sedona: How Pleasant is the Sedona Weather in Spring? - 05/03/20 02:27 PM
  How Pleasant Is The Sedona Weather In Spring? 
 Sedona Weather StatisticsApril 2020
For all stats and a look at weather in previous years, go to  
Why Is Sedona Weather Almost Perfect?April had a little of every temperature range! There is nothing hum-drum about the weather.  We enjoyed some Sedona 70º plus spring weather at the beginning of the month and around the 9th, a cold front came in and made it feel like winter for about 5 days. Of course, that is if your winter is in the 50ºs and 60ºs! We had no freezing temps and only 1 day dipped below … (28 comments)

sedona: What Kind of Weather Can I Expect In Sedona During Spring? - 04/08/20 04:29 PM
What Kind of Weather Can I Expect In Sedona During Spring?
Sedona Weather Stats March 2020
Sedona Weather ~ Rain - Rain - Snow Flurries and More Rain
For all stats go to By the end of March, the leaves on the Japanese Maple tree above were just starting to bud. During the first week of April, the tree finally started to show the leaves. To me, this marks spring at my home! 
As For The Rain...
I have had bulbs already sprout and flower and the plum trees that line our main highway in Sedona blossomed over a month ago.  As for the rain... March came in … (31 comments)

sedona: What Makes the Red Rocks of Sedona So Special? Why Should I Move Here? - 03/31/20 08:41 PM
This is an entry into with the bonus video  "A 'Sneak Peek' Into Sedona Businesses " The Perks of Living in My Community – March 2020 ActiveRain Challenge BY JEFF DOWLER, CRS  
What Makes the Red Rocks of Sedona so Special?
Ship Rock from my backyard with a telephoto lens...
"God made the Grand Canyon but He lives in Sedona!" 
Jordon  Park Trail
The first time you see the majestic red rock beauty of Sedona, the image you see is burned into your memory. What makes this landscape so unique is how it changes as you move through it. There is a certain “Wow Factor” that can take … (76 comments)

sedona: 2019 - Sedona Weather Recap - Final - Did we hit 300 days of sunshine? - 01/10/20 11:02 AM
Sedona Weather Recap Final for 2019
Everybody has a different threshold of what they think is a good temperature range.  The above chart is designed to show you different temperature ranges and how the days fall in those ranges. 
Note: There were no days with a high below 32º. This means that snow melts every single day if we have any.  Because humidity is felt in both cold and warm temperatures, the temps do not feel as hot or cold as other areas of the United States.  We get very low humidity overall. That means no "sticky" weather or "frigid to the … (38 comments)

sedona: Welcome to 2020 - A Sedona Pictorial Snippet of 2019 - 01/01/20 12:55 PM
Happy New Year!
Wishing all a great start to the new year. We will be enjoying a nice meal, of course with black-eyed peas, with long-time friends from California today.  Tomorrow, it is back to business during the day as I head over to a listing coming soon to check with my staging crew. On Friday, we will shoot photos and video.  So 2020 is off to a busy start.  
I Hope Everyone Enjoys Health and Success This Year!
Enjoy a snippet of the Sedona flavor of the year. We are thankful for a bountiful 2019 and wish you happiness in 2020.
Happy New Year! from Rick & … (25 comments)

sedona: Almost Speechless Sunday - A Holiday Dusting of Snow In Sedona Arizona - 12/29/19 12:35 PM
Holiday Dusting of Snow In Sedona
Holiday Dusting of Sedona Snow from Rick & Sheri Sperry on Vimeo.
During the holidays, a cold front came in from California. It started late on Christmas Day and it kept trying to snow. Little flakes came down sporadically all day long. We definitely did not have a "White Christmas". But the storm eventually gave us a dusting of snow to appreciate the beauty of our red rocks in Sedona Arizona, especially during the holidays.

