all blogs: Political Pontificating on Facebook - Yea or Nay (Revisited in 2017) - 10/11/16 09:32 PM
Almost exactly two years ago, I posted the following blog which was deemed worthy of feature by the Active Rain Gods and Goddesses.
Seems like a timely blog, so... here 'tis again... 
I lean toward the conservative side of the aisle. Not 100% - I couldn't care less who marries whom or changes their body parts to suit them, but generally, yeah, I'm a right-winger. 
(Lefties, are you already getting a bit ruffled? Fellow right-wingers, do you like me a little more now? Ah, we'll get to that). 
Sometimes when I'm surfing my newsfeed and see an opinionated post from a liberal friend, I get … (3 comments)

all blogs: Real Estate the Old Fashioned Way - Face2Face Contracts - 05/29/16 11:19 PM

I believe this is segment 5 in my little series about the realities of Real Estate in the Olden Days - before the advent of all the technological gizmo/gadgets we enjoy today. Back when we had to get OUT there in our market to learn about it... and to stay on top of the MLS for our clients... and to actually know our way around town without the nice voice speaking to us from our dashboards! 
Today I'm going to share with you how we did contracts, disclosures and other important paperwork back in the day...
...brace yourself... 
We actually met with our clients. … (6 comments)

all blogs: Be Kind - Good for the Soul - But Harder Than it Sounds! - 03/07/16 09:37 PM
A few weeks ago, I came across one of those enlightening Facebook quizzes that promised to "determine my dominant personality trait" based on my responses to a number of questions. Okay, I'll bite.
I took the quiz. Here was my result:
"Your answers reveal that kindness is your most dominant personality trait. You are very sensitive to others and rarely have a bad thing to say about anyone. People are constantly impressed by your thoughtfulness. If someone is having a bad day, you always seem to know how to make it better."
Now, lest you think I am sharing this with you to brag … (39 comments)

all blogs: Want to Prospect with SOUL in 2016? Infoshow TODAY - 01/06/16 09:29 PM
On January 18th, we're kicking off the 2016 PROSPECT with SOUL Mastermind Workshop, which is a seven-week SOUL-searching program, based on my third book Prospect with SOUL.
The Workshop was created to help you discover the RIGHT prospecting strategies and methods for your unique personality, goals, lifestyle, strengths and budget. Because... it doesn't matter what anyone else does or says, if a particular approach is wrong for you, it won't work for you! So, let's figure out what is RIGHT for wonderful, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind YOU!
Want to learn more? Join us TODAY for this (mostly) pitch-free Infoshow where we will tell you … (3 comments)

all blogs: A Real Estate Writer's Simple Secret to Real Estate Agent Success - 12/21/15 08:46 PM
I had an interesting conversation last week with a gentleman who wanted to pick my brain about how I transitioned from a full-time real estate career to a full-time writing and training career. He was thinking maybe he'd like to do the same. 
So, we chatted. I regaled him with my story of going deeply into debt (read more here) and then to lighten things up a bit, I shared what I believe to be the SECRET of success in such an endeavor, at least in my experience. 
Wanna know what it is?
"Nah, not really, I have no desire to be a real estate … (32 comments)

all blogs: Ten Simple Ways to Use Your CRM to Stay In Touch with Your SOI - 11/02/15 04:24 AM
It's time again to run our twice-a-year series on the always fascinating subject of Contact Management! Hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it - good Contact Management can change your career and therefore change your life. Sounds melodramatic but it's true!
This week we'll hold our first session which will be a show-n-tell webinar where we not only TELL you how contact management can help you enjoy the success you've always dreamed of, but we'll also SHOW you how it's done, demo-style.
During the webinar, we'll share Ten Simple Ways to Use Your Contact Management System to Stay in Touch with Your … (2 comments)

