top: Should I allow Home Showings on Easter? - 04/10/14 10:49 PM
When it comes to looking at houses For Sale, no day seems to be sacred any longer. A buyer called and asked to see a Home Listed For Sale on Easter Sunday. I asked if they realized it was Easter and they told me "Of course, that is when our parents are visiting from out of town, and seeing they are giving us 20% down for a new home, it is when they must see it if we are able to buy it."
I was actually happy I asked because now as I call the seller, I can tell them … (68 comments)

top: As a Home Seller, WHY should I pay a Buyers closing costs? - 04/09/14 10:50 PM
"No one helped me when I bought this home - Why should I pay the Buyers closing costs now that I am selling?" states a Home Seller. A Southern New Hampshire Home Owner called quite upset their agent told them they had to pay the Buyers closing costs. Enough so....that they canceled the listing and began looking for a new Listing Agent, The conversation was one sided as I listened to the Home Owner. As they continued it was clear they were not just upset at paying closing costs, but they had not received any service, had not had any updates, … (16 comments)

top: My First Real Estate Experience - What an ending... - 04/07/14 11:32 PM
Get ready for an exciting journey through MY world of Real Estate. In September of 1985, at the ripe age of 17, I entered college and took a Real Estate class as an elective. My mother was in Real Estate and from a young age I knew Real Estate for me. Just after my 18th Birthday, I took the NH Real Estate test and passed. I showed up ready to work. But NO one in this office or in Real Estate was ready for a young man, all dressed up and no where to go. My mother allowed me to shadow … (19 comments)

top: Are commissions the same from one state to another? - 04/03/14 10:04 PM
One of the most controversial subjects is Real Estate commissions. You will see them discussed in every online forum which usually causes more confusion than offers answers. For any Home Seller they should know commissions differ from state to state, town to town and company to company. The KEY is to know what you get for what you pay. Sure you can hire a discount broker but you must realize you will get discount services. You can hire the most expensive company with the big national name and flashy TV commercials but that does not guarantee you will get the best … (34 comments)

top: Can you write "Completely Redone" if only a few things were repaired? - 03/29/14 11:31 PM
How much work does a Home Seller have to complete to be able to advertise a home For Sale as "Nearly new" or Completely redone"? You may see it in MLS or read it in ad. Words and terms are used to grab your attention and get you to want to see that home. The fact is there is no standard or minimum amount of work needed to use those terms. As a Buyer you need to base your offers on what you see, what you inspect and facts. DO not get held up on fancy terms in an ad.

top: How do you know the advice you receive on Real Estate is good or bad? - 03/28/14 10:21 PM
When should you listen to advice and when should you run from it? Is there a way to know the advice you received is good? Is it valid? or is it wrong? Saturday in the New Hampshire's largest newspaper the Union Leader, their Real Estate edition listed 10 tips for first tome home buyers. It was a story the picked up from the wire from the Orange County Register. When i started reading it, i was amazed at HOW WRONG some of these tips were. It was like "how dare they print this without knowing what they were printing was even … (15 comments)

top: Can weather affect the Real Estate Market? - 03/26/14 08:26 AM
There may be very little signs of spring in the North East but the Spring Market peaked it's head out from the snow with a warm spring day. If anyone has doubts that weather affects the Real Estate Market, look no further than NH last Saturday. The never ending winter has buried our spring market. With just 1 day in the 50's 3 new listings and a phone ringing off the hook with new buyers ready to start their Home Buying Journey.
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking … (7 comments)

top: WHAT do you do if the Seller REFUSES to leave for a Home Showing? - 03/15/14 10:11 PM
How can you sell a home if the Buyer can not see it? Recently while representing a Buyer, we set up a showing, got it confirmed and showed up at the home. We were greeted with an open door, a very loud TV and a Seller staring back at us. I introduced myself and the buyer and I think he grunted. I asked it was alright to walk through the house and he said "go ahead". We proceeded to view the home.
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by … (9 comments)

top: Is it BETTER to Buy a Newer Home or an Older Home? - 03/12/14 10:15 PM
Should you purchase a NEW HOME or a OLDER HOME? This is a question asked by a MANCHESTER NH. area Home buyer. She was early in her search for her Dream home, and just was not sure where to start. She wanted a home easy to maintain but could not afford a brand new home. After sitting down and showing her the difference, she soon learned it is not just about age, but how well a home was maintained, if it was cared for and if there were upgrades when needed over the years. A 4 year old home could need … (8 comments)

top: HOW can Lower Sales equal Higher Prices? - 03/05/14 01:33 AM
If sales drop, how can prices go up? This is a question I am being asked here in the MANCHESTER NH. area as the amount of Sale dripped 13% for January 2014 over last year. Home Values have increased 14% for the same period according to the NH association of Realtors. Consumers often relate a decrease in value when they see a decrease in sales. THE FACT is there is a shortage of homes for sale in some area. There is a steady flow of Buyers looking tio take advantage of the Ultra low interest rates before they may rise. Therefore … (12 comments)

