buyers: The Art of the Buyer Consultation, Part 2 - a Free SWS Teleseminar - 07/23/13 09:58 PM

Earlier this year, we did a show in the SWS Virtual Studio about Buyer Consultations - you know, that first meeting where you sit down with a new buyer and discuss his or her wants, needs and desires, describe the home-buying and loan process and basically discover if you're a good fit for each other?
During the show, I shared my approach to doing buyer consultations (or not doing as the case may be), and in this follow-up show, we'll hear about a different approach because there's certainly more than one way to effectively work with buyers!
What, exactly, should you … (2 comments)

buyers: "Inside the Mind of the Buyer" Free SWS Teleseminar Show - 11/26/12 10:20 PM
Buyers... one of the cornerstones of a real estate practice... yet so often the cause of sleepless nights, gray hairs and general frustration for the agents who work with them. Have buyers really changed all that much since the economy took a dive back in 2007? ARE they more difficult, more demanding and less loyal as we keep hearing in real estate circles?
Maybe they are... maybe they aren't, but it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that you are able to effectively work with your buyer clients - creating a refer-worthy experience for them without losing your mind in … (8 comments)

buyers: I'm a Tire-Kicker - Should I Register at Your Site? - 10/02/11 02:39 AM
My husband and I plan to move to a lakefront property here in the Florida Panhandle... someday. Definitely not today or tomorrow, probably not next year or even the next (although you never know) ... but... someday.
Well, it's Sunday morning and all is quiet here at the homefront, and I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do than surf the 'net looking at lakefront properties. I'm seeing some Good Stuff - properties I'd like to know more about, if for no other reason than to start identifying and learning about neighborhoods in the area that offer waterfront homes.
But of course, in order … (112 comments)

buyers: The Proper Care & Feeding of Buyers From Contract to Closing - a Free SWS Teleseminar - 09/28/11 12:26 AM
Especially for Rookie Agents (but everyone is welcome)!
Our next SWS teleseminar show is about what happens during that mysterious period between writing an offer... and receiving your commission check. While rookie agents sometimes receive lots of training about how to SHOW houses and maybe even about how to write up offers, they are rarely given much guidance as to their duties and responsibilities once their buyer is under contract/in escrow heading for the closing table. And there's a lot going on behind the scenes!
But here's the thing. The process of getting from Contract-to-Closing varies significantly across markets. In some … (5 comments)

buyers: How Do I Talk My Buyer Out of Low-Balling? - 08/08/11 01:01 AM
So, you have a buyer who is bound and determined to get a killer deal on some real estate, huh? He’s heard-tell of this here “buyer’s market” and wants to get himself a piece of that action. Even if it takes all year…
We’ve all been there. Worked with buyers who, in our opinions, were unrealistic about the extent of this here buyer’s market and the depths to which sellers are willing to go to offload their properties. They’ve listened to late-night seminars or their Uncle Charlie who provided “expert” advice on how to properly offer on a property (asking … (23 comments)

buyers: Working with Buyers... It's a Process! - 01/03/11 12:53 AM
I just started working with my wonderful graphics gal on the cover design of my next book, Prospect with Soul. I have a wide variety of visions of how it's gonna look; what elements I want to include, what message I want the cover to convey, what font I want to use for the title and subtitle, etc.
We're in Phase One right now. I just sent over a whole mess of stock photos I grabbed online with explanations of why I like each and think it would be a nice concept to consider.
So, as it stands at this very … (14 comments)

buyers: No, No, No! Buyers Are NOT Liars! - 07/29/10 09:14 AM
I'm going to steal a page from the Broker Bryant rulebook and dredge up an old post from the distant past. In fact, what follows is one of my very first posts here on Active Rain, but I was inspired to re-post today it by Susan Haughton's excellent post on the same topic... 
Besides I only got 8 comments on it the first go-around (hmpf!), so let's give it another go!
BUYERS ARE NOT LIARS! (first posted January, 2007)
Buyers can be hard to nail down and you'll hear agents talk about the "Buyers Are Liars" phenomenon. It's a phrase usually used … (33 comments)

buyers: "My Time is Better Spent Prospecting than Working with Clients." Uh... HUH? - 06/18/10 12:00 AM
There's a never-ending debate in our world about which buyers are worth spending time with... and which are not. Some proclaim that the only buyer business we should pursue is that which will likely lead to a closing within the next 60 days or so; others (myself included) don't mind spending time with someone who will probably buy a house someday, even if that someday is 6 months from now or longer.
These debates also usually include passionate discussion into whether or not to require pre-approval or buyer agency before allowing a buyer to "waste" an agent's valuable time. 
To each … (82 comments)

buyers: A Real Estate Career is NOT for the Liability-Phobic** - 11/10/09 10:04 PM
Been watching a conversation elsewhere on the web about whether or not to put buyers in your car... as opposed to driving separately. While some of the comments are ridiculously snotty ("They can drive themselves!" or "Let THEM use their own gas!"), the most sincere objection seems to be that putting another warm body in your car creates liability for you.
We hear similar objections all the time to doing things that serve our clients. DON'T attend inspections! DON'T recommend mortgage brokers! Don't give any advice that might be construed as legal! Don't put buyers in your car! Blah blah blah.
Basically, in … (140 comments)

