home buyers: Using a Lockbox for Your Home - 10/25/11 04:27 PM
Sell House Fast - Youngsville LA: You are selling your home but must move out of state in a few weeks. Your cousin and an aunt will each be showing it for you and they live on separate ends of town, making it difficult for them to share a key. You could just get an extra key made, but you would also like to have the option of letting a real estate professional take someone through it if they find a possible buyer. The solution would be a lockbox.
The lockbox is secured to the front door handle and contains a … (1 comments)

home buyers: One Great Reason to Sell to an Investor - 10/24/11 03:47 PM
Sell House Fast - Union County PA: Home buyers have been educated not to buy short sale homes, as they will most likely not get a great deal. They should go for a foreclosure or negotiate a good deal with a homeowner selling for traditional reasons and selling by owner instead. Why? Because the short sale is not necessarily going to be a good deal.
In many short sales, the lender will be paying the closing and other costs and will therefore want the buyer to purchase the house as it sits. That means the lender will not agree to do … (0 comments)

home buyers: Buyer Incentives Work for Home Sales - 10/13/11 04:17 PM
We Buy Houses - Arlington VA: Seeing a buyer incentive gets even the most discriminating shopper on her toes. The idea that you will get something extra as well as what you are already paying for is a clear bonus and sells the goods. Buyer incentives at car dealerships include tax savings, lower interest rates, and sometimes even added features for no extra price. An upgraded stereo system or a heated driver’s seat for no additional cost is a buyer incentive that sells cars. You can do the same with your house.
The incentives may sound expensive but don’t have to … (1 comments)

home buyers: Regardless of Any Method Selling is a Challenge - 10/09/11 05:16 AM
We Buy Houses - Baltimore MD: So you have decided to sell your house. You will have some choices as to the method you choose to sell and who you pick to do it. If you have chosen to sell the house yourself by owner, you’ll do all of the work involved, including the preparation, marketing, paperwork, showing, and closing. Hiring an agent to sell it for you will relieve you of a few of those responsibilities but you’ll still be the one that has to do improvements, make repairs, replace faulty appliances, and keep the house cleaned up in case … (0 comments)

home buyers: What is Your House Worth Today - 09/25/11 03:13 AM
We Buy Houses - Moncks Corner SC: What do you think your house is worth today on the real estate market? That’s a question that has a very interesting answer. In fact there may be more than one answer depending on who you ask. Homeowners tend to think of their homes as much more valuable than they really are. For example, if you paid $100k for your house ten years ago, you’d think it had appreciated over the years. And then there’s that nice room addition you put on the kitchen so the sun would be there in the morning for … (2 comments)

home buyers: Advertise Your House for Sale - 09/12/11 03:40 PM
Fast Home Sale - Youngsville LA: The selling of a house these days can be a real challenge. People do sell their homes, but how do they do it? What is it that they do that others aren’t doing? The principle of giving your customers the attention they deserve and paying close attention to detail is not a new concept for business owners. You can apply the same principles to the sale of your property. You have something to sell and you’re looking to attract the attention of someone who is ready to buy.
Pay attention to what you are selling … (0 comments)

home buyers: Federal Homeowner Bailouts Don’t Work as Planned - 09/04/11 02:52 PM
Sell Home Fast - Northumberland County PA: Contacting your own lender directly is a much better choice for those who may be struggling and want to try to modify your mortgage loan. The Federal government did have a mortgage modification program running to try to help homeowners in financial difficulty to get their loans rewritten with a modified payment amount.
The truth behind this program is that if you have a large mortgage loan of up to about ¾ million dollars and have almost no equity, then you may qualify for the help. They will either extend your time to pay … (1 comments)

home buyers: Hold Off on Your Home Sale if Possible - 08/27/11 07:37 AM
Sell Home Fast - Baltimore MD: The market today is very challenging for home sellers. There is a flood of homes for sale in every area of the country and they are most all going for an unbeatable and incredible price. In fact, most homes are being sold for tragically low prices from the perspective of the seller who is finding no equity left upon finally finding a buyer.
It’s a fact, and not one that’s easy to swallow. Homeowners that have been paying on their homes for decades are finding that if they must sell their homes are worth much … (0 comments)

home buyers: Loan Modidification Offers - 08/25/11 03:06 PM
Sell Home Fast - New Orleans LA: Have you received an offer from a loan company to rewrite your mortgage loan? It’s important to note that unless this is a notice or an offer you have received from your own bank or lender, it may be a scam. No matter how enticing it may seem, con artists are on the loose and are doing quite well for themselves due to the current difficulty people are having in keeping up with their mortgages.
When you fall behind on your mortgage, depending on what state you live in and their specific laws, your … (0 comments)

home buyers: Quick Upgrades For Your House - 08/16/11 04:24 PM
We Buy Houses - Arlington VA: You might feel the need to do some upgrading or remodeling of your home before you put it on the market for sale. There are many low cost and fairly simple fixes that you can take advantage of without going into more debt to get it done.
One of the best upgrades you can make is to the fixtures in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Faucets are fairly cheap unless your house is filled with designer features that require a higher standard of fixture. If your house simply needs a better look and has old, … (1 comments)

