rookies: WWJAHD for Rookies - The Favorit-est Tips! - 01/12/14 09:10 PM
We did our first SWS Teleseminar of 2014 last week - WWJAHD for Rookies (What Would Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn Do?) where we discussed various situations, dilemmas and concerns faced by our beloved newer agents with a theme of ... what would I (JAH) DO in this or that situation? As we usually do, at the end of the show we polled the audience for their favorite tip or tips of the day, and here's what they told us:
Favorit-est Tip #1: How to answer the question: "How long have you been doing this?" Don't lie! Your potential client has a right to know … (3 comments)

rookies: WWJAHD for Rookies - Free Teleseminar! - 01/08/14 02:51 AM
Let's open the new year with a special show just for our beloved rookies! 
The WWJAHD shows are based on the question of "What Would Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn Do ?" where I respond to YOUR real estate-related dilemmas from MY perspective as the Author of Sell with Soul. I'm an expert in my own opinion :-) so of course, when asked a question about What Should Be Done, I tend to answer it as if I were the one in the situation. 
So, that's what this next SWS teleseminar show is all about, but for this particular program, we'll be addressing concerns … (3 comments)

rookies: The Proper Care & Feeding of Sellers From Listing to Contract - a Free SWS Teleseminar - 11/08/11 11:28 PM
Especially for Rookie Agents (but everyone is welcome), this teleseminar show is about what happens (or SHOULD happen) between the time you get your new seller client's signature on the listing agreement and that glorious day you go under contract.
Contrary to what some seem to believe, there are a LOT of things that a listing agent can (and should) do once the sign goes in the yard, way above and beyond the 3P's (Put a sign in the yard, Put it in the MLS, Pray). Things like communicating with the seller every day during the first week and on a … (6 comments)

rookies: Aspiring Real Estate Agents - NO! You Do NOT Need a Website (yet)! - 10/01/11 02:30 AM
I recently released two newsletter mini-clinics especially for aspiring real estate agents - that is - real estate agent wannabe's who are not yet licensed, but hope to be someday. The first is called "So You Wanna Be a Real Estate Agent" and was created to help people decide if real estate is a good career for them, and the second - "So, You're ALMOST a Real Estate Agent" is about helping pre-licensees (those currently in real estate school) figure out what they can be doing NOW to prepare for that happy day they hang their bright shiny new real estate … (17 comments)

rookies: Seven Reasonable Reasons To Leave Real Estate - 08/29/11 02:09 AM
Last week we did a teleseminar show in the SWS Virtual Studio on a rather sensitive subject - QUITTING. Yeah, quitting. As in, throwing in the towel and calling it a day. The goal of the show was not to talk anyone out of quitting, or shame them into staying or even to sell them a bunch of my books so they'll miraculously turn their career around; no, the goal to assure agents that IF quitting is right for them, there's no need to apologize, feel guilty or be ashamed. In fact, I believe it takes a lot of courage to … (17 comments)

rookies: The Rookie-to-Rookie Show in the SWS Virtual Studio! - 06/22/11 03:06 AM

A few times a year, we host what we call the "Rookie-to-Rookie Show" which is a teleseminar panel discussion with three or four newly non-rookies who Tell All about their rookie year - with the goal of helping the newer members of our industry experience all the success and FUN they're hoping for in their new career.Our first R2R show of 2011 will be held on Thursday morning, June 23rd, and for the first time ever - my guests will be all men! For whatever reason, my past R2R shows have featured only feminine voices, so we figured it was about time to hear … (6 comments)

rookies: 35 Listings in 90 Days? Do Your Goals Support Your Business Model? - 07/07/10 02:00 AM

Just got off the phone with an ambitious newer real estate agent who is all fired up about selling some real estate. Some serious real estate. He has a plan. He's committed to this plan. He's passionate about his plan. He WILL meet his goal or die trying.
His goal? To have 35 listings in the next 90 days.
Impressive. And given his enthusiasm and commitment, I think he can do it.
But should he?
This agent is a follower of SWS which means, among other things, that he is committed to being the best thing that could ever happen … (200 comments)

rookies: Selling Real Estate Nights & Weekends Is Not the Answer... But there IS an answer... - 06/10/10 12:26 AM

