prospectig with soul: The More People Who Know You... and LIKE YOU... and Trust You, the More Real Estate You Will Sell (Part 2) - 02/14/11 03:35 AM
The KLT Principles: People Buy from Those They Know, Like and Trust, andThe More People Who Know You, Like You and Trust You, the More Real Estate You Will Sell
Last week I wrote about the importance of ensuring that more of the world's people KNOW you if you want to enjoy a consistent stream of real estate business in your pipeline.
Today I'm gonna ramble about the second factor of the KLT Principle - that bit about whether or not those people LIKE you! Because, if a whole bunch of people KNOW you, but most of them don't LIKE you, all … (14 comments)

prospectig with soul: Selling Real Estate without Selling Your Soul (A Free SWS Teleseminar) - 12/06/10 11:01 PM
A few months ago, an agent wrote to me saying something like - "I love your book <thank you> and I can't wait until I'm successful enough to be able to do things the Sell with Soul way. Until then, I guess I'll have to keep doing all the Old School things my broker tells me to do."No, no, no! You don't have to do things ANY WAY BUT YOUR WAY, even from Day One! Selling with Soul (to read more about Selling with Soul - just download the ebook below) is not a luxury enjoyed only by those who have already "made … (4 comments)

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