cape coral real estate: Rainbow in the Sky! - 10/06/15 11:33 PM
Last evening I was sitting in the living room and caught a glimpse of this rainbow out our window.  I immediately grabbed my phone and ran out the back door.  
It was probably the most vibrant colored rainbow I have ever seen.  You can see there is a 'double rainbow' as well.  Not only were the colors incredible, the rainbow stayed for a long time.  
It got longer for a while and then the middle disappeared, leaving a tail on both ends. Obviously, the photos don't do this justice, but it was a sight to see.
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cape coral real estate: New Cape Coral Listing - 1205 NE 10th LN - 10/01/15 10:41 PM
Why not have it all? This beautiful home offers 4 bedrooms! It has both a living room AND a family room! Enjoy vaulted ceilings, granite AND a fireplace! Oh, and what about a pool? YES, it has an in ground concrete pool, pool bath AND a pool cage! Location is incredibly convenient and is a great neighborhood for walking the dog, and living life easy. Walk-in closets in every room, tile floors throughout, and a spacious lanai! It’s 4th bedroom is extremely large and makes a perfect room for the teens in your life, in-laws, or fabulous office! It's freshly painted, … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: Housing Recovery - 09/28/15 11:33 PM
I just read an article in RISMedia that I thought was interesting.  Of the 300 top real estate markets in the country, over half (55%) have now reached full recovery.  That is up 24 markets from June.
We have been watching prices increase at a pretty good pace here in SW Florida and I would have thought we were very close to recovery, but Cape Coral is only at 71%!  We still have a long way to go. 
Like most markets we need listings, so hopefully sellers will get on board and start listing.  We have three listings coming up in the next … (0 comments)

cape coral real estate: Foreclosure Anyone? - 09/16/15 12:45 AM
We just found out that one of our largest outdoor 'malls' is now in foreclosure!  The Gulf Coast Town Center reports that they are more than $190 million in debt to Wells Fargo and did not pay off the debt.  This is one of the largest foreclosures in SW Florida History!
I am not a commercial broker and certainly don't understand all of the ins and outs of their finances, but that surprises me.  It does not appear as if there are many vacancies in the center, and there is new construction going on.  As strong as our market is at the moment this … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: Animal Hording - 08/23/15 11:35 PM
Last week we had the opportunity to show a home to an investor of ours.  The home was priced at the low end of market, but there is always a chance to negotiate a lower price.  The listing agent warned us that there had been cats in the house, but we didn't think too much about that.
When we entered the home it was apparent that there had been cats.  You could certainly smell them! The first thing we noticed was that the hard wood floors (real hardwood) were all buckled up.  I would have suspected a flood in the home because of … (0 comments)

cape coral real estate: This is how to sell your listing! - 08/20/15 12:03 AM

We have an investor looking for cheap houses (aren't they all?) and we found a real gem.  It was priced extremely low for the area and on a large lot. It is less than a block from the river.
When we called the listing agent he told us that the house had so much mold it was probably not able to be repaired and if someone did re-mediate it he would still never live in it.  That is how bad the house is/was.
We showed it to our investor and she was ready to put in an offer, because it really didn't appear as … (6 comments)

cape coral real estate: Will this home finance? - 08/18/15 11:26 PM

It can be very difficult to walk into a home with a prospective buyer and tell them that the home that they have fallen in love with may not be eligible for financing.  I feel like I am being negative, but actually, I am being honest.  I certainly don't want my buyer to get into the contract proceedings, spend money on inspections, etc. and then find out that the appraiser flags the home as needing repairs. I am not the authority, however, so I always tell the buyer to check with the lender to verify!
We just completed negotiations on a home that … (3 comments)

cape coral real estate: Cold Shower Anyone? - 08/17/15 04:36 AM
Having been raised in the north (Seattle) I think I have always taken some things for granted.  Like, maybe, a cold shower? 
I just came in from mowing the lawn in 'feels like' 101 degree temps.  The first thought is to get a cold shower, but that doesn't happen here.  Unlike our houses up north, the houses here have the water pipes in the attic.  In the summer our water is 'solar' heated!  It is somewhat amazing how warm the water stays.
Only a couple of months left, then I can get a cold shower.  Of course, I wont' need one then!
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cape coral real estate: Frying Food Differently! - 08/16/15 11:53 PM
My wife thinks I am crazy because I love gadgets.  I love all types of gadgets, but especially kitchen gadgets.  Our kitchen has two large pantries, one for food and the other for my gadgets.  I also use most of them.
I recently purchased a Philips Air Fryer because of an episode we saw on a cooking show.  We loved fried food, but don't eat it much because it isn't really healthy.  I stepped way out on the limb and got the larger XL digital version as well.  Again, she thought I was nuts.
Now, I can't get it away from here and she … (6 comments)

cape coral real estate: Prepare for Listing - 08/16/15 11:36 PM
I have a listing coming up in a couple of weeks, which I will post.  I had a opportunity to go visit that property for an evaluation and assist the owner with what he needed to do to prepare the home for sale. 
Everyone lives differently, so sometimes it is difficult for sellers to understand that not everyone will look at a cluttered, and/or dirty, home and like it!  This home was not as bad as this photo, but we did suggest that it wouldn't hurt to store some of their stuff and open the home up.
This is a nice home, and will … (1 comments)