all blogs: Political Pontificating on Facebook... Yea? Or Nay? - 10/19/15 07:23 AM
In the comments on my post yesterday about What to Do (and not do) on Facebook, Robert Hicks mentioned that he "gets a little too political" in his Facebook conversations and implied that he might need to tone it down. 
I have some thoughts on the matter... I hope you don't mind if I share...
I lean toward the conservative side of the aisle. Not 100% - I couldn't care less who marries whom or changes their body parts to suit them, but generally, yeah, I'm a right-winger. 
(Lefties, are you already getting a bit ruffled? Fellow right-wingers, do you like me a little … (124 comments)

all blogs: What to Do (and not do) On Facebook - The Favorit-est Tips - 10/18/15 08:05 PM
Last week we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio about Facebook... some Simple Do's and Don'ts for real estate agents who want to take advantage of the Power of Facebook to build their businesses.
As I often do at the end of the show, I asked the audience to share their favorite tip or tips from the program and here is what they told me!
Favorit-est Tip #1: Share other agents' awesome listings! Not only will this be good content, imagine the warm fuzzies and reciprocal good karma you might enjoy. 
Favorit-est Tip #2: Casually mention a great referral you received … (44 comments)

all blogs: What To Do (and Not Do) On Facebook - This Week's SWS Teleseminar - 10/13/15 10:45 PM
Everyone asks how they can market their real estate careers (or other small business) on Facebook, and there are plenty of "consultants" out there eager to show you how to do that with fancy graphics, well-placed keywords, custom apps and strategic posts.
But it really doesn't have to be that complicated, in fact, like most things at Sell With Soul, it's actually very Simple!
Join us for a fun discussion of What To Do (and not do!) on Facebook to inspire the people who Know you to also Like you and Trust you... so that they Care About what you do for a … (3 comments)

all blogs: Professionals Don't Need Drips - So What About Web Leads? - 10/08/15 09:46 PM
To conclude (?) this week's series on Drip Mail Campaigns (to drip or not to drip?) here are some thoughts on communicating with people who find you online - affectionately known as "web leads." 
I had a nice conversation the other day with a newer agent who called me looking for help managing his web leads, specifically asking if I knew of any drip-mail campaigns that had the SWS Seal of Approval. In other words, could I recommend a "canned" approach to communicating with online leads that didn't sound canned?

Well, sez me, not really, for obvious reasons. Drip-mails are, by definition, … (10 comments)

all blogs: Professionals Don't Need Drips, Part 2 - 10/05/15 01:21 AM
Earlier this week I posted a blog asking the question "if YOU were a potential seller, would you be impressed that an agent took the ... ahem... 'time' to put you on an automated email campaign?" with the promise to return and elaborate on my statement that "Professionals Don't Need Drips."
Let me share a personal story with you. 
Earlier this year I approached a real estate agent about listing a property of mine. The property was tenant-occupied and would be for another month or so, so it was not readily accessible for viewing and obviously not ready to be marketed. 
But this agent … (29 comments)

all blogs: Professionals Don't Need Drips - 10/01/15 11:24 PM
A few years ago I wrote a blog called "Professionals Don't Need Scripts" where I pontificated on my strongly held opinion that someone who is an expert in their field (or even reasonably competent) should not have to (or want to) rely on scripts when interacting with clients or potential clients. 
So today, a mere 2.25 years later, I'd like to expand upon that notion with a discussion of the emailed script, aka "drip emails."
Let's start with a definition of "drip emails." A Drip Email Campaign (for the purposes of this blog anyway) is a pre-written series of emails that you send … (58 comments)

all blogs: Referral-Begging. Don't Do it. Just Don't. This Week's SWS Teleseminar - 08/03/15 12:22 AM
What's the best way to ask for referrals? DON'T!
Many real estate agents have been brainwashed into believing that you have to ASK for business and referrals if you expect to GET business and referrals. But that's just not so. Any form of referral-begging (including asking, bribing, reminding or maybe even appreciating) isn't necessary; it's unprofessional and it makes people uncomfortable. Hardly the way to inspire the people you know and the people you meet to care about you and your real estate business.
But, but, but... if you DON'T ask/beg/bribe/remind people how much you LUUUUV referrals, how will they know? What if … (4 comments)

