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It's that time of year where thoughts turn to holidays and business plans. What to do, what to do in the new year to make it better than this last one?! It's awfully tempting to seek comfort in traditional prospecting methods that have worked (?) for decades. Even if it sounds ghastly to you to ...
  Today you'll probably gets lots of Happy Thanksgiving ecards in your inbox. Respond to each and every one. Won't take more than a few seconds. Just hit that REPLY button, say something nice, e.g., "Thanks for thinking of me - have a wonderful holiday!" or, take it a step further and initiate a...
Couldn't sleep last night. Got up, turned on the TV, flipped thru channels until I landed on HGTV. When I can't sleep, HGTV tends to be my go-to channel since they usually have SOMETHING on besides "paid programming." Anyway, I got my first taste of The Property Shop with real estate goddess Tati...
We read about Great leaders who have overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve... well... Great things. We hear stories of tippy-top producers who found themselves at some point living in their cars... but today make gazillions of dollars. Closer to (my) home, there are stories like Jack Canfield...
Been watching a conversation elsewhere on the web about whether or not to put buyers in your car... as opposed to driving separately. While some of the comments are ridiculously snotty ("They can drive themselves!" or "Let THEM use their own gas!"), the most sincere objection seems to be that put...
Thanks to those who are sticking thru this series with me! While I think that the process of properly pricing homes is fascinating stuff, I know it's not nearly as sexy as other topics! (Although SELLING your properly priced listing is very sexy, indeed.) In the previous installments... Introduc...
Yeah, I know. Scintillating stuff! But I'm wondering... I live out in the country and the only high speed internet I can get is through a broadband card (well, I could have satellite, but satellite sucks). For $60/month, Verizon gives me 5GB of bandwidth to use to my heart's content. They SWEAR t...
Here's the third, well, kinda the fourth (if you count the introductory teaser) installment in my series "Pricing Historic Homes in Urban Neighborhoods." You can read the rest of the series here: IntroductionStep One - Before you price, prepare!Step Two - Preview, preview, preview I've had a few...
In my continuing effort to better understand the professional value of a presence on Facebook, I am now going to ask for help on the concept of the Facebook Fan Page. Let me disclose upfront that I have Fan Page and I am grateful for every one of the 305 310 313 fans who have, well, become fans. ...
Just another installment in the series: Pricing Historic Homes in Urban Markets... IntroductionStep One In the last installment, I recommended that you always, always, always drive by your subject property before doing anything else. If you can get inside, so much the better... So after you have ...

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