cape coral real estate: Date Palm - 08/11/15 11:10 PM
Date palms are a very striking palm, with large 'flowing' leaves.  There are quite a variety of date palms, each bearing a different fruit.
Date palms have been cultivated for so long that it is not certain where they originated, but it is suspected that they originally came from the area around Iraq.  They are now cultivated in many tropical, and sub-tropical, areas of the world.
Date palms can grow to 75' high, with a crown of up to 33'.  The leaves have very long, sharp spines that can cause serious inquiry.  The fruit hangs in clumps from the base of the crown.  In … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: New Convention Center coming to Cape Coral - 08/10/15 12:04 AM
Cape Coral has always been a somewhat sleeping town.  It was built as a 'bedroom community' and has pretty much stayed that way over the years.  We may now be seeming some changes to that.  A new $10 million convention center has just been approved for the South Cape.  That will bring new jobs and also bring a lot more tourists and business people.
We look forward to this new project.  It can only help our real estate values as well.
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cape coral real estate: Florida Burrowing Owls - 08/03/15 03:19 AM
We have the cutest neighbors!  These are Florida Burrowing Owls and we have a family of them living on each side of us.  Every year they have babies and we are overrun with owls!  Then the babies take of for parts unknown and we start again next year.
These owls are found throughout Florida, but the largest known concentration of nesting pairs is in Cape Coral.  They are very curious and watch us when we are outside working in the yard. They burrow nests in the ground and are active during the day, unlike most other owls.
If you approach their nest during … (5 comments)

cape coral real estate: Royal Palms - 07/31/15 12:09 AM

Royal Palms are a very majestic tree.  They are one of a dozen or so palms that are native to Florida, found mostly in the southern half of the State.  The trees are also native to Cuba and the Royal Palm is the national tree of Cuba.
When Thomas Edison purchased his land in Ft. Myers he began planting Royal Palms on both sides of the then dirt road, we now call Mcgregor Blvd. Now Royal Palms line much of the 14 mile long road.
Royals are very striking with their 'cement' looking trunk and green top from the trunk to the leaves.  They grow to 100' tall with … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: Queen Palm - 07/29/15 10:41 PM
The Queen Palm is very popular in Florida.  It is often planted in yards as a center piece.  They are fast growing and reach about 50 feet.  The large Queen palm in the photo is about 7-8 years old.  The small ones (there are two but you can really only see one) were planted last year and have doubled in size.
These palms are native to South America.  They grow in cooler areas than a lot of other palms, so will be found farther north. This palm has a shallow root base and will sometimes fall during high winds and hurricanes.
These trees … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: Christmas Palms - 07/29/15 01:32 AM
Christmas palms are very popular in the south half of Florida.  They are not very cold tolerant, so won't grow in the northern half of the state.
They look like a small Royal Palm and are self pruning.  These palms are generally grown in groups of 2 or 3, as that makes a better presentation.  
The reason they are called Christmas palms is that in the winter they get berries that are green and red.  They are not a large palm, generally not getting any larger than 15-20 feet in height.  They are great as a centerpiece for landscaping, as shown in … (1 comments)

cape coral real estate: Anyone Need Some Rain? - 07/26/15 11:31 PM
We have had an exceedingly rainy weekend in Cape Coral, and all of SW Florida.  According to the news, Cape Coral alone has had over 8 inches of rain in the last 3 days.  This is our rainy season, but I am beginning to think I need to start working on an Ark!
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cape coral real estate: CBS vs. Frame Construction - 07/24/15 01:04 AM
In SW Florida, especially close to the Gulf, the majority of our homes are built out of Cinder Block with Stucco as a finish (CBS). The first time I saw one of these being built I was very impressed.  There is a solid footer poured, a slab and then the blocks are put up.  Re-bar is put in the blocks and a portion of the blocks are filled with concrete.  Roof trusses are engineered for the home and strapped down to a large solid header around the entire perimeter of the home.  Then, the interior walls are built!  Most of CBS homes do … (2 comments)

cape coral real estate: Lee County Florida is a seller's market - 07/23/15 12:43 AM
We just received the June stats from the local board and Lee County is doing very well!
The median sale price of a single family home jumped more than 6% compared to June 2014, to $212,250.
The median sale price for condos in Lee County increased 8.2% over June 2014, to $185,000.
We also saw almost 50% increase in the number of closed sales in the $150,000-$199,999 price range, from last June.
Single family homes were on the market for a median of 38 days, which is a 14 day difference from last June (a drop of almost 27%).
Go Lee County!!
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cape coral real estate: Bismarckia Palms - 07/23/15 12:23 AM
One of the most beautiful palms in SW Florida is the Bismarckia Palm.  These palms come from Madagascar, where they grow just about everywhere!  The scientific name is Bismarckia Noblis.  The name Bismarckia is after the first chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck.  The Noblis comes from the Latin for Noble, because this is the only palm in this species, and quite a noble palm.  Most cultivated Bismarckias have silver/blue foliage, but some have green leaves.
These palms will grow in Mediterranean climates, but do the best in hotter, tropical climates.  The hotter the climate, the faster they grow!
These palms are certainly … (0 comments)

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