realtor staging: Staging Tips for a Home Office - 07/09/10 03:21 AM
Does your home for sale have a home office?  Is it a room that originally had another purpose?  Today many homeowners want and require a home office because they work from home or telecommute several days a week.  If you have a home office let's think about the original purpose and location of the room so as a seller you can maximize the value of the room.
First have you used the formal Living Room or Dining Room as the home office?  To maximize the value leave the Dining Room as a Dining Room and use the Living Room as the office.  Since these rooms are … (5 comments)

realtor staging: Technology - Selling a Home - 05/14/10 02:14 AM
When selling your home you may want to think about technology and how a home buyer sees your home.  Take a look around your home are the televisions big bulky objects or flat screen?  Do you have charging cords on the kitchen counters?  Are there iPods in your home?  Now is the time to make your home technology friendly.
First  review the tvs. ..are you taking what you have to the new home or thinking about replacing.  You may want to replace those large bulky tvs now to show off space.  Many of those large tv cabinets over power room and do not show off … (0 comments)

realtor staging: Create a Living Space with Decks and Patios - Selling a Home - 05/04/10 03:07 AM
Spring came a little late this year; however, summer is just around the corner.  Now is the time to spruce up those outdoor areas if you are selling your home.  The first item should be a good cleaning so all the spring pollen is washed away.  Hose down everything including all the furniture - remember you want to get rid of the yellow pollen.  If you have a concrete patio, does it need a power washing; same for wood decks?  Remove all the spider webs and dead leaves.
Now that everything is clean, take a look at the deck or patio with a … (0 comments)

realtor staging: Refreshing for Spring - Selling Your Home - 04/22/10 02:37 AM
Spring is in full bloom here in Atlanta with most trees green, blooming shrubs ablaze in color, and green grass on the way.  It is now time to take a look around your home if it is sale and see what needs to be refreshed in your home for spring.  Start in the front...if your flowering bulbs have bloomed, remove and replace with summer plants, wash away the pollen on the porch, and add a nice planter near the front door.
In the entry and formal areas, make sure all the holiday colors have been put away.  For the kitchen, how about some new … (0 comments)

realtor staging: Dressing a Master Bedroom - Selling Your Home - 03/30/10 01:11 AM
Today's homebuyers are all about luxury and space for the master bedroom when it comes to purchasing a home.  A place where can they retreat after a busy day to recharge.  They enjoy looking at magazines with luxurious master suites and dream- so you want to create that dream if you are selling your home.   Start with the furniture- is it a timeless bedroom set of furniture or is it hand-me-downs that don't match?  If it is a bedroom set- fantastic, build a room around the style.  If you are like many people with several different styles and finishes in the bedroom, … (4 comments)

realtor staging: More Sparkling Bath - Selling You Home Part 5 - 03/16/10 01:08 AM
Do you like the feel when you walk into a hotel bath?  The lush linens, striking countertops, and clean feeling...again that is what a home buyer wants when they walk into your home.  In "Sparkling Bath"  we talked about cleaning your bath, now let's address the bath so home buyers are dazzled.  First start by picking a color scheme...crisp white if the walls are dark,  bold color if the walls are pale.  Remember pastels are out.   Use colors that are similar to adjacent bedrooms.  Now working from the floor up...if the bath is small rugs are not needed.  If the room is larger a nice area rug will … (2 comments)

realtor staging: Sparkling Bath - Selling Your Home Part 4 - 03/12/10 11:40 AM
You know those television and magazine ads you see for bathrooms with sparkles and glimmers shining on the TV screen or paper...well that is the way a home buyer wants to see your bathrooms.  Bathrooms sell homes so make the most of yours.  First plan a day to clean your bathrooms.  Purchase all the supplies you will need ahead of time...cleaners, brushes for scrubbing, grout for the tub and shower.  So lets start with cleaning...clean every surface in the room - countertops, tiles, mirrors, light fixtures, shower doors, toilet and floors.  Use those scrub brushes to clean unsightly bathroom rings and the grout in the shower.  … (4 comments)

realtor staging: Spicing Up the Kitchen - Selling Your Home Part 3 - 02/15/10 11:41 PM
Putting your home on the market is always a time to think about how to show off all the assets.  Homebuyers always focus on the kitchen, so staging your kitchen is very important.  First, think of sparkle and shine.  Clean and polish everything...cabinets, countertops, handles, floors.  After cleaning  and polishing, with a critical eye, decide what needs to be removed or replaced.  Do you have dull brass pulls on the cabinets?  It may be time to update!  If  grout or caulk is discolored or chipping, redo it.  If the countertops are worn...think about replacing them.  There are many countertops that are reasonably priced.  Clean … (3 comments)

realtor staging: Staging a Home for Sale on a Budget - 02/11/10 09:11 AM
Many times when putting a home on the market for sale, the seller needs to update or replace a few key items so that the home has that special feel buyers are looking for.  Therefore, staging the home is important.  In the attempt to maximize staging, we usually ask the seller to provide a small staging budget ($100 - $400).  In addition, we will inquire if the homeowner/seller might have on hand some of the items needed and visit our staging closet for items to lend and use. 
Since we try to provide some of the items need for staging a home, we have learned some … (4 comments)

realtor staging: Why to Stage a Home For Sale - 02/03/10 11:35 PM
What is this new thing called "staging a home for sale"?  First it's been around awhile and used mostly for high-end homes.  Today everyone watches HGTV and can see what rearranging a few pieces of furniture can do for home.  Real estate agents have a home staged primarily for two reasons.  First to make the home more appealing to a larger cross-section of buyers and second reason is photos.  Staging can be done by a professional home stager, the homeowner or the real estate agent. 
The first thing anyone can do in staging and the most cost-effective tool is may love the chartreuse in the dining room, however … (0 comments)

realtor staging: From the Front Door - Selling Your Home Part 2 - 01/28/10 12:36 AM
Did you know that prospective buyers decide within 30 seconds of entering a home if the home will work for them?  By using your senses, make sure those first impressions are positive.   The first sense is smell- does your home smell fresh and clean or like last night's dinner?  If you have pets, are the litter boxes and dog beds far away from the front door and clean?  Today there are many good products that remove odors, so take advantage of them.  Add a well placed lightly-scented candle near the front door.  Some people are allergic to the oils in some of the newer plug-in type air fresheners, … (0 comments)

realtor staging: First Impressions Count When Selling Your Home - 01/19/10 07:01 AM
We all know first impressions are the most important....especially when selling your home.  You want buyers who are excited to be at your home and wanting to see more.  Since the front of your home is the first thing they see, what can you do to make that impression exceptional?
Start with the shrubs...are they pruned and attractive?  Is there fresh mulch or pine straw in the bed?  If anything is dead or dying remove.  Can a prospective owner see the front door from the street and driveway?  Do some shrubs or plantings need to be removed?
The all important grass....mow and edge.  If … (0 comments)

realtor staging: Home Staging using Seller's Furnishings - Milton Real Estate - 10/23/09 02:21 AM
Staging a home to sell is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when putting a home on the market.  In today's housing market, even first time homebuyers have high expectations- after all, it seems everyone watches HGTV's Designed to Sell and other real estate shows. 

Realtors are faced with two choices when putting their seller's home on the market.  Keep the home in the same condition you find it; in other words, how the seller has lived in their home.  Or, raise the bar by putting the home in top condition to sell the home.


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