buying tips: First-Time Home Buyer in Louisville Kentucky - 09/08/11 09:54 AM
So you're thinkin' about your 1st home or condo and aren't sure where to start, huh?
Being a First-Time Home Buyer can be an anxious and stressful event but it also has the potential to be a very exciting and rewarding journey. Just remember that everyone in the world that owns a home (whether it's their 2nd or 1,000,000th) they were a First-Time Home Buyer at some everyone has been in your shoes at one time or another.
Where do I start? Who do I trust? These are some very common lingering questions...
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buying tips: SAVING Your Buyer's Time & Your Gas...And Tips for Going Greener - 06/21/11 02:35 PM

In today's busy world, we could all use more money, more time, more gas, & less paper.
"Amen!" that what I heard you say?
What I am specifically referring to is showing homes to your buyers. I still see people in my office printing out hundreds of MapQuest pages for listings then attempting to shuffle them together to figure out the best route. Not to mention the amount of paper they waste, it also consumes a lot of their time and possibly their buyer's precious time if they dont have it mapped out correctly.
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buying tips: James Bond Had An Objective...Do You Have One For Your Buyer??? (5 Steps of Successful Negotiating) - 06/03/11 08:03 AM
Before I reveal my TOP SECRET: CONFIDENTIAL information on creating a Successful Negotiating Strategy there is one thing you first must understand....
To have POWER in a negotiation you first must have KNOWLEDGE. KNOWLEDGE comes from INFORMATION. But what type or kind of INFORMATION?...there is a lot of information floating around out there after all.
You need INFORMATION regarding your buyer, the seller, the property, the agent, the area, the market...
Now that you have successfully taken my Info 101 Course, let me descibe to you the steps for a Successful Negotiating Strategy:
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