santa clarita real estate: Beware of the Deficiency Judgment; The Ultimate Short Sale Fatality - 01/13/10 04:33 PM
Well intended Realtors often ask me for advice on getting their short sales approved, however a question that I should be asked is; "how to get a short sale approved where the seller is assured of a discharge from all debt obligations? or a promise that a future deficiency judgment will not be sought." This is the key for doing a truly "successful" and complete job for your client. Getting the short sale approved so that they can sell their home is a battle, getting it approved so that they will not have their lender(s) knocking at their door for money in 3-4 months after the … (14 comments)

santa clarita real estate: When closing a short sale don't make this possibly "fatal" mistake! - 08/16/08 12:03 PM
I just closed another successful short sale, but It could have been a disaster because of an easily overlooked paperwork situation that had come to my attention that many agents probably make, and live to regret. In this situation both notes for the 1st and 2nd mortgages were held by the same bank and both investors had agreed to the short sale. Each of them signed off an approval separately,however after the close of escrow date had been moved up by only three days from the original HUD date, due to the buyer's loan processing delay, a delay which was approved … (3 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Send this letter to "fence sitting" buyers! - 09/20/07 06:40 PM
I just sent a letter out late last night to many of the buyers in my data base that want a home but are "waiting" to see what happens with our local Northern Los angeles real estate market. I basically let them know that the Feds have cut the interest rates 1/2% which improved the stock market and is tipping our national economy away from recession. I reminded them that the relationship between interest rates and housing prices are usually inverse, meaning when one goes up, the other goes down. This helps them to realize that doing nothing but fence sitting is in fact doing … (6 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Pre-Foreclosures and making a "reasonable" offer - 08/05/07 11:48 AM
I have been working both as the listing agent and buyers agent on several short sales or pre foreclosures. It is very important for the client to understand what is a "reasonable" offer that the lender will accept from the buyer. It is our job as real estate professionals to educate our clients about this. I have had so many potential buyers offer very low and unrealistic amounts for my short sale listings. We must educate the client that a lender will not accept a short sale that is 60% to 70% of the asking price, when that price is already … (0 comments)

santa clarita real estate: Tips on bidding on a "pre foreclosure" - 07/09/07 08:57 PM
I have been receiving a lot of calls lately from past and new clients asking me about how to go about getting a great deal on a pre foreclosure, also called a short sale or short pay. I will be writing about this in several stages because it is very comprehensive. The first mistake that people or the realtor representing them often make is to not do their research on the house before making the offer. It is important to find out if there have been any previous bids on the house, and for how much. Why waste time bidding the … (0 comments)

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