sedona: Why Does Humidity Make Us Feel So Uncomfortable? - 07/03/18 11:33 AM
Sedona Weather Update June 2018Courtesy of Sheri Sperry - Coldwell Banker & Rick's World Sedona 
Updated Sedona Weather for June 2018 Temperature Chart BelowPrecipitation Chart Below
Recap of Sedona Weather - January Thru Jun 2018In the chart above, you can see there are no days, so far this year below 40º for a high. Even with 3.75 inches of snow, which melted quickly, most locals were able to get by with sweaters and maybe gloves and/or hat in the early morning. We did not see any temps at 100º until June. June is generally our warmest month because monsoon conditions do not develop … (9 comments)

sedona: Does Sedona AZ Allow Fireworks? How We Celebrate! - 07/02/18 03:52 PM
4th of July EventsSedona & Surrounding Cities in ArizonaCourtesy of Sheri Sperry of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Sedona
FAQ - Does Sedona Allow Fireworks?FIREWORKS! Many locals and visitors alike want to know what is going on in our great city Sedona on the 4th of July.  The most often asked question (FAQ) is: "Can you buy and shoot off fireworks?" Is there a fireworks celebration? (See Below) Unfortunately, no fireworks are allowed in the city limits. Without getting to far into the weeds on this, the AZ Legislature passed a bill to allow ground consumer fireworks. It took affect December … (15 comments)

sedona: The Tale of Two Sedona Solstices.... - 07/01/18 06:22 PM
The Shadows Tell The Tale
The camera is facing west while taking these images. Since taking the winter solstice image, we lost two pine trees. 
On the winter solstice the sun rises in the southeast creating a shadow on the northeast side of Coffeepot Rock. During the summer solstice, the sun will rise at it furthest point in the northeast which creates a shadow on the southeast face of the rock. 
On the equinox (fall or spring), the sun should allign with that knife edge of the rock face and create very little shadow on either side.  That will be the next picture in … (11 comments)

sedona: Sedona Traffic Congestion - A New Era of "Sustainable Tourism" - 06/29/18 07:14 AM
Sedona Traffic Congestion
A New Era of Sustainable TourismThe Delicate BalanceSedona is an economy sustained by tourism. The hospitality industry is considered the largest contributor to the Sedona economy. It is a major source of income not only to Sedona but the the entire Verde Valley.  With 3 million to 5 million visitors a year visiting Sedona, and a local population of 10,255 (estimated), there needs to be a delicate balance.  Visitors and locals need to co-exist.
Who Is the City Government Working For?Our city government handles many complaints every week from residents who travel our local streets. The mayor picks up some … (23 comments)

sedona: Tlaquepaque Sedona - A Cinco de Mayo Celebration - 05/02/18 02:18 PM
Tlaquepaque - Cinco de Mayo in Sedona
Celebration and Chili Cook-off on May 5th
Lots going on this Saturday (Cinco de Mayo) at Tlaquepaque
Cinco Line-up
Mariachi La Familia Rojas
Patio de Las Rosas: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Plaza de La Fuente: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Tlaquepaque North: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Mosaico Flamenco with Gaetano
Patio Del Norte: 11:00  AM - 2:00 PM
Ballet Folklorico de Colores
Plaza de La Fuente: 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM
Eric Miller
Tlaquepaque North: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Ritmo Latino
Patio de Las Campanas: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Darius Lux
Tlaquepaque North: 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Jaleo Band
Patio Del Norte: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Kid Zone: … (21 comments)

sedona: Sedona's "Javelinas On Parade" - 04/18/18 05:10 PM
Javelinas On Parade ~ Sedona Arizona
Inside the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa is their restaurant "Reds". I like to go their with clients and my husband because it is quite and you can conduct business easily.  Besides, the food and service is good!  Right in the hotel foyer, you can find the art work in the featured image above. 
Back in 2005, Sedona decided to answer a call to Chicago's "Cows on Parade" which was established in 1999. In Chicago, you would see cows painted in different artistic ways. 
Here in Sedona, highway construction was about to begin so the Chamber of Commerce and … (17 comments)

