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Our normal lease term is 1-year.  Sometimes we are approached and asked if the owner would consider a multi-year lease at a reduced rate.  I'm not against a multi-year deal; but what assurance do you have that the tenant is going to stay in the home for the entire term.  I would advise that if yo...
If you have ever considered managing your own property, please take with you the following list of pitfalls that many self-managed landlords fall into.  If you need advice on any of them, please call us.  We will always be glad to consult with you at no cost. Not running their rentals like a busi...
I have three scenarios for you to consider today.  And they aren't farfetched; they actually happened to real property owners. Its 2:00 a.m. in the morning and your phone rings.  It's your tenant.  He was awakened by a dripping faucet and he wanted to let you know right away.  He was up, so why s...
Your first experience finding a rental was most likely in you early 20s, where the criteria was price, proximity to university or work, and price. It involved a lot of time in the classified section of the local newspaper and phone calls, which may or may not have allowed you to see the propertie...
We have recently been approached by various owners that want to rent their properties out on a month-to-month basis.  Most of these owners have been "stung" by previous tenants.  It's possible that the tenant wasn't properly screened; but it's also possible that bad things just happen.  Either wa...

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