real estate consulting: RE Consulting: "Sounds Interesting, But No One Will Pay for THAT!" - 10/08/12 09:24 PM
To continue my series on "Real Estate Consulting: Sounds Interesting, But It Will Never Catch on..." today's subject is the concern that "No one will pay for services they can get for free elsewhere!"
A common misunderstanding about real estate consulting, specifically surrounding the practice of charging non-contingent fees instead of contingent commissions, is that the consultant basically charges for services everyone else offers "free." Which raises the obvious concern of "why on earth would anyone be willing to DO that?"
Why indeed? Why WOULD anyone pay one real estate professional a fee for a service they can get free on every other … (2 comments)

real estate consulting: "RE Consulting- Sounds Interesting But My Broker Will Never Go For It" - 09/17/12 11:01 PM
Last week I posted a blog promising a series of subsequent blogs on the subject of "Real Estate Consulting, Sounds Interesting But It Will Never Catch On..."
In that blog, I listed 7 common objections agents have toward the concept of consulting - here they are:
…my broker will never go for it.
…it will never work in my market.
…why would someone pay me to do what everyone else does for free?
…why would I want to make less money?
…charging upfront fees is illegal in my state.
…prices are too low in my market to make charging fees viable.

real estate consulting: RE Consulting: "Sounds Interesting, But It Will Never Catch On..." - 09/10/12 10:01 PM
Real Estate Consulting (as defined by ACRE, the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate Designation):1.To take a consultative approach (as opposed to a sales approach) when working with clients; and2.To offer choices in the services provided and how those services can be paid for.
As the recently-anointed Commander in Chief of the ACRE program, it falls upon me to spread the word about the real estate consulting movement, at least as far as ACRE is concerned, and to help people understand what consulting is… what it isn’t… and why it’s cool ;-]
Which, of course, I believe it to be. Cool, that … (10 comments)

real estate consulting: REal Estate Consulting in the REal World - A Free SWS Teleseminar - 09/12/11 03:43 AM
"Real estate consulting - sounds great, BUT..."
We hear this every time we talk about real estate consulting - "It sounds great, BUT..."
So, let's deal with the BUT's you may have about REal Estate Consulting in the REal World!
Do any of these questions or concerns sound familiar?
"My broker won't let me...""I don't want to discount my fees.""How do I figure out what to charge?""Where do I find people who are willing to pay for consulting?""How do I market myself as a consultant?""No one else charges for a CMA; why would anyone pay me for one?""Buyers will never pay … (7 comments)

real estate consulting: Real Estate Compensation - Alternatives to the Commission-Based Model (and yes, we still make a good living!) - 03/31/11 01:34 AM
Last weekend I posted a blog that generated lots of impassioned comments (I love it when that happens). The topic du weekend was the sacred cow of real estate - our compensation structure that pays us based on the price of the product we sell.
My firm belief is that there is very little correlation between the price of the product and the value of our service. In other words, my efforts on a $1M property are not worth 10 times more than my efforts on a $100,000 property (or conversely worth 1/10th on the lower-priced property). In fact, sometimes that … (22 comments)

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