sedona: Coming Soon! 35 Kaibab Dr. Sedona AZ 86336 - 11/10/19 07:32 PM
Mid-Century Ranch Style Home In Heart of West Sedona
 Sneek Peek!
4 BD - 3 BA - 2,028 SF - 1.17 acres
This is only a sneak peek - See 20+  more pics by Wednesday, November 13.
This mid-century ranch style home is located in the heart of Sedona near Boyton Canyon. It was built in 1972, by a long-time resident of Sedona who helped develop 26 miles of trails throughout Sedona.
Perfect For Short-term Rentals
The home was remodeled between 2012 and 2019 with significant storage. The private backyard boasts views of Capital Butte.
There is a Trex deck with significant room and a sunken … (14 comments)

sedona: Almost Speechless Sundays ~ A Squirrel's Life the 1st Day of Fall! - 09/22/19 08:25 AM
Fall In Sedona
A Wonderful Time of Year!
Fall Splendor! 
My favorite time of year has arrived. The weather is always perfect. Crisp air in the AM, sunny and high 70ºs to low 80ºs.  Fall color won't start in Sedona until late October or early November and usually goes through Thanksgiving. 
Hiking and Tourism
We are already seeing more tourists and more hiking. The temps start out in the high 40ºs.  Just two weeks ago the lows were in the low 60ºs! However, we will not see freezing temps for quite some time, usually around Thanksgiving. 
Squirrel Bandit!
During the fall or autumn season, our squirrels like to … (36 comments)

sedona: Sedona is having a NONsoon! - 08/25/19 05:28 PM
It seems Mother Nature has taken a "Raincheck"!
The "NONsoon" - Monsoon Update
I am disappointed to say that the image above is from June of 2016. So far, Central and Northern Arizona are having a "NONsoon" this summer.  In 2018 during June, July, and August, my husband's weather station recorded 6.16 inches of rain.  So far in the same period, we have had only 1.65 inches and 1.59 inches came on one day! A quick update on September 1st, 2019.  The total rain in August was 0.61 inches which adds to the 2 month total with 2.20 inches of rain.  A significant drop … (27 comments)

sedona: How is the Sedona 86336 Real Estate Market Doing? - 08/06/19 08:09 PM
Sedona Arizona 86336 Weekly Real-Time Market Report 2019Courtesy of Sheri Sperry
Crescent Moon Park 
Single Family Home Stats 
90 Day Trends (May 2, 2019, to Aug 2, 2019) 
Median List Price - decreased from $952,403 to $873,153
(7 Day Average moved to $872,000)
Average Days on Market (DOM) - increased from 199 to 201 DOM
(7 Day Average increased to 231) - The top quadrant is driving the DOM higher. It is at 330 days. It must be noted that the top tier is at $1.84 million as a median price. 
Inventory - increased from 117 to 183
(7 Day Average and overall average is increasing to 196)
How's The Market?
Market Action Index - decreased from 28 to a 20 - … (22 comments)

sedona: Sedona - July Weather Summary - Monsoon is here! - 08/03/19 06:46 PM
Top Image: Slight Rainbow during Monsoon - 
Sedona July Weather Summary
July 2019
Sedona weather for July 2019 had below average temps and had some rain at the very end of the month (1.53”). This is less than normal for July. Last July 2018, we had 3.57”. El Niño conditions may still be showing some influence. We have had a total of 30 days over 90º and 13 days over 100º. Interestingly, we had one day under 80º because of the monsoon. Everything really cooled off. Last year at this time we had 31 days over 90º and 12 days over 100º. Our overall … (35 comments)

sedona: Speechless Sundays - Symmetry In Nature - 07/22/19 06:37 AM
Mother-in-law's Cushion
Otherwise, know as Golden Barrel Cactus or Golden Ball.  It is a well-known species of cactus found in east-central Mexico.  This plant has become endangered in the wild.  As you can see, the Golden Barrel Cactus is being used throughout the desert-scape of Arizona as an architectural accent plant. You will find these in many desert gardens. They do not like excessive water and do well in winter above 50º, however, they can withstand temps down to 15º for short periods. 
 * * *
Want to find out how much value is in your home?
I'll walk you through it all.
Complimentary Homeowner Consultation
As … (13 comments)

sedona: It's All About Sedona Rainbows These Last 10 Years... - 07/12/19 05:21 PM
My Sedona 10 Year Journal of Life
As I look back 10 years in the past, a rainbow comes to mind.  Every time I see a rainbow, I stop and watch it as long as I can.  Rainbows remind me of the awesome power of Mother Nature and how the rain is ending and there are sunny days ahead. Rainbows are just out of our reach and each one reminds me of how magical our journey on this earth is. 
Each year there are note-worthy rainbows that hold a memorable Pot o' Gold at the end. 
This quote is how I look at life as well as the … (39 comments)