sedona: Another Pine Valley Sedona Home Sold and Closed! - 04/10/18 12:40 AM
Pine Valley ~ A Very Special Area
Sedona Arizona
2 Bedrooms ~ 2 Baths ~ 2645 SQ on 1/2 Acre
Great Privacy,  with 3 Car Garage and Work Shed!
See Listing Details Here
Pine Valley is a distinctive community located approximately 3 miles off the SR 179. It is nestled at the very end of Jacks Canyon Road.  Near the end of the road, there is a cattle guard and this welcomes you to Pine Valley.  Many residents in Sedona may not even know where Pine Valley is located. As you meander through Jacks Canyon on your way to Pine Valley, the drive becomes an exploration of the … (16 comments)

sedona: You-Tube Thurs - My 1st Video Featuring ME! - 130 Indian Cliffs Rd - 03/15/18 09:16 AM
1130 Indian Cliffs Road Sedona AZ 86336
Sheri Sperry's First Impromptu Video
Announcing An Open House On March 10th....
My husband was helping me prepare for the open house at 130 Indian Cliffs Rd, Sedona Arizona on March 10th. We decided to do a quick video to announce the open house on You-Tube. I have taken that video and added additional video clips and images to make a more complete video presentation. 
Movavi Slideshow Maker 3 (for Mac or PC)
Marketing is critical for open houses. Besides placing the open house on the SVVAR MLS, we create videos on Movavi Slideshow Maker 3  . It is simple to … (20 comments)

sedona: Winter Plants Coming Alive In Sedona - 02/26/18 05:11 AM
Sedona Winter Snow Arrived In Soldiers Pass!
That white stuff is called snow on the Nandina. I have been saying that it does not feel like winter until you get some snow. We got about 1.25 inches! Just enough to add some flock to the bushes, trees and grass. By Saturday it was gone. When the temps finally dip in Sedona, the red color comes out in the Nandina. It is my favorite winter bush. Happy Sunday!
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As a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my … (17 comments)

sedona: Almost Wordless Wednesday - What 20 Degrees Looks Like ...Sedona Style - 02/21/18 01:23 PM
Above Image - 2/21/2018 - Cottages At Coffeepot - Soldiers Pass Sedona Arizona - 20.5º
Sedona Arizona - Will We See Snow Friday Morning?
The above picture is what 20º looks like here in Sedona. As I write this it is a balmy 45º but without a lot of humidity or wind, you can go outside in a sweater. 
President's Day! 
This was not the way it was on Monday (President's Day) when the cold front came through. We had to wear jackets at 37º and wind gusts up to 16 mph. This was a very rare day indeed. Here are some pics of a … (8 comments)

sedona: Sedona January 2018 Weather - Warmest in 9 Years - 02/06/18 05:25 AM
Sedona Weather Update January 2018Temps
46.5º is warmest mean temp for a January since recording in 2010. It is very close to the February mean temperature for last year.
Sedona Weather for January 2018 - While the rest of the country east of Arizona is having extremely cold weather and freezing conditions, Arizona and Sedona was experiencing warmer than the average January weather. The high and low days for January was 3º warmer than last year and the average was 6.5º higher than last year. We did get 1.76 inches of rain in January and just a trace of snow.
What Stands Out...Last year we … (16 comments)

sedona: Youtube Thursday - 130 Indian Cliffs Sedona - Outdoor Video How To - 02/01/18 06:35 PM
130 Indian Cliffs Rd. Sedona AZ
This beautiful home was recently staged and more images were taken from the outside to showcase the views and the location of the home perched on a small hill. 
I normally use Final-Cut Pro to make videos. It is a very powerful program but can be cumbersome with a learning curve. I am a Mac user, and Movavi is a program for Mac.  But Viddyoze is Cloud Based.
For fast videos, I have found Movavi Slideshow Maker extremely easy to use with great results.  You just drag and drop your images or video clip into the maker. You can … (11 comments)

sedona: Countdown To The Sedona Marathon - February 3, 2018 - Video - 01/25/18 04:18 PM
13th Annual Sedona Marathon 2018
On-Line Registration will close on Friday, Feb 2nd at 12 Noon
                                 Sedona Marathon 2018During the Sedona Marathon, there are many different categories you can pick to run, starting with a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon as well as categories for youth. You can also walk the race!
Entry fees depend on the category you choose. Vogue magazine reported that the Sedona Marathon was ranked 7th on a list of 15 of the most beautiful marathon venues in the world.
This Sedona … (13 comments)

sedona: Silent Saturday - Road Trip! - Majestic Oak Creek Canyon - 01/20/18 02:59 PM
Slide Rock State Park Area
Oak Creek Canyon
Another "Magic Time" Photo
This is an area that will leave you silent while you take in the beauty of the majestic mountains. These peaks rise to well over 6000+ feet.  There are no words ...just silent reflection on the beauty that Mother Nature has given us to enjoy. Have a majestic Saturday!