top: Can Selling your Home be easy, rewarding and exciting? - 03/03/14 10:33 PM
Often you hear about the bad experiences from people Selling Their Home. It does NOT have to be that way. With a simple recipe for Selling your Home the 'right way". It can be an exciting time. It is a process that rewards you as you move on to your next home. People move for a variety of reasons and each reason is a step to a new life. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area, there is a shortage of homes For Sale which makes NOW one of the best times to sell.
Recently a Home Owner called in … (14 comments)

top: Is it time to sell your Condominium in FOX HOLLOW at Manchester NH? - 02/26/14 09:04 PM
If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you FOX HOLLOW CONDOMINIUMS, One of the most requested neighborhoods by Home buyers in Manchester NH. .Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services is frequently asked "Are there any Condos available For Sale in FOX HOLLOW?"
This community is located in a wooded setting with well manicured lawns. It has easy access to Schools, Shopping and Highways. It has a fantastic club house with pool and tennis courts. These Townhouse style units come with basements, some of which are finished and a variety of extras and upgrades.

top: WHY does the Yard Sign say COMING SOON? Is it a Bank Owned Home? - 02/24/14 09:27 PM
WHY would one put a yard sign listing a home FOR SALE but then put "coming soon" if the home is not ready to be sold. This question is featured today as written by one of my favorite Bloggers Dick Greenberg simply titled COMING SOON. What is gong on with these signs? As a leading Listing Agent of Bank Owned Homes in the MANCHESTER NH. area, I can tell you the Banks and asset management companies who assign these listings, make the agent put a sign up on vacant properties as of day 1.
The problem starts that … (9 comments)

top: Why would I NOT want to wait until spring to Sell? - 02/24/14 05:42 AM
Why should I list now if it only gets busier in the Spring? A home Owner was very firm that they wanted to wait until Spring is actually here. They said we can not have a spring market until the snow is melted, flowers are blooming and kids are getting out of school. Unfortunately what he is not see ing is that RIGHT now is the Best time to sell, even better than when spring arrives in NH. With a shortage of homes listed for sale in the MANCHESTER NH. area, Buyers are ready to act quickly to find their dream … (11 comments)

top: HOW do I know what a home is really worth? - 02/17/14 09:30 PM
How do you know what the value of a home is? We get calls and emails from both buyers and Sellers wanting tio know what a home is really worth. Some are just home Owner's who are curious, some home owners want to sel and other need to sell. From the buyer side, home buyers want to know what a home is worth so they know what to offer. The key is to acknowledge that value in a buyers eyes may be different from a value in a home owners eyes. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area, we are one of … (9 comments)

top: How many BUYERS does it take to SELL a Home? - 02/16/14 09:44 PM
How many Buyers should you let see a home before you accept an offer? That was the question of the weekend for a new listing. To set the scene a new listing hits the market. They ask for a few days to get the home ready before showings can start. I( have buyers ready, willing and able to buy in this very neighborhood. The home was listed at the higher end of the market value based on the homes the same age , same size and all in the same neighborhood. With a shortage of homes listed for sale in the … (16 comments)

top: Where can you find GOLD in New Hampshire? - 02/14/14 09:49 PM
The USA has Gold fever and buyers and Investors from around the country want to know where they can get their share of the gold. NH may not be known for Gold Mines but we do have some wonderful Diamonds. Home buyers are following the lead of Investors and heading to the MANCHESTER NH. area for a bountiful supply of "Diamonds in the rough". With no income or sales tax tax, affordable sales prices and how much you can get for your dollar. The Investor market has flourished the last 5 years. Now buyers looking for their owner occupied dream homes … (10 comments)

top: Can i use the buyer Agent commission as my down payment? - 02/12/14 09:33 PM
One particular Buyer asked if they skip using a Buyer broker, can the commission that buyer Agent would have earned be used as their deposit. Buyers are Looking for any way they can to take advantage of the ultra low interest rates by buying a home now. Some are misguided in the shortcuts they are looking to take. Here in the MANCHESTER NH. area and throughout virtually every state, it is illegal to pay a person who does not hold a valid Real Estate license a commission. In reality the Listing agent has to do twice the work when a buyer … (8 comments)

top: HOW do you expect me to Sell your home? - 02/11/14 09:10 PM
Can houses really sell themselves? Simply put no... so when a Home Seller stays home to follow us around their home during a showing asking if i will be selling her home and asking the buyer if they will be buying was kind of irritating. We were her first showing in near 6 months and she is lucky we were there. the potential buyer was related to a buyer who i sold a home to in this popular MANCHESTER NH. neighborhood. Otherwise we probably would have over looked this home. You want to know why? The owner told me they have … (15 comments)

top: HOW do i know if I can get a Mortgage to buy a Home? - 02/10/14 08:37 PM
One of the most common questions I am hearing these days is "Can I get a mortgage?" There are many MANCHESTER NH area residents who would like to BUY A HOME to take advantage of the Ultra Low interest rates and affordable home prices.

Why are some Buyers getting to take advantage of the Ultra Low interest rates and Buy their dream Homes while other Buyers can not?

It starts with their financing and ends with the quality of Offer they made.Some are trying on their own, some are getting little guidance from the agent they did hire, some … (5 comments)

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