buyers: "Dear Real Estate Professional, I'd Like to See a House, please" - 06/08/09 11:49 PM
A few months ago, I posted a Help Wanted ad for a graphics designer on If you've never used Guru - it's a wonderful resource! Basically, it's on online database of freelancers who are looking for work.
Anyway, within 24 hours of posting my ad, I got at least 30 responses. Complete with resumes, pricing estimates and requests for further information about my project. All 30 responders seemed to sincerely want my business and not a one of them lectured, belittled or condescended to me.
Well, duh, you say, they're after your business, why on earth would they be anything … (63 comments)

buyers: The Confident Rookie Series - Secret Two - Practice with Your Printer! - 04/04/09 05:31 AM
Picking up from yesterday's blog about how important it for rookies to Master Their Systems before they need them; today I'll add just a little bit more to that project.
Practice with Your Printer. This may sound silly, but when you're writing an offer for a buyer, it's nerve-wracking if you can't get the printer to work. Seriously.
I wrote my very first offer back in 1996 at 6:00 pm on a Friday night in my Coldwell Banker office. I called my broker away from Happy Hour to help me (yep, he was a bit looped). I'd had training on the contract … (17 comments)

buyers: Selecting the Right Homes to Show Your Buyer (or not, as the case may be!) - 04/01/09 12:59 AM
(excerpted from the not-yet-titled sequel to Sell with Soul coming... sometime!)
... Before I tell you all about how to select the right homes to show your buyer, let me put your mind at ease about something.
Do some of your buyers seem to be doing most of the legwork finding the houses they want to look at? About half of mine are; they email me every day with their new list of houses they want to look at... and with every emailed list, I feel just a little bit more guilty. Isn't that MY job - to peruse the MLS … (16 comments)

buyers: What Do You Do with a June Buyer? - 01/22/09 12:43 AM
There's a conversation going on at another forum about whether or not to work with an Internet buyer who wants to buy a home in June. The general consensus is that the agent shouldn't waste his time on a buyer who is not ready, willing and able to buy today.
This attitude completely befuddles me. Are real estate agents in today's world so darn busy that they can't spare a few hours to build a relationship with someone who showed up at their door - -LIKELY AS A RESULT OF THE AGENT'S ADVERTISING??? Are they so arrogant that they must … (48 comments)

buyers: How to Convince a Buyer that NOW is a great time to buy! - 11/07/08 04:59 PM
I was reminded yesterday that it's been two weeks since I've posted here on Active Rain. Wow - that must be a record for me! Anyway, here I am... and I've been working on a Q&A for a Colorado online real estate school to include in their weekly newsletter, so thought I'd give one of the Q's a test drive here...
So, without further adoooooooo.... 
Question: "How can I convince a buyer that now is a good time to buy?"
JA Answer: I don't believe in "convincing" anyone to make a huge decision like whether or not to purchase a home! Our … (62 comments)

buyers: How to Chase Away Your Perfectly Qualified, Perfectly Loyal Prospects - 08/03/08 08:08 PM

Last night I participated in a lively discussion here on the Rain about whether or not to require buyer pre-approval and/or a buyer agency agreement prior to showing a home. The author of the blog and most of the commenters agreed that it's a waste of time to work with a buyer who does not have a pre-approval stamped to his forehead and/or hesitates to sign a buyer agency agreement upfront.
Such discussions always rile me up and I couldn't help myself from approaching rudeness on someone else's blog (sorry). But I have to ask myself... are real estate agents in … (126 comments)

buyers: Gas Prices too High to "Waste" My Time with Buyers? Oh, Puh-leeeaze! - 05/18/08 01:51 PM
I'm so sick of hearing how real estate agents can't afford to work with buyers anymore - UNLESS that buyer has signed a buyer agency agreement AND has an iron-clad loan commitment in hand - because of the high cost of gas. What a crock.
Okay, let's do a little analysis.
Over the last several years, gas has hovered around the $3.00/gallon mark. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but I think that $3/gallon is a reasonable place to start.
In some parts of the country, gas is now around $4.00/gallon. That's $1.00 per gallon difference.
If your car gets 20 mpg, you're … (58 comments)

buyers: Are Buyers Really Liars? - 03/13/07 02:36 AM
Buyers can be hard to nail down and you'll hear agents talk about the "Buyers Are Liars" phenomenon. It's a phrase usually used in frustration either when an agent loses a buyer or when he's at his wit's end showing homes that the buyer says work for her, but don't inspire her to make an offer. It simply means that buyers don't really know what they want, and often it's true.
Remember, buyers don't shop for houses every day and they probably don't know what they'll respond to until they see it. So you'll need to have a little patience with … (8 comments)

buyers: Why She Lost the $700,000 Buyer... - 01/27/07 11:36 PM
Her heart is broken. She feels rejected. She wants to hang up her real estate license and crawl under a rock.
Why? Because her $700,000 buyer prospect choose another agent.
She's beating herself up. She's asking herself, "Did I not dress the part?" "Was my car not nice enough?" She wonders if she should have worn her fancy leather boots and more make-up (this is Texas, after all). Maybe she should have borrowed her sister's Mercedes SUV.
No, no, I assure her. It's not your dress or your car. It's actually worse than that. Worse, as in, it's going to be … (6 comments)

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