blogging for real estate: Unique Ways to Boost Your Blog Visibility - 04/16/20 10:59 AM
Most people think getting traffic to their blog is all about using social media. Something they may not have considered is how you can get more traffic just by making a few tweaks to your blog.
Attract More Traffic TO Your Blog FROM Your Blog
Install Sharing Icons – Make sure your blog is shareable by installing social icons. WordPress users will find a variety of sharing and social media icons.
Include a Memorable Tweet – If you have a WordPress website, find a plugin such as Better Click To Tweet. Your readers will automatically be able to share your content on … (3 comments)

blogging for real estate: Business Blogging With a Purpose in 2019 - 03/21/19 09:38 AM
Blogging with a Purpose in 2019
Blogging Then and Now
From the beginning, blogging is an important piece of your marketing plan. However, it has made a significant shift from its original purpose. If you have a blog, you’ll need to understand the driving force behind most blogging today.
Once Upon a Time
Blogging started out as an opportunity for everyday people who had no website coding skills to be able to publish content on the internet on a regular basis. It was all about creativity and the freedom of self-expression.
The trouble with a blog is that once you start it, you have to keep … (7 comments)

blogging for real estate: 5 Tips for Maintaining a Successful Blog - 10/11/18 01:17 PM
5 Tips for Maintaining a Successful BlogNearly every website comes with a blog component. Having a ready-made platform for your posts is the easy part. Maintaining a successful blog, though, can be a lot more challenging. Factors to consider are developing a focus, gaining popularity, and how your blog looks and "feels".  Knowing how to promote your posts to a large audience is challenging.
Many factors go into creating and maintaining a successful blog. Here are 5 basic tips to help you create the best formula for your blog.  
Posting on a Regular Basis - Consistency is the basis for any endeavor. It … (30 comments)

blogging for real estate: Growing Your Blog Audience with These 3 Tips - 06/07/18 11:25 AM
Growing Your Blog AudienceDo you write your weekly blog posts and then wonder if anyone's reading them? Do you even know how many viewers your posts get?   Sometimes growing your blog audience can be as simple as making a few changes.
Get started now by implementing these three tips.Know Your Audience - To grow your blog audience, you must first know who your audience is, where they hang out, and what their needs and interests are.  This gives you a sense of which topics get the most readership.  Realtors® who work with seniors wouldn't write about first-time home buying.  Likewise, an agent … (0 comments)

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