In the last week, I've been contacted by three (or was it four?) aspiring real estate agents who began the conversation with some variation of the words "I know you don't approve of selling real estate part-time, but..." and proceeded to tell me why I might consider "approving" of their situation.
Sorry. Ain't gonna happen. Okay, well, let me confess that one of the three (or four) aspiring agents actually had a potentially viable proposition for success as a part-time new agent, but the others (love y'all, but...) did not. Their main argument to my proclamation that part-time ain't gonna … (79 comments)

rookies: Live in the SWS Studio - The Rookie-to-Rookie Show This Wednesday - 05/24/10 02:08 AM

Whatcha' doing this Wednesday, May 26th in the late afternoon/early evening (depending on your Location Location Location)?
If there's nothing else pressing on your calendar, why don't you join us here in the SWS Studio for the third segment of the Rookie-to-Rookie Show where I'm hosting a panel discussion with 3 newly non-rookies (i.e. agents in their 2nd and 3rd years). They've graciously volunteered to answer my (and your) questions on the Rookie Experience - how they survived, what they did right... and wrong... what they'd do differently... stuff like that.
It's freeeeeeee and open to the public, and probably would … (6 comments)

rookies: Is it Your "Right" to Dabble in Real Estate? Well, of course it is... but should it be? - 04/22/10 11:56 PM
Last week I posted a blog revisiting the notion of starting a new real estate career part-time in order to hedge one's bets (and put food on the table). Got some fantastic, well-thunked-out comments, some agreeing with me, some not... which of course, makes the discussion interesting.
But one of the later comments got me thinking (thunking?)...
Steve Bachman left this comment: "What percentage of agents nationwide make their total family living in this business? My guess is less than 15%. What do you think? The nice part of the business is that you can make it what you want. My wife … (23 comments)

rookies: Rookie Real Estate Agents - Revisiting Full-Time Versus Part-Time in 2010 - 04/15/10 11:46 PM

Whether or not one can succeed/survive in this industry doing it part-time is always a good topic for debate. Emotions run high, tempers flare, feelings get hurt. Bummer.
But it really is an important question, especially TO those considering entering the field.
I've been thinking about it a lot, so I'll take one for the team and open up that can of worms yet again.
For the record, I've always been of the seemingly obvious opinion that if you're going to do something, do it 100%. And in an industry where far more practitioners fail than succeed, it only makes … (69 comments)

rookies: The Rookie-to-Rookie Show - The Unanswered Questions - 12/08/09 04:13 AM

Hope you were able to join us last weekend for the second Rookie-to-Rookie show at SellwithSoulLand... it was fun! In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I held a free Teleseminar on Saturday where three newly-non-rookies (thanks Erin Deric, Kate Huntress and Melissa Brown!) shared their secrets for surviving their rookie years. We talked about things like how they financed the venture, what their biggest challenge was, where they spent money they wish they hadn't, how long it took to see a paycheck - stuff like that.  
We covered a lot of information, but as always, … (13 comments)

rookies: The Rookie-to-Rookie Show TODAY (Saturday) at 11:30 eastern - 12/04/09 10:41 PM
If you're reading this earlier than 8:30 am (pacific) / 11:30 am (eastern) on Saturday, December 5th, you still have time to join us for the second Rookie-to-Rookie Show at SWSLand. It's freeeeeeee.
Here's the scoop:
So much going on, so much to do. But just because the holiday season is upon us doesn't mean we self-employed real estate-types can shut down, especially those who are new in the business.  So, I hope you'll join us for the second Rookie-to-Rookie show here in the SWS Studio.
What's the Rookie-to-Rookie show and where exactly is the SWS Studio?  
The Rookie-to-Rookie show is a … (7 comments)

rookies: "If I Only Have $100 to Spend on Marketing..." and the rest of the Unanswered Questions From the first Rookie-to-Rookie Show - 10/12/09 03:05 AM
On Saturday, we kicked off what I hope will be a regular thang over at SWSLand. The first ever Rookie-to-Rookie Show where I invited four newly non-rookies (that is  - agents who are just out of their rookie year and survived to tell about it) to share their secrets for, well, living to tell about it!
I thought it was a fabulous show and the post-show feedback seemed to support that opinion. THANK YOU Kathy Jackson, Janice Styles-Hall and Sarah Taylor (and Erin Deric who had to bail last minute, but was there in spirit).
The show was a panel discussion … (28 comments)

rookies: Secrets of First Year Survivors... The Real Estate Rookie-to-Rookie Show - 09/12/09 11:16 PM

