real estate commissions: Real Estate Commissions: "It All Evens Out" and "50% Of Something is Better than 100% of Nothing??" - 07/11/11 12:49 AM
Last week, Loreena Yeo wrote a blog that inspired one from me, which inspired another one from her which, you guessed it, inspired another one from me - about the concept of buyer rebates and other creative compensation strategies.
For the record, let it be known that I have no problem with real estate agents charging their clients as much or as little as they care to, nor do I have any fuss with the manner in which they do it, as long as it falls within legal limits and doesn't conflict with their brokers' policies. Oh, and, AS LONG AS 1) … (28 comments)

real estate commissions: Real Estate Compensation - Alternatives to the Commission-Based Model (and yes, we still make a good living!) - 03/31/11 01:34 AM
Last weekend I posted a blog that generated lots of impassioned comments (I love it when that happens). The topic du weekend was the sacred cow of real estate - our compensation structure that pays us based on the price of the product we sell.
My firm belief is that there is very little correlation between the price of the product and the value of our service. In other words, my efforts on a $1M property are not worth 10 times more than my efforts on a $100,000 property (or conversely worth 1/10th on the lower-priced property). In fact, sometimes that … (22 comments)

real estate commissions: Live (and Free) in the SWS Studio this Weekend - "Real Estate Commissions - Answering the Tough Questions!" - 06/16/10 01:01 AM

One of the toughest conversations for a real estate agent is the one where we talk to our seller prospects about how we're paid. Oh, some of us are more comfortable with it than others, but even the most experienced, seemingly confident agents struggle with the topic at times. And newer agents almost always dread that part of the listing interview.
And there are perfectly good reasons it can be a tough conversation! After all, real estate commissions are usually the most significant expense in selling a home and many sellers are understandably a bit cynical that those high fees are … (10 comments)

real estate commissions: Interviewing for the Listing - How to Come Out on Top Even if Your Commission is Higher than Your Competition's - 03/08/10 11:17 PM
Picking up from yesterday's blog about my agent friend Sam who was referred to a seller who "has a friend who will list it cheap," let's talk about how Sam should handle the whole issue of commission, knowing that his competition is in all likelihood going to charge less.
The question I signed off with yesterday was something along the lines of should Sam address the issue of his competition's lower commission head-on?
In my opinion, no. He should not. Why?
Because, the only way to "address" it would be to criticize it. And that's not cool. Any overt attempt Sam … (28 comments)

real estate commissions: "The Seller Has a Friend Who Will List it Really Cheap" - 03/07/10 10:44 PM

Got a question yesterday from an agent who was referred to a potential seller by an acquaintance.  However, the acquaintance warned the agent (let's call him Sam) that the seller has a "friend who will list the house really cheap," so Sam may not have a chance at procuring the listing.
Sam asked me how I would approach the situation - how would I respond if the topic of commission comes up in their initial phone conversation? And how would I go about persuading the seller that I'm worth my "full" fee and that the "friend" may not even be worth … (29 comments)

real estate commissions: What does a listing agent DO for all that money? - 03/31/07 02:21 AM
I was cleaning out old files this morning and came across this little blurb I wrote years ago and used in my listing presentations. If you like it... feel free to use it! 
What does a Real Estate Agent DO for all that money?Many people think that the main reason you hire a real estate agent is for MLS exposure.  And, unfortunately, in some cases that may appear to be the primary service some real estate agents provide.  However, a GOOD agent provides much more than simply a For Sale sign and a listing on an online database.
ConnectionsA good real … (17 comments)

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