current news: Do You Have a "Social Media Strategy?" ... It's Kind of a BIG DEAL! - 06/24/09 09:04 AM
All of us are being bombarded with advice, seminars, etc. about the importance of having a presence on the important social media platforms.  Great advice.... not very helpful, though, without also giving some advice about developing a strategy for using your presence on all of these sites! 
When I first started posting our team's profile and information on sites like:  ACTIVE RAIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND MYSPACE... I wasn't quite certain how I was going to use these profiles to market our business and to generate buzz, interest and leads.  In hind sight... I now realize that developing the STRATEGY is the first … (54 comments)

current news: PRICE CHANGE?... NOT INTERESTED... I don't HAVE to sell my house!! - 06/04/09 10:59 AM
This messy real estate market is complicated enough with foreclosures and short sales and the lengthy and frustrating processes involved with distressed property sales that all Real Estate agents are learning to cope with and maneuver through.  
But the sellers that are REALLY a challenge to an agent's patience, negotiating skills, and a test of our good sense as it relates to the ANCIENT REALTOR ADVICE:  NEVER TAKE AN OVER PRICED LISTING!! ... are the home sellers that insist on "testing the market" and over-pricing their own listing.
These sellers ignore pages and pages of market analysis that their agent has painstakingly taken time to research and present, ignore the … (2 comments)

current news: DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE AMAZING... SUSAN BOYLE WASN'T! - 04/18/09 04:49 AM

In today’s society, we are all so intent on determining what people want from us, and then, changing ourselves or our persona to fit those expectations, that we lose the true essence of what makes us unique.  To that end, we also give up our chance to use that “uniqueness” to reach our highest potential… to be AMAZING!
You might say to yourself… “There’s nothing about ME that’s amazing.” And you would be mistaken in your assessment of yourself, because there is a spark  inside all of us that, when given the proper combination of oxygen and … (5 comments)

current news: I Think We Should ALL Turn Our TVs Off ...From Now...Until November 4th - 10/06/08 05:30 AM
The Gloves Are Coming Off, they say.....I say....let's turn THEM off!  I don't need anymore distractions from the real issues clouding my common sense and good judgement before election day.  CNN at least had the decency to give us a "Head's Up" here.
I think we should do ourselves and our country a favor and not buy into the hype and mudslinging that will be the major portion of campaign news from this point forth.  Instead I think we should do our final research of the issues....   take our time....and make the final determination of who we think is best suited to … (8 comments)

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