realtor: Hiring the Right Team to Support Your Realtor® Growth - 10/27/17 07:44 AM
As you’re assembling a team to help you develop your business into a full-fledged real estate powerhouse, you need to think critically about the type of people you want to surround yourself with.
First hire: Assistant
The first step to building a strong team is finding somebody to take over much of the administrative work that you take on so that you can focus on generating leads and customer service.
The top priority for an administrative assistant is finding somebody who is organized and competent, not necessarily somebody who knows a lot about real estate. In time they will learn about the business, but … (0 comments)

realtor: 6 Things Corporate Executives Look For in a Home - 08/24/17 08:32 AM
Selling homes varies considerably based on the income of the clientele. High net-worth clients are obviously able to demand larger properties in more desireable areas, but they are also likely to have a number of different concerns than middle-class buyers.
Corporate executives are a sub-category of wealthy clients, since they have the resources to buy top-of-the-line property. But, they are also very engaged in their professional life and likely seek a home that aligns with their career.
The following are ideas to consider when trying to help C-Suite buyer clients.
Airport access
Ask your clients how much they travel, and whether quick access to the … (1 comments)

realtor: How to Use the Simple Rules of Persuasion to Sell More Homes - 08/02/17 09:24 AM
Contrary to popular belief, selling homes is not about being a slick, fast-talking salesperson. What it really is about is showing customers that you know what you’re talking about, that you’re trustworthy and, most importantly, that you have their interests at heart.
Here are a few principles of persuasion to keep in mind.  
Show that you’re listening 
There’s a big difference between listening to somebody and simply waiting until they’re done talking. And the person you’re talking to can tell the difference. If you want to gain their trust, you have to show them that you’re processing what they’re saying. That way, they’ll … (1 comments)

realtor: The 5 Best Summer Home Staging Tips - 07/19/17 09:46 AM
At eCommission we try to keep the content we cover timely and frequently talk to Realtors® we work with on commission advances about what's working right now. 
Staging homes is crucial at all times of the year. A buyer’s interest is much more likely to be stimulated by a home that they can visualize fully furnished.
There are usually season-specific considerations to staging, however. That is particularly true in summer, when buyers are paying more attention than usual to the outdoor opportunities afforded by the property. Here are a few things to consider when staging in the summer.
Deck and porch
Don’t leave a deck … (1 comments)

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