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I know the GPS is a house or two off and images are a bit lacking, but I must say that Google Street Views has potential.  I'm inclined to reference Street View links in my report if there's a view or other neighborhood amenity/defect that is note-worthy.For instance now I can show my client that...
I'm starting to think that perhaps it would be wise to make USPAP mandatory for Lenders as well -Thanks to Anne O'Rourke's email newsletter, I was directed to this article at the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter (they're great web sites, you should bookmark both of them).  Here are some key points...
I first made mention of an unscrupulous Loan Officer that was fishing for less than honest Appraiser's in this post.  I thought I had also made mention of this post that is on my myspace appraiser's forum (rather inactive since I discovered AR).  Here is the gist of the originally poster: im the ...
ABC Lender Guideline Update - Appraisal GuidelinesABC Lender is amending the appraisal requirements for all of its loan programs. The changes include:The Maximum Distance for Comparables is 0.5 (Urban), 1.0 (Suburban), and 5.0 miles (Rural). Comparables that exceed the distances above will not be...
 The following was written by a friend in need.  I'm hoping that someone has some legal suggestions of what might be done.  The only thing that I could think of is to ask for a police escort whenever he comes and goes from his own house.  I'm unclear how the neighbor was so much more successful w...
How to do your own ‘Comp Search': 1) Talk to your borrower about their house.  Ask them if they have any amenities or upgrades (inground pool, new roof, updated kitchen, etc.).  Ask them what year their house was built and what style it is (Ranch, Split-Level, Traditional, etc.).  Ask if there ha...
 Whether you (as an appraiser) know it or not, you may be giving your information to FNC which turns around and sells it to AVMs per this article: then a link here:[Ap...
Oh my word... this is actually a statement that a lender has put on their prerequisites for their appraisal report:      "Please be sure to adjust for any personal decor or condition issues in your grid and/or comment on decor in the narrative section of your report.  The client considers persona...
So it's our job (as Appraiser's) to research the facts in historic sales for the Market Approach to value and now it's the Realtor's job to hide those facts.  Just when I thought that groups like AR were bringing the RE industry closer together, the industry leaders attempt to keep us butting hea...
Dave from my myspace appraiser group (I think he's lurking in the shadows on activerain as well) posted informatoin about lenders wanting a cost to cure statement for unpermitted additions - Here is one of his quotes: "I do not include the square footage of any additions in the GLA, in the report...

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