Quick announcement before I head to waters bluer (Bahamas, here I come!)...
On Saturday morning, October 10th, I'm hosting a teleseminar with four newly NON-rookie real estate agents in their 2nd & 3rd years, who obviously did NOT become first-year statistics. They're doing quite well, thank you very much, even though they started their careers at a really lousy time.
The show will be structured as a panel discussion, with each guest honestly answering a series of questions about his or her rookie year (actually, they all happen to be female this round). They'll tell us what prospecting strategies worked... and which didn't. … (13 comments)

rookies: WHY Don't We Care About Training for Rookie Real Estate Agents? Seriously, I'm asking! - 09/02/09 11:52 PM
From time to time I post a blog about the abysmal state of rookie real estate training in America.
Here's one - Just What a Rookie Real Estate Agent Needs: CHARM School! Here's another. "Good for you, Let me know if you need anything" And another. New Real Estate Agents - Put DOWN that Phone! Do I have an agenda? Eh, maybe. Yeah, I sell books about real estate training and I even have boot-camp type program specifically for rookies, but that alone doesn't inspire the contempt, yes, contempt I have for the real estate training industry.
I'm disgusted by the … (26 comments)

rookies: Just What a Rookie Agent Needs - CHARM SCHOOL! - 08/26/09 01:35 AM

Okay, I've heard it all.
I have a friend who just started selling real estate. She hired on with a Big Name company that promises lotsa training. So far, my friend is underwhelmed, but the other night she called me almost hysterical.
My friend can't get anyone to help her role-play writing an offer, yet she was encouraged to attend "Charm School." Charm School? Yes, Charm school. As part of her training.
What, you ask, is charm school?
Well, as far as I can tell, it was a corporate-sponsored training class where agents were instructed on the niceties of life. Such … (23 comments)

rookies: "Good for you, let me know if you need anything." - 07/11/09 12:53 AM
That's the response my first-month real estate agent friend got from her Big Name broker when she emailed to say she had a $1.5M buyer lead.  "Good for you, let me know if you need anything."
Are you kidding me?
My friend, smart as she is ;-] can barely spell MLS. She doesn't know what radon is, she doesn't know any inspectors, she doesn't yet have a relationship with a lender. She doesn't know how to select the best homes to show her new buyer.
But of course, she's been thoroughly trained on scripts, farming and other prospecting strategies as part … (36 comments)

rookies: The Confident Rookie Series - SECRET TEN - What to say when you don't know the answer? - 04/20/09 01:05 AM
A few weeks ago, my trainee came into my office all flustered. He'd been out with his buyers over the weekend and felt that he'd made a fool of himself by not being able to intelligently answer his buyers' questions. It almost sounded as if he was ready to throw in the towel - at least until he knew more about what he was doing!
Calm down, I told him. First, trust that it will happen to you thru-out your career. Don't panic. Don't make stuff up, but don't panic.
I asked him what the questions were that he couldn't answer. … (10 comments)

rookies: The Confident Rookie Series - SECRET NINE - Admit That You're New - 04/17/09 12:32 AM

Here we are - the second-to-last installment of the Confident Rookie Series!
A lot of new agents worry about being taken advantage of by experienced agents, if the experienced agent were to find out that they're new.  So the obvious solution is to pretend that they aren't new, right?
Unfortunately, no. The thing is - if you're new, it will almost certainly be obvious to the agent on the other side of the table, whether you own up to it or not. And the more you try to fake experience, the more obvious it will be. When I'm on the … (15 comments)

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