stop foreclosure: One Great Reason to Sell to an Investor - 10/24/11 03:47 PM
Sell House Fast - Union County PA: Home buyers have been educated not to buy short sale homes, as they will most likely not get a great deal. They should go for a foreclosure or negotiate a good deal with a homeowner selling for traditional reasons and selling by owner instead. Why? Because the short sale is not necessarily going to be a good deal.
In many short sales, the lender will be paying the closing and other costs and will therefore want the buyer to purchase the house as it sits. That means the lender will not agree to do … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: Buyer Incentives Work for Home Sales - 10/13/11 04:17 PM
We Buy Houses - Arlington VA: Seeing a buyer incentive gets even the most discriminating shopper on her toes. The idea that you will get something extra as well as what you are already paying for is a clear bonus and sells the goods. Buyer incentives at car dealerships include tax savings, lower interest rates, and sometimes even added features for no extra price. An upgraded stereo system or a heated driver’s seat for no additional cost is a buyer incentive that sells cars. You can do the same with your house.
The incentives may sound expensive but don’t have to … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: The New Energy Efficient Homes - 09/14/11 03:14 PM
Homes for Sale in Reston Virginia: Energy efficiency is the new buzz word when searching for a home to buy. Decide what you need or want to have as an energy efficient feature so you can ask specific questions about that particular item or appliance when you speak to the seller of the house. The fact is that a home can be advertised as energy efficient if it has any number of upgraded systems or appliances. It may just have a tankless hot water heater or a solar panel for the landscape irrigation system.
That means you could be looking at … (2 comments)

stop foreclosure: Federal Homeowner Bailouts Don’t Work as Planned - 09/04/11 02:52 PM
Sell Home Fast - Northumberland County PA: Contacting your own lender directly is a much better choice for those who may be struggling and want to try to modify your mortgage loan. The Federal government did have a mortgage modification program running to try to help homeowners in financial difficulty to get their loans rewritten with a modified payment amount.
The truth behind this program is that if you have a large mortgage loan of up to about ¾ million dollars and have almost no equity, then you may qualify for the help. They will either extend your time to pay … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Emotions Can Run High When Selling a House - 09/03/11 04:29 AM
Sell Home Fast - Dacula GA: There are few things more traumatic than having to sell and leave a house that your family loves living in. It’s not usually just a matter of the physical attributes of a house that make it a cherished home. There are memories that have been made there and friends entertained. Children learned to walk and you remember each and every spot in the house where it happened. The measurement markers for each child might even be etched on the kitchen door frame as they grew taller and taller.
These types of memories make it hard … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Quick Upgrades For Your House - 08/16/11 04:24 PM
We Buy Houses - Arlington VA: You might feel the need to do some upgrading or remodeling of your home before you put it on the market for sale. There are many low cost and fairly simple fixes that you can take advantage of without going into more debt to get it done.
One of the best upgrades you can make is to the fixtures in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Faucets are fairly cheap unless your house is filled with designer features that require a higher standard of fixture. If your house simply needs a better look and has old, … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Every Day is Sell Your House Day - 06/22/11 12:21 PM
Sell House Fast - Arlington VA: While many of our holidays and functions are given a specific day, week, or month to commemorate and celebrate it, there is a feeling of ‘sell your house day’ every day of the year when you approach a real estate investor to help you. That’s because they offer a no nonsense solution to your home sale problems. They are buying houses as they are every day and every week of every year.
The beauty of selling to real estate investors is that they like to buy and get through closing fast. They work in cash … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: Hide Your Unsightly Items Behind a Screen - 06/20/11 01:22 PM
Sell House Fast - Union City GA: The propane tank is a necessary part of your home utility system. Of course it’s needed, but it certainly isn’t very attractive! That area beside the house where you keep your trash cans doesn’t look good. There’s nowhere else to put them, but you wish you could hide them somehow so the house looks better when buyers come to see the house.
The answer may be as simple as a few pieces of lattice and a framework. This also works very well to hide the under porch area if your house is elevated above … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Steps to Home Ownership - 06/18/11 10:41 AM
Homes for Sale in Reston Virginia: Buying a house is still part of the typical American Dream. Most people would prefer to own their own home rather than paying rent on someone else’s mortgage, helping them to build their equity instead of your own. If you have a decent job and have your credit under control, you can take the steps necessary to buy your own house.
The timing is important as well as your job situation. In a profession where you must move frequently it won’t make a lot of sense and could cause you much hassle as you move … (2 comments)

stop foreclosure: Create An Oasis to Help Sell Your House - 05/24/11 01:16 PM
We Buy Houses Cash - Newport News VA: With today’s buyers looking for great buys in a house you may have to be creative when it comes to features they might like. They need to like what you do enough to buy the house. It shouldn’t cost you a lot to get the job done as you aren’t likely to get much actual cash back for the added feature at the sale. The idea is just to make a feature that will grab buyers’ attention.
Create a sanctuary or oasis in the yard. When a house is in an urban or … (2 comments)