sedona: Enter Stage Left...Monsoon 2019 Is Here! What Is Arizona In For? - 06/18/19 09:53 AM
 Monsoon 2019!An Arizona Summer Weather PhenomenonBell Rock Sedona - Thunderhead Increasing
Quick Note: Every year I update this post with current information, for the most part, the science does not change, but climatic conditions vary from year to year. Sedona weather readings are gathered from the Cottages at Coffeepot weather station located in Soldiers Pass, Sedona Arizona. 
Monsoon is a season - Sedona, AZ - First of all, there is no need to add season at the end of monsoon because the monsoon is a season. Monsoon affects the west and southwest states because the pattern of the weather changes as noted below.
Areas of the … (36 comments)

sedona: Throwback and Thankful Thursday - How I Ended Up In Arizona... - 06/05/19 09:01 PM
Lake Mojave Arizona 1984
I only saw these for the first time a couple of days ago! 
Lake Mojave pronounced (Lake Moe-HA- vee)
(image above) 1974 Bubble Nose 18' Jacuzzi Jet 460 CID Lincoln engine 
Out of the Blue...
I got a message with these two pics on Tuesday.  I had to share them. We don't have many pictures of our boat moving on the lake or the Colorado River. So these are pretty special. 
This might be the only image... (Above)
Yes, that is me piloting the boat! In the back of the boat is my youngest son who is turning 40 Tuesday along with my high school friend's … (40 comments)

sedona: A First Hike and Sedona Easter with Happy Wishes To All - 04/20/19 07:51 PM
Happy Easter!
Easter is a time for renewal...
"The beautiful spring came, and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also"  Harriet Ann Jacobs
Easter is reminiscent of a child's innocence...
"Children are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven." - Henry Ward Beecher
Tristan and the Sphinx - Saturday 4/20/19
~ ~ ~
This trail is a 10-minute walk behind our home. It is the first time Tristan was out of the backpack and climbed to the top on his own power.  A pretty impressive feat for a 3-year-old! His dad is a very skilled rock climber. 
~ ~ ~ 
The video below is poor … (27 comments)

sedona: Happy Sedona Spring 2019! - 03/20/19 06:40 PM
Happy Sedona Spring!
It's Here!
Finally, spring has sprung!  At least in a big part of the country.  Last year, 26 days were above 60º.  Eleven days were above 70º and one day made it to 81º.  This was actually much cooler than March of 2017.  There were 17 days above 70º in 2017.  But Mother Nature does not wait around. 
If Mother Nature has not given you the opportunity to thaw out yet, well, I hope it comes soon for you. It is nice to see all the flowers starting to bloom and the fruitless plums with their blossoms all along the SR89A which is Sedona's main … (38 comments)

sedona: What happened to our Sedona Spring? - 02/17/19 03:47 PM
The Sedona Spring Is On Hold!
Today I woke up to a light dusting of the fluffy white stuff. You can just see a little snow on Coffeepot Rock in the picture above. For the last couple of days, we have been getting nothing but winter storm warnings on the news, as messages on the emergency network. We will see what materializes. 
Our spring real estate selling season starts on February 15th.  Sedona will be extremely busy from now until after the 4th of July weekend. By now, our fruit trees are blooming (normally).
The temp on February 17th one year ago was 64º! … (23 comments)

sedona: Sedona Polite Snow - Does It Exist? - You be the judge... - 02/12/19 05:47 PM
Sedona Snow....It's just different!
The 6 Hour Difference
Two images taken 6 hours apart.  The first was shot at around 8 am at 23º!  There was about 2 inches on my windshield but the backyard had fluffy white stuff at about 1/2 inch. The bottom picture was taken 6 hours later at around 2 pm and 45º. 
This cold front has lingered enough to keep some snow and ice in the shaded areas that the sun does not reach. Some of the red rocks also still have some snow as I was driving today. 
Humidity Causes Evaporation
All in all, this is more normal than not.  Snow … (31 comments)

sedona: A True Love Story - Sedona Style! Where Love and Dreams Come True - 02/11/19 07:01 PM
Entry - Love is in the Air - Lisa Von Domek 
A True Love Story - Sedona Style!
Homes are Where Love and Dreams Come True...
 Top of Bell Rock
It was November 2014, and my son met the love of his life on a rock climbing adventure up to the top of Bell Rock. He was the guide.  They hit it off, and Samantha had to leave on the rest of her journey before heading back to Switzerland. 
Christmas 2014
My son broke the first of many news items to come.  He was leaving the next day for Switzerland to see if what they had was real. He … (32 comments)

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