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Time for a Newbie Welcome!  Please welcome Angi Kennedy, brand new in ActiveRain. She works several areas of coastal Georgia, especially the Richmond Hill, Pooler, Rincon, and Savannah areas.   Angi Kennedy From her profile: Specializing in BUYERS! Finding a home that compliments your lifestyle a...
Selecting a topic and writing a post... How do you choose the topic for your post, and how do you develop it? I read a lot. I skip the rants and I go first to the bloggers that usually employ a bit of humor. Alan May comes to mind. His relaxed style with a little humor thrown in gets me thinking....
Invite Her Back! She's Eco-friendly..... Today's call for a return to ActiveRain goes out to Brenda Carus. She was last seen on these pages in July of this year. Brenda is a Certified Eco-Broker specializing in organic land and eco-friendly homes. She works the area in and around Monroe, Wisconsi...
ActiveRain Community Guidelines   Quoting from ActiveRain Community Guidelines:   The point system is intended to encourage and reward genuine effort. Points for blogging will only be awarded for your own original content.   Examples of what doesn't qualify for points: jokes, recipes, inspiration...
Richie Naggar puts a clear explanation to the twists and turns of the local Real Estate market. He explains how the exact state of the market is affected by the local influences - the reason why it is hard to make state-wide or nation-wide generalities. This is also why the predictions for the lo...
Weltanschauung Via ActiveRain Corp.:  Weltanschauung:  The guiding principles and philosophy of an organization. A world view. Out of the 10 pillars that make up the entire statement, here is the fifth:5.    We believe that the constructive dialogue at ActiveRain fosters transparency among consum...
RainCamp Online Webinar Recordings Under the "university" tab, there is an excellent webinar recording by Katerina Gasset. Her specialty is getting listings from her blog. Here are three things that I hadn't considered until I listened to this webinar: To get listings from your blog: 1.) Post Lis...
Jane Peters writes a superb blog about the advantages of using an agent to buy a home in Los Angeles. Not only does this blog detail 10 very important reasons for using an agent, but it also disproves one old real estate maxim - "All Real Estate Is Local" This is one part of real estate that is t...
Weltanschauung:  The guiding principles and philosophy of an organization. A world view.1.    We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests entirely with its members. We admire the spirit of real estate professionals and believe our goal is to fully engage their talents and know...
Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency! I am reblogging this because there are now too many good ideas here in ActiveRain to think that opening the blog roll and gazing at it for a few minutes will gain you all the valuable information. This post tells you how to get the maximum return on your most i...

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