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As we all know, ranking highly on Google is the "ultimate" in internet marketing and web-presence since Google does have the largest market share of online searchers.  So pay attention as Google states: "The heart of our software is PageRankTM, a system for ranking web pages developed by our foun...
I can't imagine that real estate agents would put up competing ads on their own websites - who gets paid for this website marketing?If this was my website I would want not put up ads for competing websites and not get the money for it.  However, I am not really sure how this is working - could so...
Congratulations to Rosemary Quarato and here newly optimized Cape Ann Real Estate real estate website for Cape Ann, MA - a part of Gloucester Massachusetts - these are some incredible results!!  SEO working wonders...again!Yahoo: Cape Ann real estate & Cape Ann Homes for saleYahoo:Gloucester real...
We just completed another one and went live yesterday for anyone who has fallen in love with Cape Ann, MA (in Gloucester) - a beautiful beachfront community.  Comments are welcome - and we are actually making some adjustments on Monday to Re/Max is up:www.CapeAnnRealEstate.comIt also ranks very w...
Submitting your website:One of the first steps in the "right"direction to increase your website's traffic is to make sure your website is being found and crawled by the major search engines. Be wary of companies that offer to submit your website to 50 or 100+ search engines for $59.95 (or somethi...
Many times I have seen real estate agents, or agencies that capture many leads in their virtual office website (VOW) and then, time and time again, many leads go cold, or the person that has registered buys or lists through another agent.  This happens all the time - how frustrating!!!Here are 3 ...
Once again I would like to tell you about the importance of high quality inbound links - no not those sites that you exchange links with that put all those "Sponsored Ads" above where they list you - the agent - most of those sites don't even rank well organically (naturally) on major search engi...
As I rack my brain to try to always come up with something helpful, and of true value that you don't have to be a technology wiz to get and implement - which is not as easy at you may think - it came to me that sometimes I think too far forward on these SEO tips of the day - and here is one that ...
Is it me - or is everyone a blogging expert haha!I got to hand it to the companies out there writing blogs for others - they do a great job - in fact, they are doing such a good of job that it is obvious that the person they post for did not write them - especially when you go and view their webs...
According to Google there are certain Things to Avoid - especially certain deceptive practices that can hurt your site since now the search engine spiders (or crawlers) know to look for them - for example:Do not hide text by putting for example, white text on a white background - this will get yo...

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