sedona lifestyle: Friday Foto - The Light at the End of the Tunnel... - 10/18/19 06:29 PM
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel...
Tlaquepaque - Art and Crafts Village - Sedona Arizona
 ~ ~ ~ 
We have all heard the quote "the light at the end of the tunnel is that of an oncoming train!" So I thought I would add a couple. 
- - - 
"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is just the light at the end of the tunnel..."
Rick Sperry
- - -
"If you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you are looking the wrong way!"
Barry Commoner
- - - 
This next one is from quite a while ago... and the author is unknown
"The light … (31 comments)

sedona lifestyle: YouTube Thursday - Aspens In October - 10/09/19 06:00 PM
Fall Change of Color
Snowbowl Arizona
On Wednesday I created a picture blog with some detail about Snowbowl and Flagstaff.  These two posts complement each other.  Find yesterday's blog here. 
If you live in the area, now is the time to get to the high country and see the change of seasons.  Within the next 2 weeks, the color should hit Oak Creek Canyon before making its way to Sedona by the end of the month or just a little later. 
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sedona lifestyle: Almost Speechless Sundays ~ A Squirrel's Life the 1st Day of Fall! - 09/22/19 08:25 AM
Fall In Sedona
A Wonderful Time of Year!
Fall Splendor! 
My favorite time of year has arrived. The weather is always perfect. Crisp air in the AM, sunny and high 70ºs to low 80ºs.  Fall color won't start in Sedona until late October or early November and usually goes through Thanksgiving. 
Hiking and Tourism
We are already seeing more tourists and more hiking. The temps start out in the high 40ºs.  Just two weeks ago the lows were in the low 60ºs! However, we will not see freezing temps for quite some time, usually around Thanksgiving. 
Squirrel Bandit!
During the fall or autumn season, our squirrels like to … (36 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Sold and CLOSED! Rolling Hills Estates - West Sedona AZ 86336 - 07/19/19 04:33 PM
230 Rolling Hills Rd, Sedona AZ 86336 
MLS #519100
3 BD - 2 BA - 2,096 SF - Lot Size .25 Acre
Rolling Hills Estates Sub Division
I have been working with these buyers for about a year.  Two homes went into contract before we could make an offer and my buyer wanted to act on this West Sedona home.  When I handed my buyer the keys, she started to cry tears of happiness. This has been a journey for my buyers so there was quite a release as I handed the keys over. It was a beautiful thing!     

MLS Description  
Stunning Red Rock … (20 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Celebrating - Dads, Grads, and Family Life... - 06/15/19 10:22 PM
Wishing All Dads and Grads
Happy June!
I find myself very blessed to have a wonderful family to celebrate special days such as Father's Day together.  My youngest son Ryan, turned 40 last week and the Sedona family came to Palm Springs to celebrate his special day. After all, it isn't every day you turn 40! The temps were something more than we are used to at 113º, but being together as a family makes it very bearable. 
When I think of June, I think of families spending time together celebrating graduations and Father's Day. But the main thing is spending time together as a family.  There … (33 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Celebrate 4 x 4 Day in the Red Rocks of Sedona AZ - 04/04/19 08:35 AM
Rock Climbing In Sedona AZ
Every year on April 4 (4/4), we celebrate 4 wheel drive vehicles.  A lot of cars and SUV have AWD or all wheel drive. What this means is that the drive train can provide torque to all four wheels. Another way to describe it is "4 by 4" or "4 x 4" . This is the reason April 4th is the day we celebrate and highlight 4 wheel drive vehicles and off road or rock climbing vehicles.  
In the video below, you will see pics that were shot from my husbands jeep in the Sedona or surrounding landscape.  The only … (22 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Another Casa Contenta Luxury Home SOLD! - 03/16/19 12:56 PM
Another Casa Contenta Luxury Home SOLD!
Casa Contenta located in the Soldiers Pass Corridor
A rare single level custom home with high-end finishes was SOLD to my clients. All 3 bedrooms have private baths, a welcomed feature in any home.  Home features solid teak wood flooring in the great room, dining room, and office/den areas. The over-sized garage includes excellent storage with a circular driveway.
Casa Contenta
This gated community of Casa Contenta includes a pool, tennis courts and a community center. Surround yourself with beautiful views from several different rooms and patios. This prime location is off the incredible Soldiers Pass Corridor of Sedona.
See … (16 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Almost Wordless Wednesday - Lone Tree - Soldiers Pass Sedona - 02/13/19 09:21 AM
Lone Tree in West Sedona
Sometimes It Stops You In Your Tracks
All too often, I am driving and find an amazing photo that I would like to stop and take. I am always looking for cloud formations with the red rock background.
Unfortunately, my schedule does not permit constantly pulling over for that amazing shot. Well this time it did! I wanted to get a shot of these clouds.  I had to walk up a burm to get to the top but I did not expect to see this lone tree skeleton twisting as if in a strong wind. I imagined what it … (33 comments)

sedona lifestyle: A True Love Story - Sedona Style! Where Love and Dreams Come True - 02/11/19 07:01 PM
Entry - Love is in the Air - Lisa Von Domek 
A True Love Story - Sedona Style!
Homes are Where Love and Dreams Come True...
 Top of Bell Rock
It was November 2014, and my son met the love of his life on a rock climbing adventure up to the top of Bell Rock. He was the guide.  They hit it off, and Samantha had to leave on the rest of her journey before heading back to Switzerland. 
Christmas 2014
My son broke the first of many news items to come.  He was leaving the next day for Switzerland to see if what they had was real. He … (32 comments)

