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A blog about real estate in Conroe and a general emphasis on the market in Montgomery County, Texas. At times assorted other thoughts about real estate, scuba, golf and life in general.
To my wonderful buyers, Yes it is a new world. It is no longer the same world that it was six months ago. It is now a sprint and not a marathon. It is now a seller’s market and not a buyer’s market. I am sorry for you. However that is the new reality. You ask now that it is a sprint and not a mar...
Unusual and probably not so smart things I have noticed the last two days; A Ford Expedition with towed 20' lowboy trailer trying to go through the Mc Donald's Drive-thru. Did the driver really think he could make that tight of a turn with 40' of vehicle behind him? Is he that lazy that he couldn...
Yep that is what my buyer had to walk across the street and say to his new neighbor. Hi I'm your new neighbor and I haven't even moved into my new house across from you yet. But guess what my lovely wife did. Yep that right she ran over your mailbox with our truck. Yep knocked it right over clean...
My seller can't believe that the buyers looking at his home won't make an offer because of the "cat odor".  Here are a few facts I managed to dig up that I hope will convince him that somting has to be done about the "cat odor". 40% of home buyers do not own a pet 58% of home buyers do not own a ...
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX. REAL ESTATE REVIEW 2012 versus 2011   FLASH: Single Family Residence Market Heats Up In 2012!!!   MLS area 15: Oak Ridge, Shenandoah, The Woodlands and west to the county line: This MLS area enjoyed a pretty good year in 2012. Unit sales for 2012 vs 2011 were up almost 14%....
I was showing a home to a wonderful young couple last week. This couple had two beautiful young girls ages 3 and 4 who were with us at the showing. The couple and I had all looked at the MLS listing and pictures on the internet. The home looked great. (We all know how that goes, right?) Anyway we...
I made a vow to myself that I would kick all of the negative things out of my life in 2013. I only wanted positive things and people in my life from this point forward.  Little did I know at the time of that vow that one of the things I might have to kick out of my life was ActiveRain. Yes Active...
I think I shall summarize my thoughts on 2013 in pictures rather than words.
I  used to love the television show Mac Gyver. The tricks he came up with using nothing but his Swiss Army knife and ordinary household items were absolutely unbelieveable. Now we put up with some televison show featuring "boo boo", whatever or whoever that is and Mac Gyver languishes in Hollywoo...
The immediate Conroe area did not fare well in 20011 single family residence unit sales versus 2010. Let take a quick look at this MLS area and see what the 2011 number showed. MLS area 19: The City of Conroe and the immediate surrounding area. Single family residence unit sales in this MLS area ...

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