customer service: Client Relationships: A Plan to Earn Trust - 08/22/19 11:13 AM
Trust is one of the most important qualities you can give your clientele. It’s the one thing that helps them feel good about doing business with you.
Here are a few quick ways you can earn their trust from the start:
Publish Content Regularly – Showing that you’re consistent and dependable will go a long way in helping to develop trust with your audience. If you publish blog posts, newsletters, and social media content regularly, it will demonstrate that you’re in business to provide value and that you have a vested interest in helping them. It will also help you establish yourself as the authority … (5 comments)

customer service: 6 Simple Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty - 09/01/16 03:51 AM
6 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty 
Finding companies who provide good customer service is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, it's good customer service that creates customer loyalty. When's the last time you actually found a support phone number on a website? You usually have to email or fill out a form. Don't get me started on those message trees.
I used to go to a nail salon that served wine and snacks. Music filled the air. Everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. Instead of just going through the boring task of getting my nails done, I felt like … (3 comments)

customer service: Create an Emotional Connection With Your Clients - 08/04/16 04:00 AM
Create an Emotional Connection With Your Clients 
The best way to build your business is to create an emotional connection with your clients. We're all connected to each other on some emotional level. Here's a few emotional marketing techniques to help you keep and maintain that connection.
How Well do You Know Them? - Know who your target market is and what they're interested in. This knowledge helps you create website content, blog posts, marketing materials and social media information that will capture their interest. Targeted information builds online exposure and loyalty. People First - Increase your profits by putting people first. … (3 comments)

customer service: Do You Clients and Prospects Love You or Leave You? - 10/02/14 04:33 AM
Many of us are great at the “wining and dining” phase of client acquisition; but once you get them in place, do your clients love you or leave you?  The answer could be in your follow-up.  I recently had the great misfortune of having some “contact me” forms go into my junk email file.  As I wrote in my previous post, No One Wants to Start a Conversation with “I’m Sorry”, I did my follow up as soon as I found them; but to avail.  The damage was done.  Too much time had passed.  It was a miserable experience.
Every client, … (4 comments)

customer service: Satisfied Customer to Loyal Customers - Your Key to Success - 09/10/13 03:51 AM
In your business approach, do you strive to have satisfied customers or are you going beyond "satisfied" to build a loyal customer base?
What's the Difference between a Satisfied Customer and a Loyal Customer?
Research shows that about 65% of customers say they are satisfied with the services they receive. Sounds pretty good until you realize that in the absence of loyalty, they can be easily swayed by someone else with a good sales pitch.
Loyal customers, however, feel a trust in you and your services. They are receptive to your ideas and give you honest feedback. They will also … (8 comments)

customer service: The Model of a Golden Business - 06/25/09 09:30 AM
In the real estate business, whether you are a real estate agent, broker, mortgage lender, home stager, title rep, home inspector or virtual assistant, you're only as good as your word.  We rely very heavily on "word-of-mouth" advertising in our respective businesses.  So, it's very important that we can back that up with a reliable and honest work ethic. 
I started Second Self Virtual Assistance in 1997 at my kitchen table because real estate professionals in my little town asked me for their help.  I have built a reputation over the years of reliable service and integrity.  Because of that reputation, my … (0 comments)

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