hiking: Summer Hiking In Sedona Arizona Is Very Special - 07/25/19 12:33 PM
Summer Hiking in Sedona is Very Special
Summer Hiking In Sedona
Jordon Park Trailhead
Uptown Sedona
 Summer hiking in Sedona is a big draw and visitors soon learn that you need to get up early to get a good parking spot at the trailhead of your choice.  Most trailheads have parking lots with insufficient spaces for the traffic of hikers that want to use them.  There are a couple of trailheads that have lots of parking.  One that has a lot of appeal for those who enjoy summer hiking in Sedona is Jordon Park Trailhead. Here are some positive reasons why I recommend this trailhead:

hiking: Friday Foto - Do You See The Sedona Mermaid? - 06/28/19 05:12 PM
Hiking Sedona Style
Bell Rock Pathway
As some of you know, many of the red rocks in Sedona are named.  This is an image of "The Mermaid" laying on her side. It is very prominent as you come over the hill on SR 179 heading north from the Big Park area of Sedona.
This map shows all the trailheads of the Red Rock Scenic Byway in the
Red Rock Ranger District - Coconino National Forest.  All of the hard to read tags are trailheads.  Below you can find each trail listed.  
Trails - A-J - 45 Trails
Trails - L-Z  - 46 Trails
Bell Rock Pathway / Vista
This path is a 3.6-mile trail.  Medium … (33 comments)

hiking: Wordless Wednesday (almost) - Mermaid Rock - Sedona AZ 86336 - 06/05/19 07:35 PM
Mermaid Rock - Sedona AZ 86336
How Do You Get To Courthouse Vista Trailheads?
Image shot from the northeast from the (X) above. 
The trailhead is right off State Route 179 on the east side. It is about halfway between the Village of Oak Creek and Chapel area of Sedona.  Get to trailheads early.  Any trailhead parking area that has restrooms require a pass or parking permit.
Daily Pass  $5 ~ Weekly Pass $15 
Interagency Passes such as (Annual, Senior, Access, Golden Age) may be used instead. 
Areas that require a pass will be designated and should have a fee station (below). 
You can get interagency passes (noted above) at any Ranger Station … (16 comments)

hiking: A First Hike and Sedona Easter with Happy Wishes To All - 04/20/19 07:51 PM
Happy Easter!
Easter is a time for renewal...
"The beautiful spring came, and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also"  Harriet Ann Jacobs
Easter is reminiscent of a child's innocence...
"Children are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven." - Henry Ward Beecher
Tristan and the Sphinx - Saturday 4/20/19
~ ~ ~
This trail is a 10-minute walk behind our home. It is the first time Tristan was out of the backpack and climbed to the top on his own power.  A pretty impressive feat for a 3-year-old! His dad is a very skilled rock climber. 
~ ~ ~ 
The video below is poor … (27 comments)

hiking: 2019 Soldiers Pass Sedona - Active Market Analysis - A Magical Place - 03/05/19 04:34 PM
Image Above - Looking North into Soldiers PassA Magical PlaceThe Red Rocks of Soldiers PassWest Sedona AZ 86336Courtesy of Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Sedona 
Soldiers Pass is a very special place to live. It is located just west of Uptown Sedona. The road goes back a little more than a mile and it winds and bends it's way through Soldiers Pass.  You get to see the many faces of Coffeepot Rock as you work you way through the pass. To the right of the road you will see the Sphinx and the Mittens further right you can easily see Ship … (28 comments)

hiking: Enjoying Nature Right Outside Your Door - 11/10/18 03:48 PM
Post 10: Ten Gratitude Posts - courtesy of Debbie Reynolds
Enjoying Peace and Quiet of a Nature Hike
In Soldiers Pass, Sedona AZ
The Soldiers Pass area can be accessed right from my front door.  It is a three to four minute walk to two different parts of the trail. You would never know that you are located close to the center of town from this area. Trails meander up and down arroyos as well as two of the most well known features. The Seven Sacred Pools and Devil's Kitchen are a popular tourist attraction, but even with a number of people visiting these features, you feel like … (24 comments)

hiking: Day 12 - I Am Thankful For Real Seasons, Sedona, Red Rocks, Tourism - 11/22/17 12:39 PM
12 Days of  Thanksgiving 2017 - Challenge by Debbie Reynolds 
Sedona - Real Seasons - Red Rocks - Tourism
Happy Thanksgiving To All
This time of year, we are prepared to get some crisp nights with temps below 32º.  We prepare to cover the plants for the winter and bring inside those special plants that can't handle freezing temps.  Soon my spider plant will be inside!  
Unseasonable Weather 
However, it has been warmer than normal and we have a Thanksgiving where the leaves are not ready to fall. The leaves are turning color but Thanksgiving will come and go. Yesterday, it was around 80º! My husband was outside putting up lights in … (25 comments)

hiking: Silent Saturday - West Fork Trail - A Fall Design with Leaves! - 10/14/17 07:29 PM
West Fork Trail Leaf Design
A Tribute To Mother Nature 
Search For Homes in Sedona and the Verde Valley 
As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with "World Class Service" and that "personal touch" while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today's market.
I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. - Sheri … (18 comments)

