realtor life: You Passed Your Real Estate Exam – Now What? Part II - 05/13/18 07:08 AM
You Passed Your Real Estate Exam – Now What? Part II
Last week we went over what first steps you should pursue after passing your real estate exam. For Part II of the series let’s assume you’ve selected a broker that has the values and culture you’re looking for, have a mentor, and that you’ve fine-tuned your budget. What’s next?

Real estate is not as easy as it looks. Making it through the exam to get your license is the easiest part. The next questions to ask yourself are how are you going to get clients and what type of client do you … (22 comments)

realtor life: Being A Part-Time Agent Should Not Mean You Give Part-Time Service - 04/14/18 11:39 AM
Being A Part-Time Agent Should Not Mean You Give Part-Time Service
Being a real estate agent comes with many challenges and if you’re part-time it comes with an added layer of challenges. I have no problem with an agent being part-time but, what I do have a problem with is giving part-time service. Clients deserve full-time service – no exceptions. If you’re going to be in real estate part-time you need to have the flexibility to be able to deliver full-time service and with that comes full-time availability.
I recently worked with a part-time agent on a transaction and it was disturbing to … (21 comments)

realtor life: A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way - 04/10/18 05:24 AM
A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way
In many areas the market is tight – low inventory, multiple offers, and rising interest rates put the pressure on buyers, sellers, and agents. When the pressure is on it’s important to remember to remain calm and kind. No matter what the market conditions are bad behavior has no place in a real estate transaction.
As I reflect on the first quarter of 2018 and analyze its challenges a lack of kindness and respect stands out most. Everyone deserves both kindness and respect. Egos, attitudes, and demands do nothing but, raise tensions. They do not accomplish … (52 comments)

realtor life: Wordless Wednesday - "Showing Instructions" - 04/04/18 05:59 AM
Wordless Wednesday - "Showing Instructions" 
When I arrive to show a home and find a note on the door like this it always makes me wonder why they didn't just change the lock so that it operates properly. It took a few minutes but, with the help of my client we did finally get in.

realtor life: When An Internet Lead Becomes So Much More - 02/24/18 01:23 PM
When An Internet Lead Becomes So Much More
What started out as a website lead became so much more. The Dove family was looking to move from their condo into a bigger home. When we met for the first time conversation flowed naturally and it was apparent house hunting with them was going to be a fun journey. After touring homes they decided on a townhouse in a great neighborhood. They had a newborn and were looking forward to having outdoor space to spend time with him in.
A few years later they reached out to let me know they’d found a single … (19 comments)

realtor life: A Mother's Love and Strength Knows No Limits - 02/06/18 07:59 AM
A Mother's Love and Strength Knows No Limits
Last summer a dear friend of mine reached out and said she had a referral for me and that it would be an emotional sale. She asked if she could take me over to the house when they were in town. We went around the corner from her house and I met Jenny and Mary  for the first time.
It turns out they were the mother and daughter of the seller who had suddenly passed away at a very early age. As I sat down on the couch to talk with them tears started to … (27 comments)

realtor life: A Reality Check- Treat It Like a Real Job - 01/24/18 02:04 PM
 If you're thinking about getting into real estate or have recently obtained your license Clarksville Tennessee Realtor, Debbie Reynolds offers excellent advice. The reality is you can show up everyday in real estate but, until you have clients and achieve successful closings you don't get paid. Driving fancy cars and playing golf are far from the reality it takes to be a successful agent. 
Advice to New Agents Getting into the Business

Many members of the public look at a real estate agent's job as glamorous with days of looking at pretty houses and taking clients to lunch and dinner. The fancy cars and expense … (15 comments)

realtor life: Getting Into Real Estate - Advice For New Agents - 01/15/18 06:53 AM
Getting Into Real Estate - Advice For New Agents
Getting into real estate isn't what you see on TV. You're entering into a business that will chew you up and spit you out if you let it but, it's also a business that's extremely rewarding and fulfilling. There's no better feeling than helping someone, especially when it's what is likely one of the largest investments they'll have. Here are a few things I wish someone had told me before I got into the business 10 years ago.
What do I wish I’d known the very first year of getting into the business that … (21 comments)

realtor life: What Is A Typical Day In Real Estate? - 01/04/18 01:49 PM
What Is A Typical Day In Real Estate?
I absolutely love this question because it’s one I get asked a lot and the answer is there is no typical day in real estate. Being in this business requires ninja like flexibility. Sure, I have what I call my “ideal” days, don't we all? That said, typical and ideal are not the same.
If you like consistency and doing the same thing at the same time everyday real estate is not for you. If you’re like me and prefer no day to ever be the same real estate provides that. I’m up early to tackle … (29 comments)

realtor life: Last Random Amanda Thoughts For 2017 - 12/29/17 11:55 AM
Last Random Amanda Thoughts For 2017
The end of the year always makes me reflect – and by reflect I mean over analyze. Both personally and professionally. Where can I improve? What went well? Where did I fall short? What needs to change? What needs to stay the same? 
Where did 2017 go? This year has flown by and some months just seem to have passed with a blur. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.
Just getting back into the swing of things after being gone for 5 days to see my parents. I always worry about being away from the office … (15 comments)

realtor life: Paying It Forward In Alexandria - 11/07/17 01:34 PM
Paying It Forward In Alexandria
Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group is hosting a coat drive for the 2nd year in a row as a way to pay it forward. We team up with United Community Ministries located right in Alexandria. We think it’s important to give back locally and we’ve learned that because Alexandria is an affluent area many don’t realize that we have local residents who go hungry and cold each year.
Our coat drive runs throughout the month of November. We market it on social media, send out postcards to surrounding neighborhoods, and post it on local Facebook groups. We’re looking for … (22 comments)

realtor life: Being Thankful Is A Way Of Life - 11/04/17 12:51 PM
Being Thankful Is A Way Of Life
To start I’m thankful Jim Cheney is hosting the AR Thankfulness contest. It spreads positivity throughout AR and everyone can always use more positive thoughts.
Being thankful really is a way of life. It’s the old glass half empty, glass half full – I choose half full. Real estate has made me more aware of being thankful and showing I care. Not just for clients but, for anyone that’s a part of my life. It’s second nature at this point to listen to what my clients like and keep it in mind throughout the year. Facebook is … (30 comments)

realtor life: Time Management and Self Management Go Hand In Hand - 10/16/17 02:07 PM
Time Management and Self Management Go Hand In Hand
Time management is something everyone needs but, it takes managing yourself to have it. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or personal or even what industry you work in. We all get the same 24 hours but, how we use them makes a big difference in how productive and organized someone is. I believe that you have to have the discipline to manage yourself in order to then manage your time.
For me time management comes down to organization and a schedule. In real estate no day is ever exactly the same but, that doesn’t mean there’s … (22 comments)

realtor life: Treat Others As You'd Like To Be Treated - 04/17/17 11:04 AM
Treat Others As You'd Like To Be Treated
Real estate is a profession that’s always changing; whether it be effective ways to market, evolving laws, or new technology to learn. If you’re in the industry you know change comes with the territory. One thing I haven’t seen change since entering the industry in 2007 is how poorly agents can treat one another. The dog eat dog mentality is something that has never and will never make sense to me.
I see other agents as extensions of my team. We’re all in this unique industry together; the pack is far stronger than the wolf. I … (71 comments)

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