appraisal management company: My favorite AMCs (appraisal management companies) - 10/29/13 02:49 AM
After many months of go-go-go, work has finally slowed for me and many of my appraiser colleagues in the area.  At first the break was welcome, but after several weeks we all start sweating bullets (you would think we'd be used to the ebb and flow of this business by now).  Did we put our eggs into enough baskets or are there simple too few sturdy baskets out there?
I have about five solid clients (not enough for my liking in these slow times).  Four of these are AMCs (appraisal management companies).  I know that the general consensus (from all parties involved … (9 comments)

appraisal management company: There goes the last of the good AMCs - 02/01/10 05:12 AM
This morning I received the following letter from the only AMC with a marginally real estate educated staff and near full fee appraisals that I accept appraisals from.
- 0 -
In an effort to reduce overall costs, [E] Services has began an initiative to lower vendor fees for all single family, multi-family, drive-by, review, and FHA reports. This fee reduction will lower your current fees by 10% and will go into effect 2/18/2010.  This reduction in prices will place our fees more in line with competitive prices in the current market place.
If you do not wish to … (21 comments)

appraisal management company: 'Mr Ashcroft' gets a bit of Bloomberg Press - 06/24/09 02:03 PM
My boss, Brandon ('Mr. Ashcroft' being his alias over at 'Ashcroft & Associates'... he also dislikes it when I use an ampersand rather than the word 'and' but I digress) got a bit of press today at
This in turn churned up at least one other AR blog post from a frustrated Realtor.  If time permits, I'll look for others that aren't members only blogs as I'm sure there are more out there in Rainland. 
I knew when I got into the appraisal biz I was set to be a punching bag, but sometimes I grow tired of it.  Which … (4 comments)

appraisal management company: An open letter of suggestions to our new AMC friends - 06/07/09 02:21 PM
No calls for value checks.... Ahhh.... That silence is most welcome.  But in return, appraisers have a new litany of issues with our new go-to-guys.  I'm not trying to burn bridges here, just sending a note out into the blogosphere which include some friendly ideas.   The following are suggestions to any AMC out there that may find these helpful ways to improve their business processes and ours.
Appraisals due within 2 business days (or in one case, 96 hours of accepting the assignment).  You wanted quality or quantity?  And so why then do I get questions on the appraisal nearly three … (15 comments)

appraisal management company: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (?)– Are you already an AMC? - 11/01/08 06:23 AM
While investigating options for survival in the appraisal industry post-HVCC-2009, I started to research (as I'm sure many of you have) what it would take for our company to become an AMC (appraisal management company).  What I found out was that according to TAVMA, we already are [by definition] an AMC.  (Michael Talbotto had mentioned this to over six months ago... and now I say to you, Michael... ‘Bravo').
 Here are some key points that you (as an appraiser/appraisal company) may want to take note of:
"Appraisal firms typically lack capacity to perform other mortgage services, whereas most AMCs offer title, flood … (18 comments)

appraisal management company: Appraisal Management Companies - 01/15/08 12:23 PM
As things get to beyond ‘winter slow' appraisal-wise around these parts, I start looking at my options for a bit of financial comfort.  The easy way to go... an appraisal management company...
I wince.
I admit, I'm not a fan of appraisal management companies, but perhaps that's simply because I am not fully aware of the services they provide.  Let me note that I do subscribe to a handful of such companies.  The ones I still keep as clients, I do appreciate and carry a good working relationship with (the good eggs). 
Below are some key points that I have observed … (138 comments)