stop foreclosure: Sell Your House Before it Reaches the Default List - 05/23/11 02:00 PM
We Buy Houses Cash - Mifflin County PA: The lenders and banks have a list of homes that have defaulted, or become close to doing so, where their mortgage payments are concerned. These lists are looked at with regularity by people who buy foreclosures and distressed property from the lenders. It’s known as REO property.
If you would like to sell your house before it reaches that point, you can do so. In fact, it’s probably a very good idea if you are certain that you will not be able to keep the house. If you can’t make the payments, are … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: Buying an Affordable Home - 05/08/11 04:10 AM
Homes for Sale in Fairfax Virginia: When you begin your search for a new home, you will want certain qualities and features. The best thing to do first is to get a pre-qualification letter from the bank who will carry your loan. When you do this you will know exactly how to search, as you’ll know what you can afford. Check the bank’s numbers with your own budget and make sure there are no unusual or upcoming items you know about that would change what you can afford. If you think it might be less than the bank’s numbers, stick with … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: Paint Has The Best ROI - 04/28/11 12:49 PM
Fast House Buyers Chesapeake VA: Where there are water stains leftover from an old plumbing or roof leak you can cover it nicely with a coat of paint. Be sure the leak is fixed first, of course. But if there is no longer a leaky spot in the ceiling there’s no reason a buyer should come in and see water stains.
Walls should be scrubbed down especially around the door jambs and windowsills. If it seems that it would be easier to paint, then go ahead and buy a neutral color that will take care of all the stains and imperfections … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: Watch Out for Agents that Buy Your Business - 04/26/11 03:27 PM
Fast House Buyers Arlington VA: When you are ready to sell, there are numerous people wherever you live that would love to do that for you and collect the commission. While commissions may be earned, it’s not always necessary to sell your house by paying someone else to sell it for you.
When word gets around that you are trying to sell your house, you may get calls from realtors offering to help. What they mean is that they would like to carry your listing, therefore getting the commission when it sells. More aggressive agents might call or stop by to … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Add Safety Features to Your House for Sale - 04/25/11 02:23 PM
Fast House Buyers Mableton GA: Safety and emergency preparedness are on many people’s minds today. They are well aware that at any moment a natural disaster could occur or a manmade inconvenience could take place. Power outages are a big concern in both respects. We are a society now so dependent on our electricity and electronic devices that a power outage actually makes many shudder.
What if you built a generator into the house’s system? Emergency electrical generation as a backup energy source could make your house quite desirable among buyers that are concerned with the possibility that electric power outages … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: What Happens in Foreclosure - 04/14/11 02:39 PM
We Buy Houses PA: When you fall behind on your mortgage payments, things are set in motion that are hard to reverse. Once you are behind by two payments your lender may begin foreclosure proceedings. The first communication you will receive is a letter of pre-foreclosure. It is simply a notice to you that you are behind in your payments and that you can have a short time period to attempt to catch up before they begin foreclosure.
If you are already behind by two payments, chances are very slim that you will be able to come up with the past … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Quit Renting and Buy Your Home - 03/15/11 02:52 AM
Houses Buying Tips – Fairfax Virginia – Lee Allen Team: Many Americans are under the impression that if you don’t have a large down payment and your credit isn’t stellar, you will be doomed to a lifetime of renting your living spaces. That’s not necessarily true anymore. There are numerous real estate property wholesalers that have found a way to help you get into a house that you can eventually buy.
You’ll still have to come up with a down payment eventually and you will need to improve your credit score but you can be living in the house you want … (0 comments)

stop foreclosure: Turnoffs That Will Turn Buyers Around - 03/01/11 01:01 PM
We Buy Houses Fast - Columbia PA: There are certain things that can just turn any buyer around and out the door faster than anything. Especially in this heavily weighted buyer’s market, they can be as fussy as they’d like when they are looking for a home. You can go a long way toward accommodating them.Poor fitting doors are a serious turn off. They should all open and close easily and be straight while doing so. This might just be a matter of you taking a screw driver to the door hinges to tighten them up as they do tend to … (2 comments)

stop foreclosure: Investing In Real Estate - 01/12/11 11:14 AM
Columbia PA House Buyers: The profit margins for those that invest in real properties these days is much lower than what it was just 5 or 10 years ago. In the heyday of the last decade, one who did a lot of buying, rehabbing, and flipping was making around 20% in profit on average per house.The profit margin today is closer to 10% which isn’t fantastic, but those in the business know that it will go up and down. While its low now, when the market recovers their profit will be better and they will know just that much more about … (1 comments)

stop foreclosure: Traditional Ways Of Selling Real Estate - Virginia Home Buyers - 12/13/10 12:03 PM
Traditional Ways Of Selling Real Estate - House Buyers Fredericksburg: When you need to sell your house you have choices as to how you will sell it. The common options are to use a real estate agent or to sell it yourself as an FSBO, or for sale by owner. When you use an agent to sell your house you won’t have to do much as far as selling goes.
Agents do most of the work of the sale process, but there are still things that you will have to do to get the house ready for a good presentation. An … (0 comments)

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