londonderry NH. What I found was amazing. Trees full of red ripened fruit as far as the eye could see. Around the corner, … (32 comments)

realtor: Another Home SOLD IN ONLY 7 DAYS by the Godzyk Real Estate Services - 09/13/12 09:58 AM
27 EDEN St, Goffstown NHThey said it could not be done. This Home was put under contract in only 7 days. If you have a home to sell, do not just list it, get it Sold by contacting Scott Godzyk Today. 
If you are thinking of buying a Home please contact us. We offer you assistance to get a free pre-quailification for a mortgage,along with some of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE through each step of the Buying Process.
We stand by you through every step in … (4 comments)

realtor: ActiveRain/DocuSign Challenge: Going Paperless, is it possible? - 09/09/12 11:03 PM
In February 2011, I wrote my entry to the contest which really got me thinking about going paperless. Placing that plan into action though, was sure harder than I thought. Buyers and Sellers still want paper copies.
I tried to break down the pros and cons of going paperless.
Pros: Saving paper, going green, saving ink and saving the high cost of ink and paper.
Cons: I had no back up if the electronic copy was ever lost. In addition I did not have it in my file when i needed it.
Fast forward a year and what have I accomplished. We only print 1 … (12 comments)

realtor: WHO will put me over 500,000 POINTS? - 09/08/12 08:48 AM
Who will put me over 500,000 points?  Just 2 weeks ago I hit my 900th blog since I joined Active rain which was on May 10, 2010. I published a blog thanking those bloggers that gave me the inspiration to be so active. Not many people saw it though as it sailed under the radar of the AR Gods. I wanted to include part of that blog once again, so that this time maybe more will be able to see it and get the same inspiration that drives me.
Every day people let me into their lives through their blogs. I have become … (24 comments)

realtor: STOP Scaring away the Buyers!!! - 08/18/12 12:31 AM
Should a Buyer be Pre-Quailified BEFORE showing them any homes? This debate is not new and no 2 agents may ever agree. With a couple of featured blogs this week coming out against asking buyers this question it is ignited a new discussion. I have to admit that John did open my eyes to a new view on this matter. For the record I will not show buyers who are not pre-quailified. But I will ask a series of questions before I ask the "big one".
The debate is whether asking a buyer if they are pre-quailified "right off the bat", risks scaring them away?

realtor: Trolley Crossing Home SOLD in ONLY 12 Days in Manchester NH - 08/10/12 11:48 PM
NEWS RELEASE: Scott Godzyk of the Godzyk Real Estate Services is proud to announce that another home in MANCHESTER NH was SOLD in only * 12 days *. This particular home is located in South Manchester in the desired Trolley Crossing neighborhood.
Listing Homes is an art, when you Love what you do, it is easer to great a job.
With a decrease in the amount of homes for sale and an increase in homes being sold, we need your home to sell too.
It does not take magic to turn your "For Sale" sign into a "Sold" sign. it takes … (8 comments)

realtor: Are Buyer Agents hurting their buyers with advice for LOWBALL OFFERS? - 08/06/12 10:39 PM
Home Owners in Manchester NH are learning the "LOWBALL" Offer is alive and well. After a review of a few of the last offers I received, they may be alive but certainly are not well. The converation was about if all buyers are lead to believe that all homes listed are in a distressed situation, that they are in foreclosure, bank owned or short sales. The media and some Buyer Agents are teaching buyers to make what is considered "Lowball" offers. Everyone wants to get the best deal, but how you go about it is just as important. If you want to … (17 comments)

realtor: Spotlight on the POINTE Waterfront CONDOMINIUMS in Manchester NH - 08/02/12 02:03 AM
Spotlight on the POINTE CONDOMINIUMS in Manchester NH
The POINTE CONDOMINIUMS is a Luxury Condominium complex  Located on the Merrimack River in Manchester. Built in 2006, Look out over the River and enjoy everything this area has to offer. .
The POINTE CONDOMINIUMS features garden style Condominiums.
Heated underground parking.Elevators.Plush hallways.Sliders to porch or patio.Most homes feaure 6 rooms, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.
The amount of homes available and upgrades at any one time varies.
Currently Available:
1. There are no homes available for sale as of 8/2/12. If you are looking to sell now … (4 comments)

realtor: The TOP 5 Reasons your Home may NOT SELL this SUMMER - 08/01/12 04:44 AM
As a leading Listing agent here in the Manchester NH area there is one fact that a lot of SELLERS have not come to terms with. Here in Southern New Hampshire, their homes are not going to sell this Summer. Why is this is a big deal? What is the hurry you ask? Well many have children that will be changing schools who wanted to bein their new schools by Sept 1. There are many reasons why a home may not sell, however these five are the deal killers in most scenarios.
1. PRICE: Your home is over priced. In … (17 comments)

realtor: Going for the Gold - Active Rain Olympic Contest. - 07/31/12 07:16 AM
When I saw this contest I knew it was the inspiration I needed to get me moving. I have been reviewing and expanding my business plan to be able to move and change with the market as the economy recovers. I have been very successful in Listing and Selling Bank Owned Homes in the last 5 years. I had past experience with REO and got in early in this "downturn". With the eventual decrease in Bank Listings my goal is to get back into new construction. If it takes the contest Go For the Gold - Active Rain Olympic Contest to get me moving , … (9 comments)

realtor: Should you stop paying your mortgage when selling with a SHORT SALE? - 07/31/12 01:26 AM
A Home Owner just called telling me that Mr. Out of Town Broker told them to STOP paying their mortgage to help make the short sale more "more eligible" when they submit it. The Home Owners question was "Should they stop paying their mortgage when selling with a SHORT SALE?"
With red flags waving as hard and furious as if I was standing in Hurricane, my next question was "Did you sign a Listing with this agent and Massachussetts company?"
"Well of course" replied the caller. My pause on the phone was obvious enough for the caller to go into a defensive stance. Because … (11 comments)

realtor: The Manchester & Nashua NH region named 2nd BEST to live for FAMILIES - 07/30/12 12:10 AM
Do you know the BEST Location to live in the USA to raise a family in 2012? Well I know the 2nd best comunity as I live there. Kiplinger's Survey has named the Manchester NH and Nashua NH region the second best place to raise a family in the USA.
Kiplinger's releases annual lists for best cities for Young Adults, professionals, families, empoty nesters and retirees. Each list reveals the top 5 cities that satisfy specific requirements such as cost of living, income growth, population share, crime rate, health care, public schools,community services and cultural resources.
Coming in close behind Des Moine … (12 comments)

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