home buyers: Selling Difficult Houses - 08/16/11 03:50 PM
We Buy Houses - Irving TX: Do you want or need to sell your home but are afraid that it won’t sell? There are lots of reasons that houses don’t sell. There may be encumbrances or shady titles on the house. The house might need lots of repair and the systems need to be replaced. Perhaps you owe more than it’s worth or you must sell in a short time or default with your lender.
The well doesn’t work right, the roof leaks, the barn has wind damage, and the house has rodents trying to get out of the extreme weather … (0 comments)

home buyers: Keeping a Set Selling Price - 08/15/11 04:24 PM
We Buy Houses - Youngsville LA: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can set an asking price for your house and then change it later if it seems too high or too low. That is a mistake that is commonly made and can cost you buyers. Your price should be right the first time you publish it with your listing. Don’t plan on taking it back once it’s out there for all to see.
It seems innocent enough. You ask a price for your house, but as the months wear on you see that it isn’t selling so you … (0 comments)

home buyers: Redecorate for Success When Selling Your House - 08/13/11 05:02 AM
Sell House Fast - College Park SC: Your personal opinion about how you want your house decorated is just that – personal. It’s your style, your colors, and your ambience. When you want to sell your house, however, you will want it to appeal to as many people as possible. Be as neutral as you can but keep it tasteful, too. Simple elegance works well. Your buyers can decorate to their own specifics after they sign the contract and pay for the house.
The décor should be neutral and attractive in an ordinary sort of way. If the house is a … (1 comments)

home buyers: Pricing is Number One - 08/08/11 02:55 PM
Sell House Fast - Ladson SC: The cost of your house will be the single most important factor in how quickly, or even if, you sell your house. With homes for sale sitting on the market for very unusually long periods of time, there is a good possibility that you can reduce the time your house is listed by pricing it right. According to the experts, the number one best selling tip of the day is to price your house just under what the current market value is when you list it.
If you take a look around your neighborhood … (0 comments)

home buyers: Replace Your Gutters for Structural and Cosmetic Appeal - 08/04/11 12:21 PM
We Buy Houses | Youngsville LA: Putting your house on the market for sale will require that you do certain repairs to make the house appealing to today’s discriminating buyers. Take a look at your gutter system. For one thing, gutters are functional as the integrity of your foundation will be affected and undermined by water flowing around the building. Water has a deteriorating affect on building materials. Don’t believe that’s important? Take a look at the Grand Canyon.
Gutters are also quite obvious on first impression of the house, so the effect is also cosmetic. It’s important to make a … (0 comments)

home buyers: Selling to Move Cross Country - 07/31/11 02:18 PM
We Buy Houses | New Orleans LA: Selling your house to take another job in a different state can feel like either a scary proposition or an exciting adventure. It’s probably a little bit of both with most sellers. Any time you move, especially to a new area of the country, there’s an apprehension that goes along with the move. You may know nothing about your new community. In fact, you may not even know what kind of neighborhood you have chosen to live in.
That’s why it may be a wise move to rent before you buy when you … (0 comments)

home buyers: Raise Your Appraisal by Caring for the Exterior - 07/23/11 06:14 PM
We Buy Houses | Lafayette LA: The appraisal ordered by the lender before they give your buyer a loan to buy your house is an important piece of the home sale. The appraised value is what steers the decision along with other factors. The highest you can get the house appraised at is the goal you should set.
A lender will be much more willing to lend a buyer the money for your house if there appears to be a good value and possibly even instant equity for the buyer. If you are selling the house for $350k and it is … (2 comments)

home buyers: Add More Value to Your Home - 07/09/11 10:13 AM
We Buy Houses | Lafayette LA: Give your house a look that buyers can’t resist. It’s ok if your house is a bit unusual. That could indeed be the best selling point you have to work with. The competition in the real estate market is fierce and you’ll need to do something to give your house appeal.
Besides the old real estate saying that ‘location, location, location’ are the three things that sell real estate, the fourth thing would then be curb appeal. The buyers coming to view the house should be blown away when they pull up. Get something in … (0 comments)

home buyers: Kitchen Ideas for Home Sellers - 07/05/11 12:50 AM
Sell House Fast - New Orleans LA: The kitchen is one area that experts agree on when it comes to where the buyers look the longest. They will spend a little time in the kitchen because that’s where the cooking, eating, and family socializing take place. A modern and attractive kitchen is essential to selling your house.
To create the best effect and impress your buyers, the countertop and the appliances will be where you want to concentrate your efforts. An attractive slab counter and stainless steel appliances will speak volumes to your potential buyers about the general condition of the … (1 comments)

home buyers: Every Day is Sell Your House Day - 06/22/11 12:21 PM
Sell House Fast - Arlington VA: While many of our holidays and functions are given a specific day, week, or month to commemorate and celebrate it, there is a feeling of ‘sell your house day’ every day of the year when you approach a real estate investor to help you. That’s because they offer a no nonsense solution to your home sale problems. They are buying houses as they are every day and every week of every year.
The beauty of selling to real estate investors is that they like to buy and get through closing fast. They work in cash … (0 comments)

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