you tube video: 5 Tips for Starting a Successful YouTube Channel - 05/16/19 11:06 AM
Nowadays, you can be a fan of someone that’s not an actor or artist. You can be a fan of someone who makes YouTube videos. ~Cameron Dallas
Take advantage of all that video has to offer in your social media marketing strategy. Create a YouTube channel for your brand or business. Here are five tips for starting a successful YouTube Channel.
Equipment is Secondary to Ideas and Concepts
You don’t need fancy equipment to start your YouTube channel. All you really need is a smartphone. Ideas and concepts are far more important than the equipment you use.
Start by writing down 25 to 50 … (11 comments)

you tube video: How to Use YouTube Cards to Drive People to Your Website - 12/15/16 10:14 AM
How to Drive Viewers to Your Website Using the YouTube Cards FeatureYouTube Cards Have you added the YouTube Cards feature to your videos yet?  It's similar to the annotations feature, yet less obtrusive on mobile devices.  Most people access YouTube on their mobile devices, so  it's definitely something to consider. No Scope Glasses wrote an article about the difference between YouTube cards and annotations.  In it they said,
The biggest difference between the two is presentation. Cards look significantly cleaner on both mobile and desktop devices, and have a smooth slide-in / slide-out action at the designated time stamp in videos. When a user … (33 comments)

you tube video: A Little Stressed? Here's the Remedy - 01/27/10 08:01 AM
Feeling a little stressed?  Who isn't?
Today has been one of those days - the Internet was out, the phone lines were down and I was just fed up.
A very good friend of mine, Billy Ethridge, emailed the following YouTube video.  I was instantly transformed.  I think you will be, too.
Whether you're having a stressful day or not, please do yourself a favor and take a listen.

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