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Internet consulting and website marketing are some of our specialities. Internet consulting, real estate website development, real estate website design, search engine optimization, real estate website marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, SEM, CRM, Customer relationship management
Understanding the concepts surrounding search engine optimization and website marketing is the first step towards making your website successful as a leadgeneration and sales tool through the internet as a marketing medium. Search engine optimization(SEO) is defined as initiatives that affect a s...
I think this one puts me over the 20K marker - took a while, but it's been fun :o)I love Active Rain and meeting you all - I definitely will keep blogging here well into the future.  In fact I encourage all my clients, and others I meet in the real estate business to blog here.
I have been amazed to see how well this website has done to push up it's members in the organic searche engine rankings for searches related to relocation, and several variations of this search. LINK PARTNERS ARE FREE- and I highly recommend this site as well since it does not put a bunch of Ads ...
Something that is as simple as writing a good effective title can be more difficult than one might imagine - but here are a couple tricks to help out.First you probably know that the title is one of the most important identifying factors that tells a search engine, and in turn the people searchin...
One of the hardest things about the search engine optimization realm is know when to adapt your website due to changes in the search engine algorithms, but it's even harder to know when to not make changes and then act accordingly. Truly knowing when to hold steady and not make changes is (in my ...
I am looking to build a network of Home Stagers that could benefit each other by creating a linking network - one for each area in the country so there is no direct competition, but collaboration.  One of my clients, Nuances LLC, the leading home staging company in Southeastern Massachusetts has ...
Congratulations to the home staging company, Nuances LLC (www.nuances,net) of Cape Cod, MA on total Internet domination in their geographical coverage area in the category of home staging.  Take a look at these results!Yahoo:cape cod home stagingcape cod home staging companiesfalmouth ma home sta...
How much do you think this one was for one of our clients?www.CapeAnnRealEstate.comAnd you should see how it ranks on Google and Yahoo!!We can develop these very quickly - and they are not the limiting out of the box solutions that don't rank very well that you get from so many other providers.  ...
As we know in the SEO realm, inbound links from quality sites is an important variable when organic search engine rankings are calculated. As it is everyone's goal to increase your website's presence on the internet, I thought I would share a well built and structured website with you that offers...
It's always hard to pull the plug on a real estate website that may have been cutting edge at one time a couple years ago, back as websites get fancier and new technologies emerge it may be time to snaz up your website.Here's a good before and after example of one we just upgraded for one of our ...

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