sell home fast: Using a Lockbox for Your Home - 10/25/11 04:27 PM
Sell House Fast - Youngsville LA: You are selling your home but must move out of state in a few weeks. Your cousin and an aunt will each be showing it for you and they live on separate ends of town, making it difficult for them to share a key. You could just get an extra key made, but you would also like to have the option of letting a real estate professional take someone through it if they find a possible buyer. The solution would be a lockbox.
The lockbox is secured to the front door handle and contains a … (1 comments)

sell home fast: The New Energy Efficient Homes - 09/14/11 03:14 PM
Homes for Sale in Reston Virginia: Energy efficiency is the new buzz word when searching for a home to buy. Decide what you need or want to have as an energy efficient feature so you can ask specific questions about that particular item or appliance when you speak to the seller of the house. The fact is that a home can be advertised as energy efficient if it has any number of upgraded systems or appliances. It may just have a tankless hot water heater or a solar panel for the landscape irrigation system.
That means you could be looking at … (2 comments)

sell home fast: Advertise Your House for Sale - 09/12/11 03:40 PM
Fast Home Sale - Youngsville LA: The selling of a house these days can be a real challenge. People do sell their homes, but how do they do it? What is it that they do that others aren’t doing? The principle of giving your customers the attention they deserve and paying close attention to detail is not a new concept for business owners. You can apply the same principles to the sale of your property. You have something to sell and you’re looking to attract the attention of someone who is ready to buy.
Pay attention to what you are selling … (0 comments)

sell home fast: Keeping a Set Selling Price - 08/15/11 04:24 PM
We Buy Houses - Youngsville LA: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can set an asking price for your house and then change it later if it seems too high or too low. That is a mistake that is commonly made and can cost you buyers. Your price should be right the first time you publish it with your listing. Don’t plan on taking it back once it’s out there for all to see.
It seems innocent enough. You ask a price for your house, but as the months wear on you see that it isn’t selling so you … (0 comments)

sell home fast: Replace Your Gutters for Structural and Cosmetic Appeal - 08/04/11 12:21 PM
We Buy Houses | Youngsville LA: Putting your house on the market for sale will require that you do certain repairs to make the house appealing to today’s discriminating buyers. Take a look at your gutter system. For one thing, gutters are functional as the integrity of your foundation will be affected and undermined by water flowing around the building. Water has a deteriorating affect on building materials. Don’t believe that’s important? Take a look at the Grand Canyon.
Gutters are also quite obvious on first impression of the house, so the effect is also cosmetic. It’s important to make a … (0 comments)

sell home fast: Raise Your Appraisal by Caring for the Exterior - 07/23/11 06:14 PM
We Buy Houses | Lafayette LA: The appraisal ordered by the lender before they give your buyer a loan to buy your house is an important piece of the home sale. The appraised value is what steers the decision along with other factors. The highest you can get the house appraised at is the goal you should set.
A lender will be much more willing to lend a buyer the money for your house if there appears to be a good value and possibly even instant equity for the buyer. If you are selling the house for $350k and it is … (2 comments)

sell home fast: Add More Value to Your Home - 07/09/11 10:13 AM
We Buy Houses | Lafayette LA: Give your house a look that buyers can’t resist. It’s ok if your house is a bit unusual. That could indeed be the best selling point you have to work with. The competition in the real estate market is fierce and you’ll need to do something to give your house appeal.
Besides the old real estate saying that ‘location, location, location’ are the three things that sell real estate, the fourth thing would then be curb appeal. The buyers coming to view the house should be blown away when they pull up. Get something in … (0 comments)

sell home fast: Steps to Home Ownership - 06/18/11 10:41 AM
Homes for Sale in Reston Virginia: Buying a house is still part of the typical American Dream. Most people would prefer to own their own home rather than paying rent on someone else’s mortgage, helping them to build their equity instead of your own. If you have a decent job and have your credit under control, you can take the steps necessary to buy your own house.
The timing is important as well as your job situation. In a profession where you must move frequently it won’t make a lot of sense and could cause you much hassle as you move … (2 comments)

sell home fast: Buying an Affordable Home - 05/08/11 04:10 AM
Homes for Sale in Fairfax Virginia: When you begin your search for a new home, you will want certain qualities and features. The best thing to do first is to get a pre-qualification letter from the bank who will carry your loan. When you do this you will know exactly how to search, as you’ll know what you can afford. Check the bank’s numbers with your own budget and make sure there are no unusual or upcoming items you know about that would change what you can afford. If you think it might be less than the bank’s numbers, stick with … (0 comments)

sell home fast: Quit Renting and Buy Your Home - 03/15/11 02:52 AM
Houses Buying Tips – Fairfax Virginia – Lee Allen Team: Many Americans are under the impression that if you don’t have a large down payment and your credit isn’t stellar, you will be doomed to a lifetime of renting your living spaces. That’s not necessarily true anymore. There are numerous real estate property wholesalers that have found a way to help you get into a house that you can eventually buy.
You’ll still have to come up with a down payment eventually and you will need to improve your credit score but you can be living in the house you want … (0 comments)

sell home fast: How to Sell a House Fast in South Carolina! - 06/08/09 02:35 AM

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