charming old denver: Pricing Historic Homes in Urban Markets - Step One - Make Like a Boy Scout... - 10/29/09 11:22 PM
Earlier this week (or maybe last week?) I promised to do a little series with tips on how to properly price historic homes in urban markets. Here's where I promised that - you might want to read it first.
Got distracted by conversations ‘bout Real Estate Reality Shows, but here I am again, back to the more mundane issues of our daily grind... pricing homes to sell. Yawn. (I say that a little sarcastically; I totally love this stuff).
Pricing historic homes in urban markets is a bit (a lot?) more time-consuming than pricing newer homes in planned developments. But, at … (13 comments)

charming old denver: Adventures in Pricing - Historic Homes in Urban Neighborhoods - 10/25/09 12:03 AM
A few months ago (sheesh, almost six months already!) I stopped actively selling real estate. Oh, not to worry, I still keep my fingers in the pie and my toes in the water of the Denver real estate market, but I don't actually list or sell properties in my own name. However, being the control freak that I am, anyone who gets a referral from me can count on lots of - ahem - help from me, especially if they're working with someone from my precious Sphere of Influence. I'm sure my - ahem - help is very much appreciated.
Anyway, … (11 comments)

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