weather: Sedona Weather For November 2019 - The Clock Was Set In Motion! - 12/02/19 06:07 PM 
November 2019
The Clock Was Set In Motion
At the end of October, the Cottages at Coffeepot received the first freeze.  There were 3 days in October and the first day of November that had low temps in the early morning all below freezing.  This set the clock in motion to get the process of color change in the leaves moving.  My assumption was that our Japanese Maple Tree would be bare well before Thanksgiving.  As of December, the tree is starting to shed but is still rather full!  This includes 5.5 inches of snow that fell on the branches and started to bend them … (37 comments)

weather: Sedona - July Weather Summary - Monsoon is here! - 08/03/19 06:46 PM
Top Image: Slight Rainbow during Monsoon - 
Sedona July Weather Summary
July 2019
Sedona weather for July 2019 had below average temps and had some rain at the very end of the month (1.53”). This is less than normal for July. Last July 2018, we had 3.57”. El Niño conditions may still be showing some influence. We have had a total of 30 days over 90º and 13 days over 100º. Interestingly, we had one day under 80º because of the monsoon. Everything really cooled off. Last year at this time we had 31 days over 90º and 12 days over 100º. Our overall … (35 comments)

weather: Enter Stage Left...Monsoon 2019 Is Here! What Is Arizona In For? - 06/18/19 09:53 AM
 Monsoon 2019!An Arizona Summer Weather PhenomenonBell Rock Sedona - Thunderhead Increasing
Quick Note: Every year I update this post with current information, for the most part, the science does not change, but climatic conditions vary from year to year. Sedona weather readings are gathered from the Cottages at Coffeepot weather station located in Soldiers Pass, Sedona Arizona. 
Monsoon is a season - Sedona, AZ - First of all, there is no need to add season at the end of monsoon because the monsoon is a season. Monsoon affects the west and southwest states because the pattern of the weather changes as noted below.
Areas of the … (36 comments)

weather: Throwback and Thankful Thursday - How I Ended Up In Arizona... - 06/05/19 09:01 PM
Lake Mojave Arizona 1984
I only saw these for the first time a couple of days ago! 
Lake Mojave pronounced (Lake Moe-HA- vee)
(image above) 1974 Bubble Nose 18' Jacuzzi Jet 460 CID Lincoln engine 
Out of the Blue...
I got a message with these two pics on Tuesday.  I had to share them. We don't have many pictures of our boat moving on the lake or the Colorado River. So these are pretty special. 
This might be the only image... (Above)
Yes, that is me piloting the boat! In the back of the boat is my youngest son who is turning 40 Tuesday along with my high school friend's … (40 comments)

weather: YouTube and Thankful Thursday - Snow in Sedona... Really? - 05/23/19 12:00 PM
Sedona Snow - May 23rd - A Record
Will This Be Our Coldest May?
There were huge flakes lasting 5 minutes. The temp was 34º a little after dawn right here in Soldiers Pass West Sedona. This is the coolest May we have seen since 2015. No other year since 2010 has had a mean temp this low.
Crazy Stats for May 2019
Some crazy stats for May - Last year on May 23rd it was 88º - This Year 42º! Last year the rain total was .31 inches - This year 2 inches of rain so far. The average temp is 7º lower … (44 comments)

weather: April Showers Bring May Flowers in Sedona - 05/04/19 08:45 AM
 In Sedona Arizona
April Showers Bring May Flowers
Courtesy of 
Sedona could not have had more beautiful weather during the month of April. Not one day dipped below freezing and the nighttime/daytime average was 58º. There were 27 days of temps over 65º (14 days between 70º ≤ 80º)!
Is El Niño Over?
Considering El Niño brings lots of rain and snow to the Southwest, Soldiers Pass in West Sedona only had 0.85 inches of rain for the month of April. All of that came in 5 days throughout the month. 
In the first 3 months of 2019, The Cottages At Coffeepot had 26.11 inches of snow … (25 comments)

