real estate prospecting: 20 Ways to Make $100K this year... OR NOT! - 04/08/11 02:32 AM
Last September I posted a blog called "To Photo or Not to Photo" where I raised the age-old question of whether or not to put your (hopefully) smiling face on your business card. (I vote YES).
One of the comments on that blog was something along the lines of "Can anyone actually demonstrate that their picture on a card resulted in business for them?" Excellent question! My response to the commenter was:
"There is no one magic bullet to success. Clients come in from dozens of sources - I got a listing once because my lawn guy saw my RE/MAX signs in the … (58 comments)

real estate prospecting: "Dear Jennifer, I Don't Wanna SOI - I'd Rather Work With Strangers" - 12/06/10 12:13 AM

"I don't want to work with my sphere of influence, I'd rather work with strangers!"
As the self-proclaimed Master of All Things SOI, I hear this a lot. Agents write to me (and occasionally call) to tell me why they don't wanna sell real estate for or to their spheres of influence. They explain that they don't want to risk their friendships, they don't want to mix business with pleasure, they don't want to discount their fees for friends and family, they don't wanna, they don't wanna, they don't wanna... yada yada yada.
And that's fine with me. To each … (14 comments)

real estate prospecting: Open Houses - Inspiring Visitors to Give You Their Information - Because they WANT to! - 11/18/10 11:53 PM
Funny - yesterday I posted a blog about getting contact information from open house visitors that ended with a "stay tuned for the next episode" teaser... and got slammed with "I'm doing an open house this weekend, please tell me what to do" notes.
Okay, okay, okay. I hope I didn't overpromise in the blog - I don't have any secret phrase or magic sign-in sheet that will ensure names, numbers and email addresses* from your visitors, but I'll give it a shot.
The question I left you with was "How can you INSPIRE open house visitors to WANT to give … (53 comments)

real estate prospecting: Open Houses - "How Do I Get Contact Information from Visitors?" - 11/17/10 11:40 PM

A few months ago, I had a conversation with a newer agent about maximizing the effectiveness of her open houses. By "effectiveness," of course, she meant gathering as many names, numbers and email addresses as she could during her three-hour stints on Sunday afternoons.She was frustrated (mostly with herself) at her inability to smoothly gather those names, numbers and email addresses from her visitors. Either they seemed hesitant to provide them OR she just wasn't comfortable asking, and usually came away from her open houses empty-handed."Jennifer - do you have any suggestions for me?"
Yes, as a matter of fact, … (15 comments)

real estate prospecting: Did You Always Dream of Cold-Calling for a Living? - 11/12/10 11:54 PM
Ho hum, yet another spammer on Active Rain posted a silly comment on an old blog promoting her essay writing service or some other nonsense. Yeah, like I (or my readers) am/are going to rush right out and hire her because she posted an obviously inappropriate comment on a two-year-old blog.
I have to wonder who comes up with this stuff. Is there a professional association out there teaching their members to promote themselves using stupid internet tricks? Are there books and magazines and newsletters on the subject? And if so, who signs up to be a professional spammer? What sort … (32 comments)

real estate prospecting: "Claiming Your Territory" - A Free Teleseminar at SWS - 11/02/10 03:44 AM

Have you considered adding "Become a Neighborhood Specialist" to your 2011 business plan? To establish yourself as the Go-To Guy or Gal in your favorite neighborhood, subdivision or market area?
Good for you! Being a master of a particular market is a fantastic way to attract business, not to mention how much fun it is to be known as the local expert. Very good for the ego which is very good for the confidence.
But, um, how exactly does one go about:
1) becoming a neighborhood specialist, and 2) letting everyone know about one's status as a neighborhood specialist?
That's what … (11 comments)

real estate prospecting: To Photo or Not Photo? - 09/18/10 01:19 AM

It's a never-ending debate as to whether or not to include a photo on a real estate agent's business card. Some say yes; some say no (duh, that's the definition of a debate!).
Although it's interesting, when you ask the question in a public forum, I've noticed that most answer in the negative, explaining that "no one cares about your face" or that "doctors and lawyers don't have their pictures on their cards," or simply that "it's unprofessional."
And I get that. I do. Somehow it seems like unnecessary vanity to have your smiling face on a business card as … (65 comments)

real estate prospecting: Laser-Focused Prospecting is Overrated - 12/30/09 10:43 PM

Most prospecting training is focused on... FOCUSING. Laser-focused prospecting. Doing "it" for three hours a day, whatever "it" is, no interruptions, no excuses. Do "it" until you reach your goal of so many contacts, so many appointments, whatever. Lather, rinse, repeat. Every day.
And eventually, you might even enjoy "it." You might start to see relationships between how much of "it" you do and how many houses you sell. The more of "it," the more of the other.
Whatever your "it" of choice is - FSBO's, expireds, cold-calling, door-knocking, farming, blogging, advertising, SOI'ing, open-housing, lunch-dating - just remember the Good … (28 comments)

real estate prospecting: Marketing - Does the End Justify the Means? - 09/19/09 01:38 AM

I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas. I'm very tan.
Even though I was sternly warned that I would not work on vacation, I couldn't help but notice all sorts of analogies between my cruising experience and the wonderful world of real estate sales. Ahhh, the curse of the obsessive blogger. You know what I mean.
Anyway, now that I'm back, I'll share some of ‘em with you.
A few weeks ago, I was following a conversation on another real estate forum about call-capture. Whether or not to do it. Whether or not it annoys people who … (35 comments)

real estate prospecting: "Hi, This is Jim at ABC Realty" - an SOI Tidbit - 10/07/07 01:22 AM
Hopefully I'll think of a better title for this blog, but I probably won't. It's not going to be one of my best anyway. Just a little tidbit for my 99th post!
Found an article today on about Calling your Sphere of Influence. Here's the link.
It's the typical "call up your friends and remind 'em you're in real estate" stuff that I often advise against. This particular article provides ten opening lines to help you make those calls ranging from: "I'm doing an open house in your area today; can I send you a brochure?" to "I was driving through your … (22 comments)

real estate prospecting: Prospecting Two Hours a Day? A New Approach - 04/19/07 04:11 AM
We've all heard from the guru's how we should prospect two to three hours a day. Uninterrupted. No distractions. After all, we are self-employed and need to ensure ourselves a steady stream of business in order to stay IN business.
Fair enough.
But for those of you who shudder at the thought of pestering strangers every day, here's a new approach, compliments of Loreena Yeo.
Loreena is my consulting client. She hired me to help her succeed in her real estate business. Per our agreement, I get paid for my efforts. But, with her insight and wisdom, she's helped me every … (20 comments)

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