coffeepot rock: The Many Shades or Shadows of Summer Solstice in Sedona - 06/21/19 03:18 PM
Happy Summer!
Panorama at Sunrise on the Summer Solstice 
The walkway right next to the "m" in points directly to the southeast position of the sun at the winter solstice. This shows the range of sun travel during the solstice intervals.
This is the position of the sun at the exact time of the summer solstice.
(8:54 a - 8:55 a) PDT/MST
~ ~ ~
The two images at the top are the current 2018 Winter Solstice and 2019 Summer Solstice.
During winter, the sun is directly behind the camera shooting head-on into Coffeepot Rock.
The sun comes up far to the right of where the camera is … (29 comments)

coffeepot rock: Aerial Video - Record February 2019 Sedona Snowfall - Soldiers Pass - 03/01/19 07:41 PM
         Record February 2019 Sedona SnowfallSoldiers Pass West Sedona AZ 
Sheri Sperry  March 1, 2019
                                      Record Sedona Snowfall! 18 Inches in One Day
                                            Cottages At CoffeepotThis is the video below...
Three years ago in 2016, Sedona had a very spring like February. … (37 comments)

coffeepot rock: Not Quite Silent Saturday ~ Before and After Pine Tree Removal - 11/17/18 02:44 PM
Before & After 
Views of Coffeepot Rock
Over the years, many of the trees in our neighbor's yard have matured to the point of endangering the integrity of the wall separating our property.  A few years ago, it was a large apricot tree. Much of the fruit dropped into our courtyard. We never complained, but we were very thankful when they had it removed.  
Last week two huge pine trees had to be removed for the same reason.  The picture above is the conclusion of the removal of one of those pine trees.
The huge magnolia tree which is now visible is the result of … (16 comments)

coffeepot rock: Almost Speechless Sunday - A Not So Familiar Sedona Sunrise... - 10/14/18 03:27 PM
A Not So Familiar Sedona Sunrise 
Coffeepot Rock at Sunrise 
We have had over 6 inches of rain so far in October mainly because of 2 Pacific Hurricanes. 
Second highest monthly total in 9 years. The air is saturated at 99%. 
~ ~ ~
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coffeepot rock: Sedona Harvest Moon Setting.... A Rare Event Captured! - 09/26/18 08:58 AM
Sedona Harvest Moon Setting....
This is a very rare event like an eclipse, it only lines up possibly once in a lifetime.  My husband saw the trajectory of the moon and set up the camera and waited.  This is an image he is extremely proud of because you would have to be standing in front of our house to duplicate it! There is only one shot of these pics using a 200mm to 500mm lens. 
The two rock formations are Thunder Mountain on the left side and Coffeepot Rock on the right side. See the image below for context... (taken at a different … (18 comments)

coffeepot rock: Reverse Sunrise GIPHY - The Cottages At Coffeepot - Sedona Ari - 05/31/18 12:15 PM
Reverse Sunrise - The Cottages At Coffeepot - Soldiers Pass  Sedona, AZ
There are two scenarios which include sunrise, sunset and generally clouds, that give the reverse sunrise or sunset a beauty that makes one stop and take a moment to watch the red crimson color unfold.  Part of that color is the bounce of the red wavelength of light that makes it's way through the atmosphere as the sun is coming up or going down. 
The bounce effect off of the clouds produces an eerie glow of yellow, orange or red light on everything below the cloud.  The red rocks are highlighted with … (14 comments)

coffeepot rock: Throwback Thursday - Shadows of the Solstice In Red Rock Country - 12/21/17 06:59 PM
Sedona Solstice
The image above was taken on the Solstice this morning. Over the years I have watched and compared the shadows created by the sun as it rises in the morning.
Today I took this image of Coffeepot Rock and noticed something different that I didn't realize before. There are no real shadows on the red rock. The sun is at it's south-eastern most point today and the shadows are very slight.
My back wall is perpendicular to the sun on this date. Starting tomorrowthe sun will appear to be moving back to the north. I was pretty sure I had an image of Coffeepot on … (19 comments)

coffeepot rock: Sedona Harvest Moonset - Once In A Lifetime Shot - 10/04/17 12:43 PM
Contest Entry - Real Life - Misc
Sedona Harvest Moonset 
A Once in a Life Time Harvest Moon Shot!
This moonset was taken because I could see the trajectory of the moon as it was setting the day after the full Harvest Moon back in 2011. Since then, the software has improved to really clean up and enhance the picture.
The picture below which is not entered in the contest shows exactly where the image was taken from. I used a 400mm lens to zoom in this close otherwise it would have not have been a crisp image.
I had to wait for the moon … (50 comments)

coffeepot rock: This Is Why We Love Monsoon In Sedona Arizona! - 07/11/17 07:22 PM
The Sedona Weather Forecast!
Our First Measurable Rain 
The Actual Temperature!

