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  Welcome to the conclusion of our Am I Ready to Buy My First Home series.  We've discussed whether staying in the same place was something you could do, whether you have the cash, the savings, and the credit to buy a home now, and if your current debtwould harm you.  Now we come to the most impo...
Catch up with  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and Part 4. Continuing on... Am I Ready to Buy My First Home Do You Have Debt? By now you may have realized that pleasing banks and lenders is really important when purchasing a home.  It pays to know what's on your credit report because you better belie...
Welcome back to Am I Ready to Buy My First Home Catch up with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3,  and without any further ado... Am I Ready to Buy My First Home - Part 4 The Magic Number, Do you know yours? If you don't have the money to buy your home flat out, chances are you're going to some sort of l...
  What Costs How Much Where in San Francisco Low, High & Median Sales Prices & Average Dollar per Square Foot by Neighborhood, Property Type & Bedroom Count 8/16/10 – 8/15/11 The charts below track San Francisco MLS home sales by price, average size and average dollar per square foot ($/sq.ft.) ...
Let's plow onward with the Am I Ready to Buy My First Home series with Part 3. In case you missed it, here are links to   Part 1, and Part 2  Am I Ready to Buy My First Home - Part 3   What's In Your Piggy Bank? These days, you cannot buy a home without ponying up some of your own cash. Gone are ...
I'm continuing my series Am I Ready to Buy My First Home with Part 2 (If you missed part 1 you can check it out here)    Am I Ready to Buy My First Home - Part 2 Is Your Income Steady? This may seem extremely simplistic to some people but I'm going to break down the financial aspect of buying a h...
    To Buy or Not to Buy That is the question almost everyone faces at some point in their adult lives Home ownership has been a long-standing dream of most American's but whether or not it is right for you, and if now is the time, well...that's something that should be considered carefully.   Th...
Below are weekly market activity charts for the last 6 months, pertaining to San Francisco houses, condos, co-ops, TICs and 2-4 unit buildings. The numbers and percentages of the charts pertaining to accepted offers will go down over the coming weeks as some of these transactions fall out of esc...
  As many of you know, Outside Lands will be starting up again this Friday. Tons of music, tons of food, tons of people. For a lot folks living out in the "Outside Lands" of San Francisco (that's what the Sunset and Richmond were called back when the City was still a baby), the weekend can be qui...
click for larger imageRenting vs. BuyingOne of the standard ways to evaluate if a home market is valued correctly is to compare what it costs to rent a home versus to buy it. The Economist magazine, one of the earliest to predict the housing bubble, recently stated that based upon current rent vs...

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