real estate video: Why Narration? Video Tours with a Voice - 07/20/14 05:05 AM
Smooth video, nice transitions, licensed music, and your agent branding. It’s the perfect recipe for a video tour. Or is it? Well, yes and no. More often than not, something is missing.
The Missing Piece…

That something is what you’re not hearing. Long ago, (even before my time!) silent movies swept the nation. Of course, they had music, but by today’s standards, they were “silent movies”. With no dialogue and no narration, and the occasional quick graphic, audiences were left trying to decipher what the movie is really about. The beautiful Greta Garbo's first talking film was in 1930 … (6 comments)

real estate video: Length of Video Tours: Does Time Matter? - 07/16/14 11:07 AM
Shorter is always better. Leave them wanting more. That’s the prevailing wisdom in video production. I agree to a degree. Too long and your audience will click off before the end. And your Google “view stats” and your SEO juice will take a hit.
What do you mean by Short?
But when we say short, does that mean a thirty second or five minute video? You’ve been to that “short” 90 minute movie. You know the one. The one where you’re looking at your watch just 15 minutes in. After 30 minutes, you’re gulping caffeine just to stay awake. An … (5 comments)

real estate video: Video is Increasingly Important in the Home Search - 10/25/13 08:23 AM
     More home shoppers are searching for listings and for agents online, and specifically, watching videos to help them make their decisions. 
      The Digital House Hunt study, a joint report between NAR Research and Google, shows an opportunity for Realtors to market to home shoppers and stand out from the competition.
New home buyers are placing a greater emphasis on videos that showcase homes and communities. 86% of home shoppers are watching videos to find out more about specific places to live. 70% of home buyers are touring the inside of homes via video. Finding an agent … (8 comments)

real estate video: Lights, Camera - and Who Left the Toilet Seat Up?: Video Tour Tips - 09/28/13 05:13 AM
Your video tour and photography session is the most important showing you will ever have, and the one that paves the way for all future showings. 
You probably share a home preparation checklist with your sellers and we always do as well...but through the years, I've noticed there are a few mistakes sellers repeatedly make, even when given direct instructions.
So, here are the most common oversights that when fixed, can make a huge difference in the quality of your video tour.
Turn on the Gas Fireplace: I'd say 60%-70% of the sellers I meet say they've disabled the pilot … (6 comments)

real estate video: 5 Ways to Engage with Clients Using Video - 04/20/12 07:27 AM
"Listings with video had a 400% increase in inquries and web page views in 2011." - Domain real estate service
    Engage and connect with potential clients by utilizing video to market both your listings and yourself!  Here are five ways to not only get your listings noticed, but to get YOU noticed a well.
     1.    Home Video Tour – Not a virtual tour, where people see the same photos they already viewed, only with some music and pans that move around without a purpose. A full motion video tour gives clients a true sense of the home’s … (4 comments)

real estate video: The Art of Video Storytelling - 5 Tips - 01/17/12 09:58 AM
I've heard that all of the cool movers and shakers in real estate went to Real Estate Connect in New York (guess I'm not cool, I missed it.)  But hey, I did follow it on my twitter stream, especially the video portion, and I noticed quite a few attendees were wondering "How do you tell a story with video?"
In my past life as a tv reporter, I was expected to produce compelling stories that had a total length of 90 seconds or less on a daily deadline, so I 'm sharing some tips from both my experience in tv news and in my new … (14 comments)

real estate video: Real Estate Video Tours: Just For Luxury Homes? - 11/07/11 06:01 AM
“Yeah, it’s a great marketing tool for multi million dollar homes”… that’s what I often hear from people when I mention real estate video tours.  It makes sense to market a million dollar property with high definition, high quality video.  But what about for the average listing? 
I recently produced a video tour for a home that’s nearly 9,000 square feet with a 2.5 million dollar price tag.  Then, I went to my next shoot…a 1500 square foot townhome with an asking price of less than $170,000.  And it reinforced what I’ve always believed about real estate video tours….size doesn’t matter. (Yes, another blog about … (12 comments)

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