all blogs: Dave Ramsey Sez: Provide Great Service and Business Will Come... - 10/26/14 11:06 PM
I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast, as I often do, and came across a conversation he had with a new small business owner that really struck me. So much so that I paused my iPod and brought it into my office to transcribe it so I wouldn't miss a word!
Here was the conversation (paraphrased):
Caller: I was recently blessed with a gift of some lawn-mowing equipment and took it as a sign that I should start up a lawn-mowing business. I was hoping you could give me some advice on how to do that.
Dave: Well, you have … (11 comments)

all blogs: WWJAHD? Our SWS Teleseminar Show this Week! - 07/08/14 11:39 PM
It's time again for the WWJAHD Show!
What's a WWJAHD Show? Well, it's a fun little session where YOU provide real life dilemmas from the world of real estate asking the question: "What Would JAH DO in This or That Situation?" and... I answer from the perspective of the Author of Sell with Soul. I'm an expert in my own opinion :-) so of course, when asked a question about What Should Be Done, I tend to answer it as if I were the one in the situation. 
So, that's what this next SWS teleseminar show is all about, I've been compiling … (2 comments)

all blogs: Online Dating - the Quality versus Quantity Approach... - 06/29/14 11:41 PM

A good friend of mine dabbles in the online dating world from time to time. And as an old married woman, I get to enjoy the “fun” of singlehood vicariously through her dating adventures, online and otherwise.
Anyway, the other day she sent me a promotional email she received from a new online site she’s trying out – basically, it’s a form letter the site graciously supplies that, with the touch of a button, you can send out to “thousands of other singles” introducing yourself to get the romantic ball rolling.
Um, well.
My friend had already received a few … (11 comments)

all blogs: "Surviving a Crazy Market: Bidding Wars & Multiple Offers Teleseminar - 04/20/14 10:32 PM
"Surviving This Crazy Market - Bidding Wars & Multiple Offers"
Remember not so long ago when buyers were few (and picky) and sellers were plentiful (and desperate)? When everyone involved in the real estate industry longed for the "Good Old Days" of booming markets and bidding wars? 
Well, we got our wish! And whaddya' know? Real estate is STILL a tough way to earn a living! Yes, even in a Crazy Market!
Sure, our challenges are different and in all honesty, it IS a lot more fun to work in an exciting market than in a stagnant one. But that doesn't … (2 comments)

all blogs: Go-Give Your Way to Simple Success - Teleseminar with Bob Burg! - 04/14/14 11:09 PM
Just a quick invitation to an extra special show in the SWS Virtual Studio on Wednesday, April 16th!
I will have Mr. Bob Burg (co-author of The Go-Giver and other excellent books) with me to discuss how being a GO-GIVER (as opposed to a GO-GETTER? Hmmmmm...) can help you achieve the stratospheric success you dream of. And by “stratospheric” success, we don’t just mean you can make a lot of money (although that’s certainly possible), but also enrich your life and the lives of others in ways you never imagined.
Sound like a good use of an hour? If so, please register … (1 comments)

all blogs: Listed to Sold - the Favorit-est Tips! - 03/28/14 02:42 AM
Earlier this week we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Listed to Sold: Beyond the Old 3P's" where we discussed various strategies to getting listings SOLD so that our sellers can move on with their lives and we can enjoy a well-DESERVED paycheck. I say well-DESERVED because the premise of the show was that you can (and should) go way above and beyond the "Old 3P's" (Put a Sign in the Yard, Put it on the MLS, Pray) if your goal is to be the Best Listing Agent You Know (and I truly hope that IS your goal!). 

all blogs: Are You An Order-Taker in 2014? - 03/21/14 06:01 AM
I enjoyed today's Active Rain headliner - "I Have Multiple Offers, What Do I Do?" by Sherry Scales - very well-written and well-thunked out! But I also enjoyed reading through the comments most agreeing that yes, multiple offers are common and are, frankly, a bit of a pain in the backside. 
The blog reminded me of one I wrote back in 2011 toward the end of the Tough Times called "Were You An Order-Taker During the Boom? I wasn't!" where I vented a bit about how real estate agents at the time seemed to think that... well... you can read it … (6 comments)

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