sedona lifestyle: !4th Annual Sedona Marathon on Groundhog Day! 2/2/19 - 01/30/19 06:49 AM
Will Phil see his shadow this saturday? Not to worry,  I will be at RunSedona!14th Annual Sedona Marathon 2019Now Called 
 Registration will close on January 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM
Sedona Marathon aka RunSedona 2019
This year, I am excited to be volunteering with Empire West Title Company at the aid station located at 10-K Turn around! Please stop by to see me. 
Many Categories To Choose
During the Sedona Marathon, there are many different categories you can pick to run, starting with a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon as well as categories for youth (5K Kids under 12). You can also walk the race!
Challenging Elevation … (14 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Sedona Weather Final For 2018 - 312 Days of Sunshine! - 01/01/19 04:38 PM
Sedona - 312 Days of Sunshine!
Sedona had 312 days of sunshine in 2018!  December was the only month all year that the high temp did not get into the 70ºs. The high was 67º. There were 24 days that dipped below freezing in the early morning. There was 1 day that was below 32º as a high temp. That day happened to be New Year's Eve (31.8º).  On New Year's Eve day, Sedona got over 5 inches of snow! The snow is already evaporating on New Year's Day. 
New Year's Day 2019
It is very likely that with the cold front that came … (15 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Merry Christmas from the Red Rocks of Sedona! - 12/24/18 07:59 PM
Merry Christmas!
Sedona Arizona
I want to wish all a very happy and Merry Christmas.  As we are about to finish another year, take time to be with your friends and family. Celebrate all the hard work you put in over this past year. You deserve it. 
As you ring in the new year I wish that all your dreams and goals come true.  Laugh and have fun and pass that gift of laughter to someone you love and share a smile with someone who needs it.
This quote somes up how I feel about Christmas....
The best of all gifts around any Chrismas tree is the presence of … (23 comments)

sedona lifestyle: It has been 35 years..... - 12/22/18 06:44 AM
A Sedona Simply Christmas Pageant
35 Years....
It has been at least 35 years since I attended a Christmas pageant of one of my children.  This is Tristan's first year in pre-school and of course, there is the annual Christmas pageant.  I realized this about 3 weeks ago when I started hearing him sing all these Christmas songs.  I couldn't wait to see him up on stage preforming them. 
Did Not Disappoint
As a grandparent, it was so nice to attend this event and get to see all the kids in action.  Well, it did not disappoint, the kids were in costume and did a great … (12 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Will It Snow In Sedona On Christmas? - 12/20/18 01:15 PM
Will It Snow In Sedona On Christmas? 
Well there it is a chance of snow on Christmas.  One never knows how things are going to change but there is a chance right now for snow.  At 47º , I doubt we will see anything but a flurry or two but one never can be sure how the Sedona Weather may change! 
It brings me back to 2016 on this YouTube and Throwback Thursday!
link for video:
Some Images of Winter Past

This is what our "Polite" snow looks like 22 hours after the day before.
(See top image for comparison)
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sedona lifestyle: My Little Helper ! ❤️ - 12/17/18 10:17 AM
My Little Helper ! ❤️
This is my Monday Inspiration...
With Christmas around the corner, everyone can use a little helper. 
Tristan is always trying to find a way to help. Whether it is vacuuming or helping set the table, making some Play Doh "food" or ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, he is there.
Now he wants to go to the post office and go to work with me.  Such fun pretending with him. Tristan is almost 3 years old and he has made me 3 years younger!
Here is the link for the video if it does not play---> 
~ ~ ~
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sedona lifestyle: The Sedona Lifestyle... Let's Get Up Close and Personal ! - 10/04/18 09:25 AM
Sheri Sperry - I Am An Open Book
I chose the collage above because it defines who I am in the 21st century.  I could tell a story about each and every one of those photos. They all hold a special meaning to me...
I Encourage You To Get To Know Me
It is for that reason I chose this image to be the center image on Most of my pictures have that domain name. I want everyone to get to know me so I encourage people who do not know me to go to my website to get a sense of who I am.  I … (22 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Why Does Humidity Make Us Feel So Uncomfortable? - 07/03/18 11:33 AM
Sedona Weather Update June 2018Courtesy of Sheri Sperry - Coldwell Banker & Rick's World Sedona 
Updated Sedona Weather for June 2018 Temperature Chart BelowPrecipitation Chart Below
Recap of Sedona Weather - January Thru Jun 2018In the chart above, you can see there are no days, so far this year below 40º for a high. Even with 3.75 inches of snow, which melted quickly, most locals were able to get by with sweaters and maybe gloves and/or hat in the early morning. We did not see any temps at 100º until June. June is generally our warmest month because monsoon conditions do not develop … (9 comments)

sedona lifestyle: Daylight... - 06/23/17 06:54 AM
The Sedona Lifestyle...
Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why....Eddie Cantor
My personal ambition remains the same - to be creative,
to be modern, to stay one step ahead, to enjoy life....Natalie Massenet
I've never really taken anything very seriously.
I enjoy life because I enjoy making other people enjoy it....Tim Conway
A man who dares to waste one hour of time
has not discovered the value of life....Charles Darwin
All life is an experiment.
The more experiments you make the better....Ralph Waldo Emerson
My mission in … (20 comments)

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