The Graph!
Our Sedona spring was gorgeous with perfect temps and not much rain. But right before summer started we had a 13 day heat spell that averaged 105º for a high. That was a record for us! June is generally the hottest month of the year because monsoon does not normally develop until July. You need a dew point of 55º and just the last couple of days started to reach that threshold. 
Today, we had the AC on for less than 3 hours. All the windows are open and we are enjoying the fresh … (16 comments)

coffeepot rock: Friday Night Lights....Sedona Style - 06/03/17 04:08 PM
Friday Night Lights ...Sedona Style!
Soldiers Pass 
West Sedona AZ
One of the things that visitors notice when they visit Sedona is the stunning sunrises and sunsets the area offers. A big reason for that is the majestic vistas of red rocks.  As the sun nears the horizon on a sunset, the rocks get more red.  
The direct rays and the indirect bounce of the sun off any clouds in the sky make this even more impressive. Imagine being new to the area and seeing this for the first time. 
Red Rocks Fever 
The overall beauty which includes the majestic red rocks, stunning sunrises and sunsets along … (17 comments)

coffeepot rock: Speechless Sunday - Red Sky Tonight! - 10/30/16 12:17 PM
Sedona Arizona
Red Sunset
Cottages At Coffeepot
Soldiers Pass 
Sunday's Sunset! 
Red Rock Fever
Find the "Cure" 
As a ReMAX Sedona Arizona Realtor®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with "World Class Service" and that "personal touch" while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today's market. I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. - Sheri Sperry
10 Reasons Why Sheri Is Your … (16 comments)

coffeepot rock: Grand Opening This Fall ! Marriott's "Courtyard Sedona" - 09/14/16 11:42 AM
Marriott's Courtyard Sedona
Grand Opening This Fall
4105 West State Route 89A, Sedona AZ 86336
 As you can see from the picture above the Red Rock formations of Capital Butte, Thunder Mountain and Coffeepot Rock will be visible from the front of the hotel. 
Grand Opening
The "Grand Opening" of Marriott's Courtyard Sedona is finally coming this Fall.  This is the first Sedona location for Marriott which is a favorite hotel chain of mine.  It is also the first newly built hotel in over 10 years.  The Hyatt Pinon Pointe sits at the "Y" (SR 89A & SR 179) is part of the Hyatt Residence Club. 
120 Rooms Available
Marriott boasts more than … (8 comments)

coffeepot rock: All Time Record Temperature In Sedona On the Summer Solstice! - 06/21/16 05:05 AM
Hottest Day On Record In Sedona
3º Higher Than Previous Record
I am always the first person to say that Sedona is much cooler than Phoenix or the Valley.  Well, yesterday, our temps were not far off of record setting temps in Phoenix!  I never thought I would ever see a temperature as high as 112 in Sedona.  We have spent many vacations on the Colorado River where temps can hover around 120º. So heat is not foreign to us but NEVER in Sedona. 
Normally - the coolest part of the day is right after sun up, unless a front moves in.  During summer, we … (15 comments)

coffeepot rock: Silent Saturday ~ Sunrise On Coffeepot Rock - 05/28/16 09:29 AM
Sunrise On Coffeepot Rock
The Cottages At Coffeepot
Soldier's Pass West Sedona 
It won't be long now...

The shadows are slowly disappearing ....
The Sunrise Cometh!
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coffeepot rock: New Construction - 25 Buckskin Lane, Sedona AZ 86336 - 05/16/16 01:46 AM
Crimson View West Sedona
Capital Butte - Thunder Mtn - Coffeepot Rock
Red Rock Views 
25 Buckskin Lane, Sedona AZ 86336
MLS #510002
Find MOBILE FRIENDLY Listing Here 
New Construction – BRAND NEW, WEST SEDONA custom home perched on its own little knoll. Fabulous, unobstructed VIEWS & attention to detail includes stone kitchen back-splash, granite counters, 5-burner  gas stove, walk-in pantry, travertine floors. With 2.75 baths & 4 bedrooms – one could be office, den, or guest suite w/ own outside entrance, bathroom & patio. Square footage is approx 2160 main floor & approx 368 for separate room w/ its own entrance and 3 piece bathroom. Rear patio of home … (5 comments)

coffeepot rock: Another Snowdona Video Day ~ Time to stay cozy by the fire.. - 02/01/16 04:54 AM
Snow In Sedona = Snowdona!
I toke this video in my neighborhood - The Cottages of CoffeePot located in West Sedona, Arizona. The big red rock is called Coffeepot Rock.  Our community which we affectionately call 'The Cottages' sits at the base of that rock. The forest borders our properties and most owners can walk out the front or back slider right into the forest or other hiking trails.  It is a great location for easy hiking or just walking your dog.  
Today is another day that allows us the ability to enjoy the red rocks of Sedona from a nice vantage point...sitting … (3 comments)

coffeepot rock: "Snow in Sedona" is a Sight to See! - Welcome to "Snowdona" - 01/07/15 08:43 AM
What a Wonderful Way to Bring in the New Year!
We have not had any measurable snow in 2014 until the last day of the year.  The skies dumped the white powdery stuff all over us, to the tune of about 8 inches.  We got another 2-3 inches over night.  Here are some pictures we took right on Soldiers Pass and in our neighborhood. 


CoffeePot Rock - taken from my driveway

The Sphinx & Mittens - from my backyard

Another view of CoffeePot Rock and Thunder Mountain in the background

This is … (6 comments)

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