real estate information: Attention REO/Foreclosure Listing Agents... Thought You'd Heard it All? Maybe Not! - 01/26/11 07:53 AM
Believe me when I say, being REO/Foreclosure agents, we've seen and heard of a whole lot of unusual and devious practices by people trying to manipulate our extremely burdened and flawed 'Distressed Property Real Estate Market.' 
But the 'devious of mind' individuals continue to amaze!
Here's a new one!
Our team leader got a call today from a fellow agent informing us that they had a rough time finding our contact information in order to inquire about one of our REO property listings. (Strange... it's on all of our signs in huge numbers!)
The agent went on to say that our … (5 comments)

real estate information: 15 Things NOT to Do If You're Buying a Home! - 01/26/11 05:44 AM
Our team had a transaction (on the listing side) recently when the buyer, only a week before the closing was scheduled, decided to give her employer '2 weeks notice' ... since "she was planning to move anyway!"  Of course this action delivered a 'death blow' to that particular transaction.
After having that unfortunate experience, I thought that assembling a list of things that a homebuyer should NOT do before closing on a new home purchase  might be helpful to others.
Now most of these things might seem like common sense to most people ... and they are common sense.  But sometimes … (4 comments)

real estate information: BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE... At Keller Williams Realty of Manatee! - 08/24/09 03:27 PM
(This story is best enjoyed if you start the video at the bottom of the post before you start reading!)
Wow... what an unusual Monday! 
The day began... as all Mondays do... with lots of coffee, a shake off of the "weekend attitude", and a "kick it into gear" for a great week ahead.
My arrival at the office brought a few surprises, but nothing that could not be considered par for the course of doing business in a busy Real Estate office.... especially in this challenging Real Estate Market!
At about lunch hour, I wandered into the kitchen to unwrap … (4 comments)

real estate information: Adorable & Affordable! (Bradenton, FL Homes, Listing) - 06/08/09 05:39 AM

real estate information: 6 Tips for Competing with Short Sales & Foreclosures (Bradenton Real Estate) - 06/06/09 05:36 AM

In this trying and stressful real estate market... sellers need an edge in order to attract buyers and get offers.  Here are some great suggestions for getting noticed!..... More here

Just like a lot of other Real Estate professionals... REALTORS, Title Companies, etc. , we have been trying to do the impossible!  To successfully negotiate through the jungle that is known as the banking "short sale process" towards a merciful end for our clients and to produce revenue for our real estate business... not to mention helping to clear the glut of short sales & foreclosures that are choking our Real Estate market and preventing it from stabilizing and becoming healthy again!   We can EVEN help the banks get what THEY want.... more money for toxic assets and smaller deficiencies!

real estate information: HERE THEY COME.... BUYERS ARE LEAPING OFF THE FENCE! - 05/02/09 09:09 AM
The National Association of Realtors statistics are reporting that home sales jumped 5.1% nationwide for March 2009. That's the largest increase since December 2003! This increase is due to the abundant foreclosure opportunities out there and to the historically low interest rates which are at about 4.7% currently!
Consumers should expect an even larger increase in these numbers in the months ahead fueled by the homebuyer tax credit that expires on Dec. 1st 2009.

real estate information: SARASOTA, FL ~ REAL ESTATE LISTING ~ SARASOTA COUNTY - 11/19/08 07:46 AM

Bradenton, Sarasota, Real Estate ~ The Serena Group, Selling Real Life Dreams in Paradise! (Bradenton-Homes, Experts - Keller Williams Realty ) Rainmaker large

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