weather: March - In Like A Lion...Out Like A Lamb! - 04/01/19 07:50 PM
Top Image - Nest in a Wreath - Cottages At Coffeepot - 
Select this link for Sedona Weather Final Summary for 2018 - 312 Days of Sunshine!Sedona - Monthly Summary - Key Indices 
Sedona Weather for March 2019
The month of March mirrored the saying “March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb”. The month was not quite as warm as 2018 but it was roughly a very similar temperature pattern. However, the leaves on our Japanese Maple tree are just coming in now. Last year the leaves started coming in the third week March.
At the beginning of the month, it felt … (35 comments)

weather: Wordless Wednesday - Sedona Icicles - 02/21/19 04:21 AM
Sedona Icicles
This is what I woke up to on Wednesday morning. Water dripping from the gutter spout re-froze creating this unique pattern on a dormant vine. The low was 16.4º !
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weather: What happened to our Sedona Spring? - 02/17/19 03:47 PM
The Sedona Spring Is On Hold!
Today I woke up to a light dusting of the fluffy white stuff. You can just see a little snow on Coffeepot Rock in the picture above. For the last couple of days, we have been getting nothing but winter storm warnings on the news, as messages on the emergency network. We will see what materializes. 
Our spring real estate selling season starts on February 15th.  Sedona will be extremely busy from now until after the 4th of July weekend. By now, our fruit trees are blooming (normally).
The temp on February 17th one year ago was 64º! … (23 comments)

weather: Will Sedona Arizona Surpass 300 Days of Sunshine For 2018? - 12/06/18 08:36 AM
Sedona November 2018 Weather Summary 
Courtesy of Sedona-Weather.comand
 November 2018 to 2017 Weather ComparisonThis was Sedona's 3rd coldest November in the last 9 years. If you compare this November to last year (see 2017 chart below), You will see that Thanksgiving Day was above 80º in 2017.  Though this is quite unusual, Sedona had 19 days over 70º in 2017 but only 5 days over 70º this year.  Eleven days dipped below 32º in the early morning hours.
Mild Winter MonthsThe 2017 Chart was changed in 2018 to make it easier to see where the temperature falls daily by month. Everyone has a different … (12 comments)

weather: I Am Grateful For The Seasons of Sedona Arizona - 11/02/18 12:18 PM
Post 2: Ten Gratitude Posts - courtesy of Debbie Reynolds 
The Seasons of Sedona
 Anyone who follows me, knows that I love our weather. In Sedona, we get real change in the seasons.  As much as I love seasonal changes, I am still a lightweight when it comes to cold weather.  This is probably why I enjoy this time of year so much. Our seasons are mild and our humidity is low. It is humid air that makes warm air feel stiffling and it is moisture in the cold air that brings a chill to the bones.  We get neither of those conditions which makes me extremely grateful. … (18 comments)

weather: Sedona Weather Stats Update and Summary For Sedona Arizona - 10/15/18 02:11 PM
September 2018Sedona Weather Stats Update 
September 2018 Sedona Weather SummarySeptember 2018 Sedona Weather Stats Update - Our weather transition to Fall starts in mid-August. So by September the low temps are in the mid- 50ºs. You can feel the crisp air and smell the pine. It is wonderful! We did have 8 more days over last year above 90º which brought the mean temp up by 3º. But by evening, the windows were open allowing the AC to be turned off. There were a couple of days we did not even turn the AC on. One day had a high of 67º! … (8 comments)

weather: Almost Speechless Sunday - A Not So Familiar Sedona Sunrise... - 10/14/18 03:27 PM
A Not So Familiar Sedona Sunrise 
Coffeepot Rock at Sunrise 
We have had over 6 inches of rain so far in October mainly because of 2 Pacific Hurricanes. 
Second highest monthly total in 9 years. The air is saturated at 99%. 
~ ~ ~
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weather: Is the Monsoon Over In Sedona? Arizona Climate Differences - 09/15/18 09:42 AM
Sedona Weather Summary Through August
Extreme Weather Event - Florence
On the southern and east coast, the hurricane season has reached peak conditions (September 10th). Our thoughts and prays are with the communities that have been devastated by Hurricane Florence.  We continue to pray that flooding in the interior will be minimal with no loss of life throughout the path of this extreme weather event. Our hope is that first responders will be able to react quickly to emergency conditions. We can take some solace in knowing that people, communities and states, across this great land come to the aid of others in a … (20 comments)