hiking: Cottages At Coffeepot - Buyers Want This West Sedona Luxury Community - 09/26/17 02:54 PM
The Cottages At CoffeepotSoldiers Pass West Sedona Arizona 86336~ ~ ~A Unique Gated Community 
+++Uncommon Homes in an Uncommon Setting! 
June 2017 ~ Coffeepot Cottages Market Update See All Cottages At Coffeepot Homes For Sale Soldier's Pass - West Sedona AZ 86336 - Homes For Sale
  Currently there are NO active Cottages available:
0 - ActivePending 
0 - No Pending ContractsSold in 2017 (as of 09/26/17)
5 Luxury Townhouses  - Average Closed Price $620,000 to $825,000 - Median DOM --> 98 - Average Sq Ft ---> 2,247 Median Sales Price $775,000 - Original Median List Price $810,000 or (-4.3% Discount) Sold in 2016  
1 Luxury Townhouse  - List Price $845,000 - Closed Price $800,000  (-5.3% Discount) … (12 comments)

hiking: Happy Father's Day and Please Remember... - 06/17/17 08:51 PM
Happy Father's Day!

To all the Fathers out there...today is your special day! 
~ ~ ~
Son, brother, father, lover, friend. there is room in the heart for all the affections, as there is room in heaven for all the stars... Victor Hugo
~ ~ ~
Fatherhood is the greatest thing that could every happen. You can't explain it until it happens; it's like telling somebody what water feels like before they've ever swam in it. - Michael Bublé
~ ~ ~
It is a wise father that knows his own child. - William Shakespeare
Dad: Ason's first hero, a daughter's first love. - Unknown
and for my husband....
The best dads get … (12 comments)

hiking: Cottages At Coffeepot -Sedona AZ- A Closer Look - January 2017 - 01/20/17 06:44 PM
Cottages At CoffeepotSoldiers Pass West Sedona Arizona 86336~ ~ ~A Unique Gated Community  
 +++Cottages At Coffeepot Market Update ~ January 2017Currently there are 2 active Cottages available:
1 - 2 BD / 2 Bath - 2087 Sq Ft - List Price $810,000 - DOM - 11 1 - 3 BD / 3 Bath - 3312 Sq Ft - List Price $699,000 - DOM - 863 Pending 
1 - 2 BD / 2 Bath - 1931 Sq Ft - List Price $845,000 - DOM - 7Sold in 2016 
4 Luxury Townhouses  - Average Closed Price $545,000 to $800,000 - Average DOM - 260Summary This is the most … (10 comments)

hiking: Hiking Cathedral Rock - Pic of the Day - A Photographer's View - 10/16/16 02:00 AM
Cathedral Rock - Sedona Arizona
As a ReMAX Sedona Arizona Realtor®, my primary goal is to help my customers obtain their dreams, as well as satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with "World Class Service" and that "personal touch" while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today's market. I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. - Sheri Sperry
10 Reasons Why Sheri Is Your Solution

hiking: Arizona Tourism ~ Superbowl XLIX - Glendale AZ - Know Before You Go! - 01/14/15 10:56 PM
Arizona & Superbowl XLIX - This is a great place to start. 
Arizona Tourism & the Superbowl XLIX - Glendale ArizonaArizona Tourism literally shines this time of year. If you are  coming to Arizona for the Superbowl or the Pro Bowl, you are going to want to know what to do, where to go, when the events are scheduled and other places to see while you are here in our beautiful state.  If you are like me,  you don't have a lot of time to spend researching all the great spots to go to.  Hopefully, I can point you in the right … (4 comments)

hiking: Slide Fire in Oak Creek Cyn AZ - We lost West Fork Trail - 05/24/14 10:50 AM
 Slide Fire in Oak Creek Canyon AZ

Posse Ground Park Before the Fire

Posse Ground Park During the Fire
The Fire Started Close To Slide Rock State Park
Slide Rock State Park is one of Arizona's outdoor attractions for locals and tourists alike.  Early this past week a man made fire was started and the rush to stop this canyon fire ensued.  Since the onset,  8500 acres have been burned in one of the most beautiful and majestic areas of Arizona.  The incident command says this fire will burn 36 square miles. This time of year, campers and … (1 comments)

hiking: Sedona Will Have a Spectacular Laser Light Show on Independence Day! - 06/27/13 07:33 AM
Laser Light Show

Due to high fire danger, Sedona has opted to take a more "safe and sane" approach to the traditional fireworks display.  This will be the third year for the laser show and it has been well received. Sedona has not had fireworks since 2002.  The festivities will start around 6:30 PM with a mouth watering Bar-B-Que and a live concert.  This will go until approximately 8:30 PM.  The laser light show will be choreagraphed to music and will start around 9 PM at the Red Rock High School which is - located right off Red Rock … (5 comments)

hiking: Spring Hiking in Sedona - Wild Life and Wild Flowers - 05/09/13 12:29 AM
For those who enjoy the outdoor life including hiking, biking, fishing and golfing, the Sedona area offers endless opportunities year round to enjoy these activities.  This is one of the reasons our population is so diverse.  People come from all over the world and decide that they want to spend more time here than just a vacation. There are around 80 named trails and over 40 trailheads througout the Sedona area.  
The most popular times of the year to visit are Spring and Fall. The tempertures are mild and the foilage is colorful. May & June are a couple of … (6 comments)

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