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First of all, I promise this is not SPAM.  I am not getting paid for this endorsement, nor does the company I am going to be addressing have an affiliate program.Quick sidebar:  For those that don't know, an affiliate program is, in a nutshell, when you supply a link to a product on your site and...
Most people won't be very interested in this post about Arizona Mortgage loans and Arizona mortgages in general. However, those of you that are interested in getting your ActiveRain blogs or profiles to appear higher in the search engine results might want to do something with your own blog, sor...
I have a new favorite mortgage.  The Fannie Mae 10-year Interest Only ARM. Now, many people will tell you that "interest only" home loans are no good...including a recent issue of Newsweek that I read. I am unclear as to why people are so against the interest-only mortgage; for some people, it is...
About a week ago, I posted an article entitled "Reciprocal Linking Meanies." Basically, I debunk the widely-spread, wrong idea that one needs reciprocal links and I prove it. I knew there would be at least one new green SEO out there who would not like what I had to say, but would- inevitably- pr...
The Vanessa Williams, Realtor Post. (This post has been edited and is not the "original post."  First, this post was to announce an SEO contest to nail the phrase "Vanessa Williams, Realtor."  Now however, this post is my entry to the aforementioned contest."  Okay.  Those of us- "in the know"- r...
First, "Top Agent SEO":  Read the silly ramblings of someone brand new to the SEO business in the "comments" section of this post.  The SEO of Top Agent SEO wants your money.  I hope his clients Google him before using this "top SEO." Check it out folks.  On the left you will see a shot from my R...
I just searched for "AZ Home Loans" in Google, and bam- right there on page one (albeit number 10), is my ActiveRain profile.  Yea! I searched for "Arizona Home Loans" and my ActiveRain profile is on page 2 of Google, position number 12. But even better:  My ActiveRain profile is number two (afte...
This is actually pretty funny, because I have this bizarre personal phobia about going to prison.  I am not a criminal, I assure my good readers, but someone I know- who used to be a mortgage broker- actually went to prison a couple of years ago because she wasn't diligent and some of her loan of...
I think I'll take a moment to talk about blog post footers. Because we all tend to talk about many different topics when we post on ActiveRain, it can be confusing for the poor Googlebot to determine what our blogs are all about.  One day I am talking about Arizona Home Loans and the next day, I ...
Like most people in sales, I read a lot of books about that very topic.  In fact, I always put myself to sleep reading at night, wrapped up in my comforter.  (I drive my husband nuts, because I like to crank the air conditioning, freeze the room, and then cuddle in a pile of blankets.  But that's...

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