weather: Almost...Wordless Wednesday - A Dramatic Sedona Monsoon Image - 08/29/18 12:32 PM
Dramatic Sedona Monsoon Sky
Coffeepot Rock In Soldiers Pass
Our Sedona monsoon has peaked and will be coming to an end soon.  Technically, monsoon goes to the end of September, but mid July through August is the peak of the season. Our most dramatic images are always taken during monsoon. The only images involving actual weather that can come close to this season are images taken during, or right after, a snowfall. Before you know it, winter will be here! It is not a season we dread, because winter does not last long and is pretty mild overall.  Of course, spring and fall foliage is … (13 comments)

weather: Hot August Nights! A "cool" look at what is coming soon! - 08/03/18 07:49 AM
Cooler Weather Is Around The Corner!
 This was Sedona's First White Christmas (2016)! 
The Dog Days of Summer and Hot August Nights are here. Many are longing for those cool brisk evenings.... but are you sure you want summer to end?
Yesterday (YouTube Thursdays),  I was going through many of my videos making sure my YouTube Channel was up-to-date.  Thanks to Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD - I decided to go through my play-lists so that all the videos were easily accessible.  I have learned a lot about YouTube (from Debb) and now feel I have a good handle on my channel and play-lists as well … (17 comments)

weather: Red Sky At Morning ... - 07/18/18 08:14 AM
Another Gorgeous Sedona Sunrise
The saying goes.....
"Red sky at night, sailors' delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."
As I was going to bed last night, there were flashes of lighting and the distant and muffled sound of thunder. The pitter-patter of the rain started off slowly and then the heavens opened up creating a quarter of an inch of rain in 10 minutes. Then it stopped suddenly! 
Sedona July Weather Summary - Cottages At Coffeepot
So far this month, our Sedona weather station, which is at the end of Soldiers Pass, has had 2.81 inches of rain. Considering we have had only 1.25 … (20 comments)

weather: Why Does Humidity Make Us Feel So Uncomfortable? - 07/03/18 11:33 AM
Sedona Weather Update June 2018Courtesy of Sheri Sperry - Coldwell Banker & Rick's World Sedona 
Updated Sedona Weather for June 2018 Temperature Chart BelowPrecipitation Chart Below
Recap of Sedona Weather - January Thru Jun 2018In the chart above, you can see there are no days, so far this year below 40º for a high. Even with 3.75 inches of snow, which melted quickly, most locals were able to get by with sweaters and maybe gloves and/or hat in the early morning. We did not see any temps at 100º until June. June is generally our warmest month because monsoon conditions do not develop … (9 comments)

weather: Good Friday Foto - Enjoying the Backyard Nature In Soldiers Pass - 03/30/18 01:40 PM
Soldiers Pass - Sedona Arizona
Bird Watching
Ash-throated Flycatcher 
Well spring is here. The weather is wonderful. We are at 75º as I write this at 1 PM. It will probably get just a little warmer. I thought I would enjoy the outside backyard sipping a tea with my husband's Canon 5D Mark IV camera for just a few minutes. I often bring my Audubon book "Field Guide to the Southwestern States"  to help me with birds I may not know.  
It is a great way to soak up the warm weather and decompress especially before planning and preparing the big Easter dinner on Sunday. 
As the Blue … (20 comments)

weather: Sedona January 2018 Weather - Warmest in 9 Years - 02/06/18 05:25 AM
Sedona Weather Update January 2018Temps
46.5º is warmest mean temp for a January since recording in 2010. It is very close to the February mean temperature for last year.
Sedona Weather for January 2018 - While the rest of the country east of Arizona is having extremely cold weather and freezing conditions, Arizona and Sedona was experiencing warmer than the average January weather. The high and low days for January was 3º warmer than last year and the average was 6.5º higher than last year. We did get 1.76 inches of rain in January and just a trace of snow.
What Stands Out...Last year we … (16 comments)

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