sedona: Why Are Construction Costs Skyrocketing? - 01/18/18 06:54 PM
Sedona New Construction Rising At Alarming Rate!
Lumber Costs Rising
I recently had a conversation with a very prominent builder who puts out a quality product. In the course of our conversation, he told me that he was very concerned with the cost of lumber and the availability.  His costs have gone up 25% since the weather or hurricane disasters that we recently experienced.  In addition the recent fires in California will be adding to the lack of inventory and rising cost. This has not even been figured in yet!
Doing additional research, I found that referenced an article from Calculated Rick Finance & … (14 comments)

sedona: Final 2017 Crimson View Sedona Homes For Sale and Market Conditions - 01/17/18 05:49 AM
 Final 2017 Market Conditions Crimson View West Sedona AZWelcome To Crimson View!
Courtesy of
Crimson View - A Sub-division of West Sedona Arizona 86336If you travel north from State Route (SR) 89A onto Rodeo Road and start heading up the hill, you will reach Crimson View, Western Hills sub-divisions along with Cedar Ridge, Sedona Arizona. What you will notice first are Crimson Red Rocks of Capital Butte and Thunder Mountain. 
In the northeast, you can't help but see Coffeepot Rock.  There are many homes with views of Sedona looking to the east. This area is elevated from SR 89A. Off in the northwest, you might … (6 comments)

sedona: Sedona Weather - A Climate Sedona Homeowners Enjoy Year Round! - 01/05/18 03:33 PM
Sedona 2017 Final Weather Stats & RecordsCourtesy of
The Sedona Weather - Year In Review...300 Days of Sunshine! 
Sedona Weather - Tracking "sunshine" as a statistic, was not easy. One has to be cognizant of the weather each and every day. To be accurate, this statistic needs to be recorded on a daily basis. My husband decided to take on this project for one year to see how accurate the claim was. Many areas that boast high tourism and lots of sunshine claim this statistic. But there was an inner curiosity to either prove or disprove the claim in Sedona. So … (14 comments)

sedona: Sedona Northern Lights ~ A Youtube 30 Second Glimpse! - 01/04/18 01:19 PM
Sedona Northern Lights 
30 Second Youtube Snippet
presented by 
SedonaAZ1 Youtube Channel
~ ~ ~ 
I wrote a blog about this back in December prior to the 16 showings.  My husband and I went to the very first showing. Camelhead Rock natural projection landscape was 600 feet wide by 400 feet tall. We were wondering what the cost was and would there be a benefit to the city of Sedona? 
What Was The Cost?
I found out that the cost was $110,000 for the "country's largest 3D holiday light show in The Most Beautiful Place on Earth"! I saw first hand the additional traffic that was created.  There were 4 shows on the hour … (18 comments)

sedona: Monday Inspiration - Happy Sedona New Year! - 01/01/18 12:34 PM
Happy Sedona New Year!
Wishing all a healthy and prosperous new year filled with happy memories!
Sheri Sperry - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
I show a lot of landscape images of the red rocks of Sedona. Besides red rocks and great weather (mid 60ºs in January) we have Oak Creek and the Verde River that runs through our area. Lots of wild life is attracted to these areas. This crane sighting above was at the Oak Creek "Important Bird Area".  Also in this area is one of the largest fish hatcheries in Arizona.  Probably why you can see various birds like the crane above!
This area is a … (13 comments)

sedona: Wordless Wednesday - The Tale of the Japanese Maple ! - 12/20/17 02:51 PM
Sedona Weather 
How It Affects Our Fall Color
(Below) December 06 - 2013
(Below) Last Day of Fall - December 20, 2017
Why so many leaves? This November was the warmest in the 8 years - 56º as a mean temp vs. 49º in 2013. The color has been more vibrant and is lasting longer than previous years. 
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