consulting: Real Estate Consulting in the Real World - the Favorit-est Ideas! - 09/28/12 01:05 AM
We did a teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio yesterday called "Real Estate Consulting in the Real World - The First Steps" where we talked about what a new real estate consultant might do to get his or her consulting practice off the ground.
One of those "first steps" was to come up with a list of two or three specific alternative services you could offer (by "alternative" we mean a service that is real estate -related but not the traditional buyer or seller representation paid by a contingent commission); services you're really jazzed about - that you feel you … (2 comments)

consulting: "RE Consulting-Sounds Interesting But It Will Never Work in My Market" - 09/25/12 11:04 PM
A few weeks ago I started a series of blogs on real estate consulting and the most common objections I hear as the newly annointed Commander and Chief of the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE) program.
The first objection I addressed was: "... my broker will never go for it" - you can read that here.
The next objection I hear a lot is: " will never work in my market!"
The rationale behind this objection seems to be that if you work in a market with a low price point (e.g. the average price of homes is less than $100,000), … (8 comments)

consulting: Is Real Estate Consulting Right for You? And if so... what to DO about it! - 04/15/12 09:22 PM
As you may know, SWS is now the proud owner of the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate® (ACRE) program and designation! Founded by Mollie Wasserman in 2006, the ACRE baton was handed over to me in late 2011, and in the months since, I've completely updated the program with a new look, a new approach and a new platform.
However, the mission of ACRE remains the same - to both inspire real estate practitioners to approach their real estate careers with a "consultative" mindset rather than a sales one, and to teach them HOW to incorporate consulting into their practice of real … (3 comments)

consulting: What's Going on at ACRE? - 02/24/12 09:35 PM
As you may know, back in November, I took over as Commander in Chief of the ACRE (Accredited Consultant in Real Estate) program with the full blessing of ACRE founder, Mollie Wasserman. (You can read more about the baton-passing here.)  
Since November, we've been working feverishly behind the scenes on what we're calling (oh-so-cleverly) ACRE 2.0 which includes a new look and brand, a new website and two new designation programs. We're making great progress and are hoping to have everything ready to launch around the first of April. 
More details will be released soon, but here's a summary of what's coming...

consulting: You Can "Sell" ANYTHING You Believe is a Good Deal for the Customer - 01/17/12 12:15 AM
I've been watching and commenting on Leslie Rojohn's fine blog called "Time is Money-- Unless You're a REALTOR" - about charging retainer fees. Maybe you saw it, too, since it was Active Rain's headliner of the day last Thursday or Friday.
As typically happens when any topic of non-contingent compensation is featured, the comments came in fast and furiously, most along the lines of "Sounds great, but it will never happen. If buyers (or sellers) can get it free down the street, why would they be willing to pay for it?"
Indeed. Why would they?
That's not a rhetorical question - I'm … (22 comments)

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