thunderstorms: Friday Foto - Monsoon T-Storm Over Soldiers Pass - West Sedona - 07/27/18 08:37 PM
Monsoon T-Storms Over Soldiers Pass West Sedona
Lenticular Clouds
I pulled off Soldiers Pass Rd because I saw a triple stack of lenticular clouds. Lenticular clouds are very rare to see and generally form over mountains because of updrafts and wind sheer.  By the time I got my phone out the lenticular clouds (upper left) turned into a fuzzy after-thought. However the image was still very interesting because of all the different types of clouds in a tight area. 
Cooler Weather Prevailed!
By 4:30p the clouds opened up over our home.  The temp was already dropping because of the cloud cover but dropped dramatically from … (15 comments)

thunderstorms: Red Sky At Morning ... - 07/18/18 08:14 AM
Another Gorgeous Sedona Sunrise
The saying goes.....
"Red sky at night, sailors' delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."
As I was going to bed last night, there were flashes of lighting and the distant and muffled sound of thunder. The pitter-patter of the rain started off slowly and then the heavens opened up creating a quarter of an inch of rain in 10 minutes. Then it stopped suddenly! 
Sedona July Weather Summary - Cottages At Coffeepot
So far this month, our Sedona weather station, which is at the end of Soldiers Pass, has had 2.81 inches of rain. Considering we have had only 1.25 … (20 comments)

thunderstorms: MONSOON! ~ What is it? ~ How Does It Affect You, Sedona and Arizona - 06/19/18 10:46 AM
 Monsoon!An Arizona Summer PhenomenonBell Rock Sedona - Thunderhead Increasing
Information on Monsoon - Sedona, AZ - First of all, there is no need to add season at the end of Monsoon because Monsoon is a season. Monsoon affects the west and southwest states because the pattern of the weather changes as noted below.
How Long Is The Monsoon In Arizona?Monsoon officially starts on June 15th and ends on September 30th. However most of the rain comes from the middle of July through the middle of August.  This is one of the reasons that the Temps in Sedona are a less harsh during July … (48 comments)

thunderstorms: FAQ #4 - Today Starts Monsoon - What Is It? - 06/15/17 07:17 AM
Monsoon!An Arizona Summer PhenomenonBell Rock Sedona - Thunderhead Increasing
As I take people to around to visit homes during monsoon, they see the clouds forming as the day progresses.  Everywhere they go, they hear about monsoon. Clients want to know more about it and how it might affect them. 
Mother Nature provides us with spectacular vistas during monsoon. It is a time of year that you can feel the energy and power of nature. It also provides an awesome look into the clouds and rain that is unleashed. After reading this you will have a better understanding of monsoon and how it affects … (16 comments)

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