referral begging: Referral-Begging. Don't Do it. Just Don't. This Week's SWS Teleseminar - 08/03/15 12:22 AM
What's the best way to ask for referrals? DON'T!
Many real estate agents have been brainwashed into believing that you have to ASK for business and referrals if you expect to GET business and referrals. But that's just not so. Any form of referral-begging (including asking, bribing, reminding or maybe even appreciating) isn't necessary; it's unprofessional and it makes people uncomfortable. Hardly the way to inspire the people you know and the people you meet to care about you and your real estate business.
But, but, but... if you DON'T ask/beg/bribe/remind people how much you LUUUUV referrals, how will they know? What if … (4 comments)

referral begging: How to Talk About Your Real Estate Career - without sending your audience running the other direction! - 05/13/11 02:39 AM
Yesterday, one of my readers sent me an article from her local newspaper that was a list of Do's and Don'ts for new college graduates. In the Top Ten list of Don'ts was this gem: "Never 'Friend' a Realtor on Facebook." No explanation; apparently, none needed.
Also yesterday, an article came out in Inman about a "sure-fire" prospecting technique that basically advises agents to accost anyone who comes within three feet of them with "I'm a real estate agent, do you know anyone who needs to buy or sell a home?" If the accosted person does not, in fact, know anyone … (53 comments)

referral begging: "I'll Take Great Care of Your Business" versus "I Need Your Business!" - 09/09/10 01:22 AM
Yesterday I promised to follow up on my blog "You Gotta Ask for What You Want, Right? Eh, not always."
I ended the blog with the assignment to read thru some of the more popular Referral-Begging scripts, and then say them out loud. To refresh your memory, here they are:
"Do you know anyone who needs to buy or sell real estate?" "Do you know anyone moving to my area who could use my services?" "I build my business by referral; will you please keep me in mind if you hear of anyone buying or selling?" "I'm never too busy for … (14 comments)

referral begging: You Gotta Ask for What You Want, Right? Eh... not always - 09/08/10 12:22 AM

On one of my recent (featured - thank you!) blogs about referral-begging, the comment was made "If you don't ask, you don't get" in relation to calling up your sphere of influence (or even strangers) and asking if they know anyone to refer to you. In case you don't already know my opinion on the matter, I think that's a really stupid way to prospect.
As Dave Ramsey sez, "Hope I wasn't unclear."
Of course it's true that in many situations, you must ask for what you want to have any chance of getting what you want. If you would … (19 comments)

referral begging: Prospecting - If it Feels Wrong, DON'T Do it! (The Go-Giver Chronicles continue) - 09/02/10 05:01 AM

Quoted with permission from Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg and John David Mann:
"You may have been taught that to be successful in sales, you need to "step outside of your comfort zone." Let's reexamine that idea. If you push yourself to a place that makes you uncomfortable, chances are pretty good you'll end up making the other person uncomfortable, too. Consciously or not, they'll sense your discomfort - and attitudes are contageous.
We human beings tend to resist discomfort; in fact, we'll typically do anything to avoid putting outselves in uncomfortable situations. Why base your entire career on … (54 comments)

referral begging: There's No Harm in Asking, Right? - 07/31/08 11:04 AM
Okay, okay, you are all tired of me ranting and raving about the sins of Referral-Begging and Referral-Bribing, which in my opinion, just annoys and irritates your friends. Oh, and a nice side-benefit; it advertises how desperate you are for business.
Of course, I hear all the time; "There's no harm in asking!" or "You gotta ask for what you want if you expect to get it!"
I disagree. I think there's all kinds of harm in asking, and no, I don't believe you always gotta ask for what you want. But I've written thousands of words on this topic already...

referral begging: BE the Person Your Boyfriend Wouldn't Dream of Cheating on (yes, it's real estate-related). - 07/01/08 12:05 AM
A long time ago, in my early 20's (egads, nearly 20 years ago), I was dating an equally young lad from Ireland. He was planning a "holiday" (as they say in Ireland) back home for three weeks. As an insecure young lass, I was terribly worried that he would meet back up with his high school sweetheart and, OMG, CHEAT on me.
So, I did what every other immature young woman with a boyfriend does... I whined, I pouted, I threatened, I begged him not to cheat on me while he was gone. Every day for a month, I "reminded" him … (25 comments)

referral begging: Asking for Referrals versus NOT Asking for Referrals - Which is more risky? - 06/25/08 11:59 PM
I was interviewed Monday on Real Estate Radio USA (listen here) and in the middle of the interview, I had an epiphany about Referral-Begging... (I love epiphanies, don't you? Although perhaps in the middle of a live national radio interview, the timing might not have been the best).
Anyway. Back to my epiphany. It's about whether or not to ask/beg/bribe your friends for referrals, which as you probably know, is a practice I'm adamantly against.
Yesterday, my seller client (whose house sold in TWO DAYS, yay!) sent me an email asking permission to give my name to two friends who are … (22 comments)

referral begging: What's the Best Way to Ask for Referrals? Don't. - 04/28/07 07:55 PM
Whatchu talkin' ‘bout Jennifer? You can't be serious!
Yes, I am.
If you're asking the question "What is the best way to ask for referrals?" that tells me that something about doing it bothers you.
And if it bothers you, don't do it. Your discomfort will be crystal clear to the person you're asking, which is probably worse than not asking at all.
(If you don't mind asking for referrals, it probably comes naturally to you. Keep up the good work and ignore the rest of this blog.)
Do YOU like being asked for referrals? I don't.
When a friend asks … (114 comments)

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