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A good credit score can help you acquire a more affordable home loan. But how good does your credit have to be to get approval from a lender? Read on to find out why credit scores are important to lenders and learn what scores that will get you the best deal on a loan. Why Lenders Care About Cred...
Mortgage life insurance can protect your family from unmanageable debt in the event of your death. While it can be a godsend in certain instances, it also comes with some notable drawbacks that make it less valuable for certain people. Here are the pros and cons of mortgage life insurance, along ...
The country's growing drug epidemic has generated some unexpected side effects for many unlucky home buyers. When they unknowingly purchase a home where methamphetamine has either been heavily smoked or manufactured, homeowners face very serious health risks. They also often incur substantial cos...
Although a typical home insurance policy will not cover lost jewelry, it will usually cover jewelry that is damaged or stolen. Here’s some insight into some common coverage rules, along with some examples of where you are most likely to encounter policy limits. What Kind of Coverage Should I Expe...
Death is a traumatic occurrence that can impact us in many ways. Unfortunately, in the real estate industry, death can influence the value of a property, especially if the death occurred unnaturally. Here's how death and suicide can affect the sale of a home, along with some disclosure advice to ...

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